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Nyonya Devil Curry for Malaysian Food Fest...娘惹魔归咖哩献給马来西亚美食节

This is my third nyonya dish, Nyonya Devil Curry. This is a nyonya dish from the Southern Nyonya.  The southern nyonya, on the other hand, tend to prepare food that is generally rich in coconut millk and Malay spices such as coriander and cumin. Sugar is quite liberally featured in the recipes of southern cuisine. One very unique style of the nyonya cuisine is their imaginative ways of preparing fruits and vegetables. Sweet potatoes leaves,  tiny sour carambola, unripe jackfruit and the heart of banana bud are all transformed in the kitchen, added to and blended with aromatic leaves such as kaffir lime, tumeric, pandan, and laksa leaf. This gives a good balance of tastes in meals... this is a little from this book (Northern and Southern Nyonya Cuisne) Back to my nyonya dish that i am going to share today. It is Nyonya Devil Curry. I am quite curious how DEVIL is this Nyonya Devil Curry. When i study the recipe i found that the dried chilies is a lot, that means this w

Fried Prawn Fritters for Malaysia Food Fest....虾饼献给马来西亚美食节

Afer visited Cindy's (yummylittlecooks)   blog   i found that the Malaysia Food Fest `is a very interesting event and she is hosting this event for the state of Malacca (Malacca Food Fest)  to start of the event. Joining in, would be fun and gain knowledge of the specialty about the food in each state for me.and i would also like  to suppport the event I bought a Nyonya Cook Book (Northern and Southern Nyonya Cuisine by Chef Ricky Ng)  recently. After browsing thru this book i decide to cook 4 dishes from this book. To be frank, i am not really familiar with all this dishes i chose, i would cross my finger and follow the recipe and hope the dish turn out great..=p  As you can see from the title of recipe book is about the Northern and Southern Nyonya Cuisine. I am going to cook a 2 dishes from Northern Nyonya cuisine, 1 from Southern Nyonya cuisine and 1 from a mixed of Northern and Southern Nyonya cuisine. Will post each one every day from today...wish me luck..:D  Northern

Blueberry and Sour Cream Whoopie Pies

Am i in love with Whoopie Pies???...=D    Saw a book in a book shop that has got  Whoopie Pies last weekend while bringing my boys there. The whole book is about Whoopie Pies with small words of cookies and Macaroons. They have all sort of colours, flavours and fillings. I am amazed by the book. I had a quick flipped and i found this..... which i like very much. The Blueberry and Sour Cream Whoopie Pies. I made these this morning and i love it straight away. Its really tasty with the blueberries and just a simple cream sandwich in between. Even my boys love it very very much. Recipe source: taste. Whoopie Pies. cookies and macaroons Ingredients: 225 g  plain flour 1 tsp ground cinnamon (i use only 1/4 tsp) 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp salt 175 g butter 225 g sugar 1 large egg 120 g sour cream 100 g blueberries for filling: 400ml cream ( i use dairy whipping cream) 30 g icing (confectioners') sugar To do: 1) Heat oven 180c. Line 3 baking tray with greas

Free and Easy Bake Along #31 Whoopie Pies

I have never bake or taste a whoopie pie before. I do saw them in magazine but never thought they are Whoopie Pie because i always mistaken them as Macaroon. Only that Macaroon is wearing a skirt and Whoopie Pie is not. :D Now, then i realised those without a skirt are Whoopie pies. Free and Easy Bake Along #31, this month pick is from Zoe and her picked are  Whoopie Pies.   Its really fun joining Bake Along, this month i learn something new about Whoopie Pies. This is my  Lemon Whoopie Pie, I did a little something to my Lemon Whoopie Pies. ~I give my Lemon Whoopie Pie a make over..=p 柠檬Whoopie Pie上了妆..嘻嘻~     Free and Easy Bake Along是一群爱烘焙的朋友们聚集在一起同做同一个主题的烘焙来跟大家分享,交换心得和互相鼓励..好好玩的..^^ (每一次的烘焙主题都不一样噢!) 这Free and Easy Bake Along 是由三位资深爱烘焙者所启发的. 她们就是 Zoe(bake for happy kids), Lena(frozen wings) 和 Joyce(Kitchen Flavours) 这一次是来到第31期了, 主题是'Whoopie Pie' (我不知道化语叫什么??..如你知道请告知我噢!)   其实,照版翻译 Whoopie Pie 是一种曲奇类吧! 吃起来口感像满福, 小杯蛋糕和曲奇之间. 我也是第一次做和吃.....好吃... ...是两片像大圆曲奇(饼..通常

