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Chocolate Custard Tarts (巧克力蛋黄塔)

Sam: Mum, can you make the custard into chocolate flavor?? Mum: Let me see what i can do!!         我家老二:咪,这个香草蛋黄塔可以做巧克力口味的吗? 咪:让咪看看怎样变给你吧!      为了要变个巧克力口味的塔给老二就自己乱乱来。用了我很喜欢的芝士塔的食谱做了少许的改变。 塔皮照旧只把馅料换去蛋黄巧克力。再把香草蛋黄馅料塔变成水果塔。我家老二可乐了。。哈哈!                         This Chocolate Custard tarts is a modified version from my cheese tart. I wanted to try something different for Sam.  He request for chocolate custard fillings and vanilla custard filling with fresh fruits topping. The vanilla custard with fresh fruits topping (Fruit tarts) i will share in my later post. This sweet crust pastry tart shell is rich and a crisp cookie like texture and the custard is smooth and velvety. It simply yummilicious!! Pre-baked tart shells. Tips for shaping the sweet pastry tart shells: 1. Rolled the disc dough between two sheets of plastic wrap or cling wrap into 5mm thick.  2. Cut with a  round cookie cutter. Fit the  round  cut out  piece into tart mould. (

Happy Valentine Day ~ Pumpkin Cookies 情人节快乐~南瓜酥饼

Love is in the Air!! Love is all around !! This is a Valentine Cookies dedicated to Best Recipes for Everyone. Theme: My Homemade Cookies Co-host Victoria 送你香酥,脆口的酥饼!! 南瓜加芝士味道很不错!  Pumpkin   Cookies 南瓜酥饼 Adpated from 101 Cookies by Teacher Meng (it is in Chinese version) Makes   24 Ingredients: 60g unsalted butter-room temperature 60g icing sugar 30g whole egg 30g tomato paste (I used mashed pumpkin with 1 tsp whip cream added) 90g low gluten flour (I used homemade cake flour) 10g almond meal (I used 4g almond meal and 6g parmesan cheese) 10g pistachio roughly chopped –for decoration. To Do: 1.        Preheat oven at 170C. Lined 2 baking tray with parchment paper. 2.        In a mixing bowl add butter and icing sugar in, mix with a spatula until it is slightly combine. With a electric mixer beat it till it is creamy. 3.        Add   in egg a little at a time, beat we