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Pumpkin Porcini mushroom noodles - 南瓜義式野菇面条

I am using my iPhone (hotspot) connection to write this post..:D
My internet connections at home (wifi) have been dead for a few days. It actually not that stable since last month but on and off i still can connect and online. But this few days it is worse. Totally dead!!!
Doesn't know what happens :( Have been calling the network company to come and fixed but still doesn't help >< Hopefully tomorrow they will send some help to fixed my connections problems...

很气啊!! >< 这几天家里网络出现了故障, 都完全不能上网.
现在用'爱疯- iPhone' :p 的'热线'爬上网来发贴子:p
希望明天来修的那个人会修的好 :o

This is again another using the mashed pumpkin that i have left in the freezer.  I am still posting a mushroom
Why?? I must try this because this is new to me :D
It is my first time cooking with porcini. Porcini is an Italian mushroom.
Porcini Mushrooms are known for their subtle, distinctive flavor.  These mushroom are rich meaty flavored mushroom that have a large, round cap that is pale yellowish brown to dark reddish brown in color and grows 2 to 8 inches in width. The Porcini mushroom's flavors are actually enhanced when the mushrooms are dried in much the same way as sun-dried tomatoes flavor's are. The authentic flavor of these mushrooms is especially popular in Italian cooking where Porcinis are added to risotto, pasta, sauces, soups, casseroles, and stuffing.
These are the fresh Porcini mushrooms
picture and brief introduction are from



These are the dried Porcini mushrooms that Zoe help me to get.
这就是干的牛肝菌蘑菇. 在这要谢谢Zoe帮我买的.

 It has meaty aroma and its full of flavor. These Porcini mushrooms were flown in by air to me..:p                  
Thanks to Zoe for helping me to get these mushroom form Melbourne. (Not only these mushrooms and also together with  a few other wonderful ingredients ;) So far i have never seen any shop here selling these mushroom or that i did not notice there is a shop sellling these.

 I am so excited when i saw this pumpkin porcini noodles in Jessie Cooking Moment. I told nyself i am going to make this too. I am glad i did. My hubby and kids love it. 
Thanks to Jessie for the wonderful recipe. This is suddenly a keeper.

Remember my Meat egg rolls, I use them to pair with this yummy noodles.
还记得我前几次贴上的贴吗? 蛋皮肉卷..这里 就用这好好吃的蛋皮卷来做配搭.

Noodles is not too much of pumpkin flavour but i love the golden yellow, it is soft, smooth, slight chewy and it is  just nice to make a bowl of yummy 'kolok mee' hahaha
(kolok mee is just  some cooked noodles tos in a some soy sauce, shallot and garlic oil as dressing.
面条很香不过南瓜的味道不浓. 面条柔软, 带QQ..好吃, 很刚做我们这的'干捞面' \(^O^)/

Raw pumpkin noodles.

pic A
1) Loosen the noodles a bit.
2) Add in the noodles once the pot of water boils.
3) Cooked for 3 minutes. Can use a pair of chopstick to stir a little.
4) Dish up, drain  and tos in the soy sauce dressing :D
(will share the soy sauce dressing later)

Get ready the dressing in a bowl. When the noodles is cooked, drain it and tos it in the bowl.
把酱料条好在碗 里, 当面条煮好滤干在放入碗拌均匀就可以享用了.

Sprinkle with some chopped spring onion and enjoy~

Pumpkin Porcini Noodles 南瓜面条
(Recipe Source: Jessie-CookingMoments with a little modification)

130g High Gluten Flour
130g Plain Flour
100g Pumpkin Puree

1.5 tsp Ground Porcini (i add 3 pieces of dried porcini on a piece of kitchen towel and dehydrated it a little more in the mircowave. Zap in the mircowave for 40 seconds so it become crispy and dried. Then ground with a pestle and mortar finely.)
3g Salt
60ml Water drained by the Pumpkin Puree (i use plain water)
12ml Oil (i use olive oil)
½ Egg

1.Place all ingredients except the oil in a bowl & knead with a mixer for few minutes or until the dough becomes a ball. The dough should be a bit sticky.
2.Add oil & knead for another few minutes until smooth.
(i do the above in bread maker machine. Put all the ingredients into the bread pan and let the bread maker machine do the job)
3.Divide the dough to 3-4 balls, spray with some water & cover with cling wrap. Let to rest for about an hour.
4.Roll out the dough with a flour-dusted rolling pin, then roll out through a pasta maker according to the instruction.  Dust with some flour if needed. (i used tapioca flour to do dusting)
5.Rest the noodles for a few minutes before cooking.  Again, dust with some flour if needed.

