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Happy Father's Day

After mother's day in May it is time for father's day in June. Shawn and Sams' tadika teacher again teaches them to make a craft work for father's day. Their tadika teachers are really very creative. Shawn and Samson brought back new craft works almost every weekends. Shawn's 2009 Father's Day gift for daddy is a balloon paste with magazine pieces and paper cup with a picture of daddy and shawn. It is a HOT AIR BALLOON with father and son in it. Sam's 2009 Father's Day gift for daddy. They are making the same craft. Only Shawn's is a bigger balloon and Sam's is a smaller balloon. Actually, they have a lot of craft work, will post and show to you. Their craft works are really interesting ^^..... ***********

It's my birthday...^^

13th June is my birthday...^^ I made myself a tiramisu cake. In Italian tiramisu means food of the gods. Imagine how delicious this dessert is :p.. This is the 2nd time I made this cake, the first time is for my dearest sister Connie. This is a non bake dessert it easy to make and is taste like heaven ^^... Everyone of my guest is having a big pieces of this tiramisu ^^ I only invited two families for my birthday dinner that day. They love the strong coffee and baileys flavour. *********