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Tambun Pheah (豆沙饼)

I saw this yummy biscuits while i was reading the introduction of MFF Penang in Alan's. It is one of Penang local famous delicacy. The Tambun Pheah or Tau Sar Piah or Tambun biscuits is a slightly crisp and flaky on the outside. Filled with an aromatic semi-moist mung bean paste which mixed with fried shallots. 好好吃的'淡文饼'...' 槟城豆沙饼'!! 就是 槟城的其中的一样美食.  香香的酥皮, 配着绿豆荣的甜咸香葱味的内馅...吃过一次就很想念...太想念了...:D 在Alan的部落格看到这豆沙饼就很开心. 就很想尝试做这个饼.. Tambun Pheah/Tau Sar Piah (豆沙饼) recipe source:   Sonia  and  Catherine  For Mung Beans Filling 300g Mung Beans (Soak overnight) 120g Sugar 1 1/2 tsp Salt 8 pcs Shallots (finely minced) 100g Vegetable oil Wash the mung beans thoroughly and steam on medium heat until the beans splits (takes about 15 to 20 mins) Place the beans in a blender and blend till fine (I mashed mine manually through a strainer) In a wok or frying pan, heat up oil and cook minced shallots until slightly golden brown, add mashed bean, salt and s

Hainanese Spring Roll (海南春卷)

This is another Penang food that i learn from Wendy. I love spring rolls, be it of any type of spring roll. I just love them. I saw there is another type of spring roll called Penang Lok Bak from Alan's blog, I would like to try that out too. This Hainanese spring roll is using a own made crepe sheets. It is difference from those spring roll that uses popia skin or normal  bean curd sheets. Please refer to Wendy's video before you attempt to make this crepe sheet for this spring roll. You will have a clear idea on how to cook a prefect and nice crepe sheet. My first piece of crepe was bad, i tear it :p because i didn't watch the video ahead which i should. The crepe sheets is soft when it is hot so it is not easy to handle. If it is not handle well it will tear before it is cool. Another thing i found out is that if the crepe sheet is not cooked enough it will break when wrapping up the filling.  PLEASE!! watch Wendy's video , you will make a beautiful cre

Acar Awak..娘惹菜Acar Awak

Participating in MFF every month let me learn a lot of authentic Malaysian food from different states which is very interesting  and new to me. This month is Penang month and Penang is a state that have lots and lots and lots of yummlicious food. This is 'Acar Awak' means pickled mixed vegetable . I first tried this when a mum of  my Shawn's class mate gave me a tub. Its difference from what we have here. After trying that tub i missed this Acar, the taste is so special with all the mixed vegetables...but at that time i did not know it is called Acar Awak. Until recently i saw Wendy post hers..I quickly try out the recipe. It turn out great and we enjoy this Acar Awak very much ^_^ Thanks to Wendy!   Acar 是 娘惹菜的其中一种,需要动用许多种本地香料和蔬菜配搭而完成。 制作过程是蛮多功夫的(麻烦一些:p),而也需要花费 蛮 长时间来准备。 可是出来的成品.....香味浓烈,非常爽口,之前的努力都觉得物有所值!   Acar Awak recipe source: WendyinKK Reference: Rasa Malaysia Nyonya Flavours (MPH Publication) Boon's Recipe Makes about

Murtabak Maggi Mee ... 美极印度煎饼

My wifi is back!!! It is back a few days ago but not for long. Hopefully it is back for good NOW >< Sad :( that my wifi is dead for almost a month ..for me its like ages. I miss blogging, i miss visiting my fellow blogger's blog and I miss everything :D Back to business now :D I will try my very best to updated what i have left behind so you may be seeing some expired food..LOL   But of course it is just those from end of May and earlier June..:p This is called Murtabak Maggi Mee Curry..but its the simple version. A Malay friend share with me this recipe a long time ago. I never thought of posting this until last week when my i cooked this for my boys. To my surprise they love it and ask for more.. 我的回来了!! 其实是我的wifi回来了!! 希望它(wifi)不要再生病了>< 我很想念大家呢!! 想念爬上部落格的乐趣 :D 好多过期的烘焙成品,希望可以一一再贴上跟大家分享:p 今天要分享的是Maggi印度煎饼. 是位马来朋友跟我分享的一到好吃的小点. Making this easy murtabak you only need a packet of maggi curry instant noodle, 3 eggs (i used grade A),

Pumpkin Porcini mushroom noodles - 南瓜義式野菇面条

I am using my iPhone (hotspot) connection to write this post..:D My internet connections at home (wifi) have been dead for a few days. It actually not that stable since last month but on and off i still can connect and online. But this few days it is worse. Totally dead!!! Doesn't know what happens :( Have been calling the network company to come and fixed but still doesn't help >< Hopefully tomorrow they will send some help to fixed my connections problems... 很气啊!! >< 这几天家里网络出现了故障, 都完全不能上网. 现在用'爱疯- iPhone' :p 的'热线'爬上网来发贴子:p 叫了人来修还是没修好呢! 希望明天来修的那个人会修的好 :o ************************************************************* This is again another using the mashed pumpkin that i have left in the freezer.  I am still posting a mushroom Why?? I must try this because this is new to me :D It is my first time cooking with porcini. Porcini is an Italian mushroom. Porcini Mushrooms  are known for their subtle, distinctive flav

Pumpkin steamed buns (Hee Ban) - 南瓜喜粄

Remember my previous post i made steamed pumpkin mantou...I had some left over pumpkin puree in the freezer. I make this pumpkin Hee Ban and pumpkin noodles (will post next). This pumpkin steamed buns (hee ban) is not much of pumpkin aroma but it is soft with a little chewy. I have also made the pink and the white Hee Ban here It is simply addictive. Can't stop at one piece but it is like one piece after another..heehee 这个粄是最近最红的!!  格友的家都能看到. 好好吃呢! This is a bit flat, the next time i do this again i will not make it so flat. i like it more round like a bao..  ;P  食谱是来自 QiQi 家. 我喜欢她的食谱,做出的喜粄口感较好吃. 谢谢 QiQi ^_^ pic A 1)Mixed sponge dough. 2) After 2 hours proofing. 3) All ingredients into bread pan for mixing and keanding. (mashed pumpkin, sugar, oil, sponge dough, glutinous rice flour and plain flour) 4) Before proof for 20 minutes. 5) After 20 minutes. 6) Done. Pumpkin Steamed Buns (hee ban) recipe source:  QiQi  Ingredien

Gulai Darat Ayam - 香辣咖哩鸡

Little Thumbs Up is coming to June now. This month our host is Ms B from Everybody eats well in Flanders with her theme 'It's Curry time!' simply. Her ingredient is 'curry powder/curry paste'   '小姆子说好' 来到了六月份. 六月的主持是Ms B (Everybody eats well in Flanders) 和她的主题'咖哩粉/咖哩酱' ***************************************************************** This is my first dish for Little Thumbs Up :) I get to know this dish when it was MFF - Kelantan month. I bookmarked it  but did not manage to cook it on that month. My list is way too long like a locomotive heehee. Now i am going to cook this for Little Thunbs Up 'It's curry time' month. Gulai Darat Ayam, gulai in Malay simply means a type of dish/food containing rich, spicy and succulent curry with sauce/gravy. My main ingredients here is chicken and it also might be poultry, beef or mutton for this kind of gulai dish. 今天第一道给'小姆子说好'的咖哩料理是 '香辣咖哩鸡' 是一道kelantan的咖哩叫Gulai Darat Ayam