Chocolate Ice Pop ~ Award...巧可力冰棒

The weather over here has been really really warm (its HOT!) lately. Temperature can climb up to 36-38C sometimes.  How is the weather over at your place today? A friend of mine once share a joke He (my friend) : Japan have earthquake XX degree, we also have.. Me and other friends: huh!!  earthquake? He:  4 stages!! Me and other friends: 4 stages some more?? He: 1st   Its HOT       2nd  Very HOt       3rd  Extremely HOt       4th  Super Duper HOT ..LOL so that makes it 4 stages..:p what a joke. To cool down a little in this HOT weather lets share my homemade ice pop..see my Shawn is enjoying it..:p  ~Shawn enjoying it..宝贝在享用着...好好吃~   最近炎热的天气, 让人变的懒散, 对什么都不感兴趣..你呢?? 天气热的可以爬到36-38度..XD  很想找个凉快的地方躲起来凉快凉快!! 吃,喝冷的食物像冰淇淋, 冰沙, 冰优格..只要是冷都行..^^ ..有个朋友说我们的天气有4级来. ..4极??又不是地震.. ..原来,他的4级是..    第一级..热    第二级..很热    第三级..非常热    第四级..热死人.. 呵呵! 冷的笑话..  宝贝要求要吃icy pole..(冰棒) .. 刚好那时在Ah Sean哪看都..就动手学做..^^ ~Chocolate ice pop or popsicle or ice lolly ..  巧克力冰棒或冰条~ ~yummy..choc

Apple Cornmeal Upside-Down Cake~Free and Easy Bake Along

~Thanks to Zoe for picking this great cake~ This is a very nice cake. i like the texture of the cake it is soft and moist. i am using almond meal instead of cornmeal. Why? Just because i can't find cornmeal in my place...LOL  We have 2 medium size shops which supplies all types of baking ingredients here, even they do not sell 'cornmeal'. I was thinking, maybe i am going to skip this round bake along event. But i do not want to miss the fun so I seek for help from Lena and Joyce. Asking them what can i used to replace cornmeal??  In the end i decided to use almond meal just because i have some in the pantry. To my surprise, it turn out well. Thanks to Lena, giving me the green light to do so...hehe  Only that i found mine is a bit too thin and it looks like a pan pizza but it do not taste like pizza..:p  The smell of the almond meal is so nice when it is baked and it goes really well with the caramelize apples. I am glad i baked this cake.. Thanks to Lena

Tiramisu for Father's Day~父亲节的提拉米苏

Another June post :p...This is a special cake for my 3 naughty but adorable boys' father SP. Have no comments for such a wonderful and caring father.   My eldest (Shawn) was born in in 2005, follow by second (Samson) 2007 and follow by youngest (Seanan) 2009, make him a father of three 很磨蹭的我, 又在PO另一6月我家的故事..:p 这个'提拉米苏'蛋糕是做给我家三个宝贝(圣,贤和谦) 的爸爸(华). 大宝贝(圣)2005年出世, 二宝贝(贤)2007 和 小宝贝(谦)2009, 就这样,做了三个孩子的爸. 这个爸爸, 他啊! 爱陪伴孩子做功课, 做阅读报告, 走公园玩耍, 我最感恩就是他可以每天晚上帮两个小的刷牙..哈哈还风雨不改的那种..:D (我呢, 是个超没耐心的妈米..;p) ~Happy Father's Day ..Daddy..父亲节快乐..啊爸(Daddy)..嘻嘻..我是这么稱呼孩子的爸..嘻嘻~ ~Posting for me to take" father and sons" picture..say cheeseee... 看过来..笑一笑..'卡喳' ..~ ~Cut the cake... 切蛋糕咯!!~ ~naked cake..hehe before decorations 滑滑..还没上装的蛋糕~ ~after decorated .. looks nice right?~ 上装了.. 好看吗?~ ~after putting on the bow tie ... looks great..:D 再加上蝴蝶结..帅吗? ~ ~guess what? my boys love the spong