August 18, 2012

Chocolate Ice Pop ~ Award...巧可力冰棒

The weather over here has been really really warm (its HOT!) lately. Temperature can climb up to 36-38C sometimes. 
How is the weather over at your place today?
A friend of mine once share a joke
He (my friend) : Japan have earthquake XX degree, we also have..
Me and other friends: huh!!  earthquake?
He:  4 stages!!
Me and other friends: 4 stages some more??
He: 1st   Its HOT
      2nd  Very HOt
      3rd  Extremely HOt
      4th  Super Duper HOT ..LOL
so that makes it 4 stages..:p what a joke.
To cool down a little in this HOT weather lets share my homemade ice pop..see my Shawn is enjoying it..:p 

~Shawn enjoying it..宝贝在享用着...好好吃~
最近炎热的天气, 让人变的懒散, 对什么都不感兴趣..你呢??
天气热的可以爬到36-38度..XD  很想找个凉快的地方躲起来凉快凉快!!
吃,喝冷的食物像冰淇淋, 冰沙, 冰优格..只要是冷都行..^^
呵呵! 冷的笑话..
 宝贝要求要吃icy pole..(冰棒) .. 刚好那时在Ah Sean哪看都..就动手学做..^^

~Chocolate ice pop or popsicle or ice lolly .. 

~yummy..chocolate ice pop

~ Using a set of 6 pieces ice pop mold 
Sam, have been requesting me to make him some 'icy pole'.
I saw this Chocolate Ice Pop in Ah Sean blog, thanks to her for sharing. I like it very much, especially my boys. Why not? its ice pop..:D The ingredients is simple and so does the method of making the ice pop.

Chocolate ice pop/ popsicle/ ice lolly
Recipe source : Ah Sean(阿贤当家) 
Another ice pop recipe: here
 (these are in chinese version)

2 egg yolks (about 40gm)
20g castor sugar
200g milk
50g dairy whipping cream
65g chocolate (chopped)

1) In a mixing bowl whisk egg yolks and sugar. Whisk until sugar dissolve and mixture turn pale.
2) In a thick bottom pan, warm milk and dairy whipping cream until it is about to boil then leave pan from the stove. Let it cool until it is about 70c ( or test with a finger ~ warm to touch) 
3) Pour warm milk into (1- egg yolk mixture) and stir vigorously to prevent the egg yolk mixture from getting cook.

~Get ready all my ice pop molds..

~Pour the mixture into each of the ice pop mold..

4) Pour (3) mixture into thick bottom pan and low flame cook until it is slightly thicken. Add in the chopped chocolate pieces and stir to combine. Sift mixture and pour mixture into ice pop mold. Keep in freezer for at least 4-6 hours or over night.

** A tip to unmold the ice pop easily.
When the ice pop is taken out from the freezer, just rinse the ice pop   mold under the running tap water for a few second and unmold it.

Firstly, I would like to thank Angeline of Angeline's side story for presenting this Versatile Blogger Awards to me. Like Angeline, i too joined  Free and Easy Bake Along and Cook Like A Star event sometime this year.
Initially, i was thinking i can't cope with the group(they are such great home bakers) but with the encouragement of each other i can do it..:D and also from the title of  the event FREE and EASY it means not stress and hassle free.
In these events we share same interest, share ideas and most of all we developed friendship. Angeline is one of them that is really friendly and nice...:)

Secondly, to accept this award i have to share 7 facts about myself and i have to pass over this award to 15 Bloggers of mine. Hope to get to know them more and keep blogging, keep sharing and keep separating the join of blogging.
About goes..
1) I am from Miri, Sarawak..a small town but it's a Oil Town in East Malaysia.
2) I am not a graduate or a colleague student but a from 5 student...knowing half pail (a little bit) of English, 1/4 pail of Bahasa Malaysia and 1/4 pail of Mandarin..(if you find my English stuck a little here and there (grammar or something) do correct me, please, i would appreciated that...:p
3) Challenges is not a problem to me...because i always do first and die later..:D
4) Everything happen, happen for the good..i always like to think positively , things at the bright side .. why not?? You gain more then what you lose..^^
5) I like to do things with date line because i am a not date line person.. i will procrastinate if there isn't a date line...bad habit..:p
6) i like to day dream ... i dream about travelling about the world with my hubby when we retired..crazy right??
7) I like to buy books more than reading them..another bad habit..:p
Hahaha..that is a little about me..:D
Lastly but not least, i would like to pass this award to 
(^^) Thanks for having me as your blogging buddy and i wish you all the best!!


