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Marble Butter Cake .. 云石奶油蛋糕 - Bake Along #59

Thanks to Bake Along hosts Lena , Joyce and Zoe for having this Marble Butter cake as this month theme. Thanks again to Jeannie for sharing her marble cake recipe and thanks again to Wendy for her mrs ngsks butter cake.  谢谢 Bake Along 活动的主持人们 - Lena, Joyce 和Zoe选择了云石奶油蛋糕当这个月活动的主题, 让我终于动手烘了这个很想尝试的奶油蛋糕食谱. 也谢谢Jeannie分享了同个食谱. Alright!! stop thanking This marble butter cake recipe is a keeper.  这个 mrs ngsks 奶油蛋糕食谱太棒了. 原食谱来自 Wendy, 也谢谢她!! The cake is moist, soft with fine texture. My fil (father in law) loves butter cake very much.  He loves the butter aroma and  he said its filling and not like cotton soft cake has no texture like butter cake and it is too soft and too spongy :p :p  我家公爱吃奶油蛋糕. 他说奶油蛋糕香,有口感又吃的包. 不像海面蛋糕太柔软了,咬没东西. >< 糕 It has got a almost flat top :D The side are nice straight and flat. Can't wait to taste the cake. I slice the cake when it is still warm. 不能等了!! 蛋糕还没凉透,就切了.   This is the first slice, first bi

Pumpkin bread .. 南瓜面包

Kids  are on school holidays this week . My kids would request what they like to have for breakfast on holidays :D On school days, time is always constraint and rushing, they have no choice but to have what i prepared for them :p  We would only eat out on Sunday morning after attending Sunday mass.  This is a highly recommended Pumpkin Bread. It is healthy with pumpkin added and its texture is fluffy, soft and chewy. Further more it stays soft for 2 days. (my bread never last for3 days :p)  I like to make them into mini loaves, simply  because they are easier to slice and store. My kids like it in smaller slice too. Pu mpkin bread. Love this soft and fluffy bread pair with sweet and sour taste of the roselle jam.  柔软的南瓜面包, 香带QQ的口感! 配上落神果酱,好好吃!! Thanks to Sean for sending me some popular vouchers. I use them to bought this wonderful cookbook (in chinese version) by a Japanese blogger - Horie Noriko Simple roselle jam. I did not blend it as i like to chew on th

Tahu Berontak (Deep-fried stuffed tofu puff) ..包菜酿豆卜- AFF Indonesia

Saw this   deep fried stuffed tofu puff in Y3k recipes (volume 72) food magazine. This is one of the few recipes contribute by my Ah Chi to Y3k recipes magazine. I like stuffed tofu puff so i pick this to try. It turn out really yummy although the ingredients is normal but the coriander powder make it taste special. She learn this from a pakcik (uncle) during her Bali trip. This is a kind of 'gorengan'; fried  according to her. She also told me the special part of this stuffed tofu puff is the adding of coriander powder that makes it taste and smell really good!! After goggle i found that almost every city in Indonesia have this kind of street snack (gorengan - fried snack); since it is easy to make. In actually 'gorengan' does not represent any name for any specific fried food but it is a group of snack food that is deep fried.   Since Ah Chi learn this from a pakcik in her Bali trip, i was thinking linking this to AFF - Indonesia. I quickly check with Al

Roast chicken with lemon & rosemary roast potatoes ..柠檬烤鸡和迷迭香烤马玲薯

This is a easy and simple Roast chicken with lemon & rosemary roast potatoes from Jamie Oliver. I have cooked for many many times but only now, along with CLAS event i thought of posting My kids love this juicy, tender meat and crispy skin chicken. I did not use a whole chicken simply because it is hard for me to chop :p I just used chicken drumsticks instead.  这是一道简单又好吃的柠檬烤鸡和迷迭香烤马玲薯. 宝贝们都吃的喰手指呢!! 这食谱用了 'N' 次都没贴上.这次趁着 CLAS活动把这食谱贴上. 食谱用的是整支鸡不过啊!! 我不会砍鸡就只好用鸡煺了!! :D 鸡煺烤好了!! 一人一支,方便又简单 ^_^ YUMMY roasted drums are ready!! Everyone have their own share ^_^ Clean the drums and trim away excess fat. Season with black pepper and sea salt. Set aisde in the fridge. (preferable to season overnight or a few hours. I seasoned mine for 1 hour only :p) Boiled lemon, garlic and wedge potatoes in a pot of salted water. Words from Jamie's website " Cooking both the spuds and the chicken with whole lemon creates the most amazing flavo

Cream Cheese Brownies (Bake Along # 59) 芝士布朗尼

Bake Along #59 this round is baking 'Cream Cheese Brownies from 'How To Be A Domestic Goddess"  Nigella Lawson. Baking this brownie is easy and  the method is straight forward. No beating or using the mixer at all. Just mix, stir and pour BUT this one is quite different. There is a step which is quite challenging that is adding the cream cheese part. I chilled the cream cheese before slicing it into thin pieces but my hands are too warm. The cream cheese become soft and its can't be slice so i had to flatten the cheese with my fingers.  I would like to thank Joyce and Zoe for helping me out when i send SOS for help!!  Hahaha!! you must be thinking what is the connection of baking with SOS.. Want to know why?? scroll down and  i will tell you why...:D This Cream Cheese Brownies is so delicious till my youngest ask for more the second day..:p I used unsweetened chocolate instead of bittersweet chocolate. At first I have not idea how to transf

Hakka Fried Yellow Bean Curd ... 客家炒黄豆干

Hi everyone, wish that you are having a great  great weekend! I guess..MH 370 is the most hot topic at the moment. It is sad !! This incident let me realize we should cherish every moment we have with our love ones and live our life in the moment. Prawn, prawn, prawns is one of our favorite seafood. I am so lucky my kids are not allergy to prawns but instead they enjoy eating it :) One of the dried ingredients that I always have stock in my pantry is dried prawns. It is a very versatile kind of ingredients for cooking. I normally will this stir fried yellow bean curd on busy day for dinner. My kids would eat this happily cause they love the sweetness and the aroma of the dried shrimp that pair very well with the yellow bean curd  ;) Hakka fried yellow bean curd recipe source: mui mui Ingredients: 8 pieces  yellow bean curd (cubed) 4 long bean (sliced) 2 spring red leek (sliced the white part and the green part separately) 1 tbsp dried shrimp (washed and chopped

Lemon Pie .. 柠檬派

Hi everyone, I hope you have a great weekend. We are having a great weekend and my nasty cough have gone. Thanks to all for the kind concern. I am going to share a yummy desert  that i made last week. :)  It is this delicious Lemon Pie.  This is a recipe from 'Teacher Meng's book of the Sweet and the Savory PIE' 谢谢你娜娜 ^_^ The book is in Chinese and I hope my translate into English is clear and nearest to her!! I would like to thank Nana W my good friend and she is also my hubby's classmate brought this book all the way back from Taiwan for me.  I made the for a dinner gathering at my place. My friends love the crumble and crispy crust and the smooth and tangy lemon curd. YUM!!  LEMON PIE (柠檬派) recipe source:   孟老师的甜派与咸派(a chinese version of Meng Lao Shi (Teacher Meng's) Sweet Pie and Savoury Pie) Ingredients for sweet crust pastry: 120g low protein flour/ all purpose flour  25g icing sugar 1/8 tsp salt Sieve