Small Tip:
These noodles only take 2-3 minutes to cook through in a pot of boiling hot water. Rinse with some cold water to stop the cooking process. 


Youngest: Mum, what are these?
Mum: It dried Porcini mushrooms.

 Youngest: Where did you get these?
Mum: Mummy"s  friend auntie Zoe sent it.
                   Youngest:  Are you making those noodles with these mushrooms?
Mum: Yes dear. Do you like them?

Youngest: Yes!! I give these a Thumb Up!!


  1. Mui Mui, Again I'm wishing you a Best Ever Happy Birthday!!!
    Big little thumb up for your delicious Pumpkin Porcini mushroom noodles.

  2. mui mui, Happy Birthday, ah! You can get dried Porcini mushrooms at Cold Storage. Last week I saw it but after I see the price, I pusing balik hee..hee...

    1. Thanks Kak PH.
      Next time I go to the cold storage will check it

  3. You made your own noodles too? Now, I'm impressed! Love porcini mushrooms! Never tried the dried ones tho.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      I heard the dried ones have better flavor.
      Yes, I love it too!

  4. yummy yummy, 我喜欢这样的面食。下次要学这个了。

    1. Jo,
      这个可以try try。

  5. Your noodles look absolutely delicious.

  6. mmm homemade pasta...extremely healthy and delicious...

    1. Charmaine,
      Homemade are always healthier.
      No additive and preservative.

  7. I like the earthy smell of porcini too, I used it to cook risotto:)

    1. Oh! Jeannie,
      I am gotto learn to cook rissotto from you:D

  8. Wow love your homemade noodles. Looks so good!

  9. 看上很赞耶!早前看到Jessie的分享就已很心动了!!

    1. 晓,心动就行动吧!

  10. I've tried this noodle recipe from Jessie too & it's delicious; Yours look so appetizing with porcini & not forgetting the delicious looking egg meat roll! YUMMY! ;)

    1. Kit,
      Thanks. Yes, this is really good!

  11. My first time tasted porcini mushroom was a plate of porcini pasta in a nice restaurant in Italy, the taste was unforgettable ! So I brought back from dried porcini mushroom, have been using it to cook spaghetti, very fragrance indeed. Now I just know the Chinese name of porcini..

    1. Chi,
      Isn't that a wonderful experience!
      After this I know I will always use dried porcini for cooking :D

  12. Doreen , you are AWESOME ! Homemade porcini noodles ?! YUM ;D

    1. Hi Anne,
      Yes, homemade noodles dear!
      Drop by later to sample

  13. Like Anne says, you are awesome! I have seen this porcini noodles at Jessie's and now yours! Your gals are incredible! Your homemade noodles looks delicious! I really got to put my pasta machine to use, it has been sitting in the box for ages!

  14. Hello, Mui Mui, sorry for turning up so late, now on holiday mood. Your bowl of noodles look so yummy there, together with the meat egg rolls, even better right? I think this noodles is better made with soy sauce than noodle soup, isn't it?

  15. Hi Mui Muih, your noodle look absolutely delicious, with the egg rolls sure 2 thumbs up. :))

    Have a great week ahead.

  16. hi doreen, these must be full of flavour..i'm so tempted to make some noodles too after seeing jessie's and yours!

    1. Lena,
      Yes, these are really good. You must try this put :D

  17. Mui Mui, that bowl of noodles look awesome and the egg roll looks perfect. I am impressed!

  18. Hi Doreen,

    So sorry for my late visit! I was trying very hard to catch up with all the curry posts, THB posts and bake-along posts... Ai yo!!!

    Your little boy is so cute with his comments... Come. Auntie Zoe will give you a big hug! Glad that you like these ingredients. If you like these, I can send you more :D

    Hope that your internet will get fixed soon!



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