  1. Seeing your ice pops made me drool!! It's super hot over here also. My kids would love a treat like this.
    Congrats on your well deserved award! It was nice to know little tit bits about you through this award. You know what I also love to collect books and magazines ;)
    Thanx for sharing this award with us.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. 好好吃的样子哦。。。


  3. 梅梅,

  4. 哎呀,很想做ice cream,但这个在我家不laku,只好在你家看看咯,呵呵!

  5. Your ice cream looks so good.. I have just made some today, now freezing and my kids are rather impatient, asked me so many times already whether are the ice cream ready!! I made chocolate ones too!
    Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me! Really appreciate it. Glad to know more about you too! I have always dream of travelling with my hubby too when he retires, without the kids, second honeymoon? Hahaha! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. 美女mui mui,


    酱我就不用查字典了。。。。 ^^

    原来英文的半桶水叫“half pail"


  7. Hi Anuja,
    You are welcome and thanks for compliment.
    haha..looks like we have something in common ..collect books and magazines.

  8. 1st of all, thank you for giving me this award! My bahasa has all be given back to the teachers & my bahasa's standard is not even 1/4 bucket, haha! This is a great summer recipe. Love the chocolate flavour of ice-pops!

  9. Hi Mui Mui,congrat on your award, you deserved it, love your blog.
    Thank you for thinking of me and pass me the award, really appreciated your kind thoughts.

    I love the chocolate ice pop, slurpp...... yum yum.

    Have a nice weekend.

    P/S Sorry I'm late in dropping by cos busy with my work.

  10. all kids will love this ice pop! perfect for hot weather..

  11. Hi Mui Mui, oops sorry for the late visit. Thank you so much for the awards! This chocolate ice pop looks so delicious, my kids would sure love to have a few each :)

  12. Hi Mui Mui, love your humour. And I wish I can read and write Chinese.
    How you doin'?
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  13. hi doreen, sorry for coming back late to pick up the award. THanks so much for sharing the award with me, me also half and quarter bucket here and there, never mind, we will learn from each other :D The weather here in ipoh not so bad, hot but not up to the 4th stage yet, your choc ice pops will cool me down lots!

  14. Hi Kym,
    你也喜欢啊! 快懂手做吧!

  15. 莎莎,你已经很棒了。

  16. Cass, 来来来,我请你吃!

  17. 贤,希望你看的懂我的1/4桶的华文。
    哈哈! half pail是我的讲法。。不知合格吗?嘻嘻。。就是半桶咯!
    不用say sorry 啦!

  18. Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for compliments.
    Yes, must plan for your retired trip and trips...=p ...only the if you( hubby and yourself)...enjoy after all the years of hard work..right?..: )
    Have a wonderfulmweek ahead!

  19. Congratulation on the award & thank you so much for thinking of me for the award. I really do appreciate it & it's great to know you thru Bake Along & The Home Bakers & share some awesome recipes. It's nice to know you better & I like to day dream too; the whole day! LOL No worries about your English & you're good in writting too. I'm the worst when it comes to that. Since I've been living in France , about 21 years now, my English is getting worst! LOL
    My youngest son, Sébastien LOVE, I mean REALLY LOVE to make ice pops with juice! I'm sure he will love to have these chocolate ice pops coz he's nuts about chocolate! I mean me too! LOL

  20. Hi Doreen,

    Congratulation with your award! I feel that all your food and bakes are cooked and baked with so much dedications for your family... It is always a pleasure visiting your blog to see how happy you are cooking or baking for your boy :D

    Your chocolate pops look fun and yummy! Summer is arriving soon at Melbourne and I think I'm going to be very busy making ice cream too for me and my family :D


  21. Hi Doreen,

    congrats on getting the award and thanks for passing on to me, I am not good at playing this kind of game, I has yet to write seven thngs about me lol! I too love ice creams but making is too tedious, buying is much easier I think lol! Your son is a very cute boy:)

  22. Thanks for the award. Your ice cream make me feel like making own too. I'm sure my kids will enjoy this lovely homemade ice cream too.

  23. 噢买葛!迟来了领奖,奖项还在吗?哈哈哈哈



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