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Croissant - Bake Along #80 ~ 牛油可颂

It's Bake-Along time again. This round we are baking Croissant. 
A friend ask my boy: Do you like Croissant? 
                  My boys: Yes, we do. 
                 My friend: Do you buy them from the bakery often? 
              My second: No, we don't cause my mummy can bake well....
                          Me:  LOL (i don't really bake that well, i am only an amateur :D )
Croissant have always in my to bake list. My list is as long as a locomotive or even longer ... lol  Since Bake-Along event is baking Croissant i am joining in the fun.
This my first attempt baking a croissant.

Love the flaky layers so much!!. 

  抱了这个食谱很久了。很想学着试做做看但是总是没勇气 ,kiasu嘛!哈哈!

 It is flaky and buttery and it is so good to enjoy over a cuppa of coffee。

Recipe adapted from Yum Yum magazine (volume 72)
1 make 2/3 of the original recipe. Below is the record of my 2/3 recipe.
Makes 6 croissant and some balance cut out from the sides i made them into mini pleated loaf

Ingredients A:
300g bread flour
35g castor sugar
6g salt
15g yeast
170ml water
35g egg

50g butter

Ingredients B:
200g butter

To Do:
1。(make dough) In a mixer bowl stir together water, sugar and yeast. Add in bread flour and salt, mix with dough hook at low speed till dough is form. Add in butter mix again until dough is smooth, about 8 minutes.

2。(prepare and shape butter) Put the butter into a plastic bag.  Roll out into 0.5cm thick and freeze till it is hard. (i cut the butter about 0.5cm thick and arrange in the plastic bag then slightly roll them between the plastic to let the butter stick together into one piece)

3。(roll out dough) Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface, dusting with flour as necessary into a oblong shape. Place freeze butter on top and wrap up. Roll out the dough into a oblong shape once again and fold into 3 layers. (like fold as you would a letter). Wrap with cling and put into the freeze for 15 minutes.

4。(roll out dough) Remove from freezer, with the short side nearest to you, roll the dough into oblong again and fold into 3 layers and freeze for another 15 mintues. Repeat this 3 times. 

Note: After each rolling, put dough into freezer for 15 minutes. 
When rolling try do not push to hard but into instead try flatten dough slightly by pressing down horizontally with rolling pin across dough at regular intervals. This will prevent the dough from breaking, which will cause the butter to oozes out, if butter do oozes out sprinkles with flour to prevent sticking)

5。(roll and cut dough) Roll out dough into rectangle shape, then cut into triangle shape with a pizza wheel or sharp knife. With a piece of triangle piece, roll up from the base into a croissant. Place onto a lined baking tray and let it rise for 1 hour. 

6。(bake and serve) Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 15-20 or until it is golden brown.

1 hour after rise 。。1个小时发酵后

食谱分享来自: 新新饮食双月刊 (volume 72) 示范:林绣美老师
我做了食谱的 2/3 分量 ; 
一下是我的2/3分量的记录;做了6个 (还剩两旁切边做了骗子小面包条)
300 面包粉
15  既溶酵母
170ml water
35  鸡蛋
50  牛油

材料  B
200 牛油 

  1. 将材料A放入搅拌机,拌打成团。加入牛油拌打均匀。
  2. 将材料B放入塑胶袋里擀压成1/2cm厚,防入结冰处冷冻至硬。
  3. 将面团擀平包入牛油。再擀平扁(长形)折3次。放入冰箱15分钟。
  4. 取出面团,擀扁(长形)折3次。重复3次。(注:  每一次擀,折后需放入冰箱冷冻15分钟)
  5. 取出面团擀厂房形,切成等边三角形。然后卷起,放在烤盘上。盖好发酵1小时。
  6. 放入预热至180度的烤箱。 烤15-20分钟或金黄色。(我烤18分钟)


This post is linking to Bake-Along #80 event hosted by JoyceLena and Zoe

also linked to Cook Your Books Event #24 hosted by Joyce from Kitchen Flavours



  1. Hi Mui Mui, how are you? Your croissant look really good and well baked. Well done, keep up the good job.

    P/S I got reserved some red packets for you, will send to you later.

    Have a wonderful weekend,regards.

  2. your croissants look so cute and plumpish!!! love to have these for tea

  3. Hi Mui,
    These lovely flaky buttery fragrant croissants of yours made me feel like grabbing it from my pc. Clap ! Clap! You've baked them well on your 1st attempt !

  4. Hi Doreen,

    Your no. 2 is so funny!!! I like what he said... Yeah. No need to buy croissants anymore because my mummy can bake!!! You sure can!!! Your croissants look very flaky!!! :D


  5. mui mui, for a first attempt you got it spot on! Love the layers of your beautifully browned croissants.

  6. Not an easy task, I am afraid to try it out again! You have done a very good job for first timer!

  7. They look super tasty! I love the way you shaped them! So perfect! I

  8. they look wonderful! well done! i also have quite a number of yum yum mag..i shall keep a look at the chef you mentioned!

  9. Your boys are right! There's so many goodies in here. I am loving your blog so much already. ^.^

  10. Hi Doreen,
    Wow, your croissants looks super wonderful! Look at the beautiful holes in the crumbs! How did you manage to laminate the dough without leaking out the butter!
    Great job! Your son is right, you are a wonderful baker! :)


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