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Steam Ladybug cupcake

When I first saw this cupcake was in Kak MaDiHae's blog. I was so impress by the cute little Ladybug steam cupcake. I tell myself I must try to do this one day...hehe don't know when yet. Until I get to Kate from Sally's blog, I saw she join the Aspiring Bakers #13 with her 西施蛋糕. I too, want to join and I think I must try this Ladybug steam cupcake. I want to join Aspiring Baker #13 with this cupcake. This is a soft and spongy cupcake. Nice and cute some more....^^ Ladybug Steam cupcake Ingredients: 3 cold eggs 275g plain flour 3 tsp baking powder 150ml fresh milk 1 tsp ovalette 220g castor sugar ( I used 150g only) 1 tsp vanilla essence To do: 1) Put all the ingredients ina mixing bowl and beat with medium high speed for 6 minutes. 2) Take 1 tbsp plain mixture and put into a piping bag.  3) Take 3 tbsp plain mixture, mix with brown colouring and put into piping bag. 4) Colour the rest of the mixing with bright red and filled into a piping bag. 5) Pump the red into a pa

Easy made tapioca kueh, simple yet nice~...简易木署糕,简单做又好吃~

My dear father in law(fil) is very 'rajin' person, he loves to plant vegetable or fruits or herbs or anything that can be taken, he will plant. 'Rajin' is in BM, means hard working...^^ One afternoon, I was in the kicthen, he brought in some kind of roots into the kicthen. When I look into it, its Tapioca. It is yellow tapioca some more.  ~Home plant tapioca ... 家公种的木署~ I asked him "Pa what are you going to do with that?"  He said "Don't know, maybe steam you have any idea?"  I said "You can make kueh..." Then he peeled and hand the tapioca to me...He said "Mui, make this kueh then..."   ~peeled tapioca...去了皮的木薯~ Hahaha So I make this easy tapioca kueh... This is a very easy to make tapioca kueh but it gives the tradisional favorite taste. Easy tapioca kueh Ingredients: 550g tapioca  150ml thick coconut milk 210g castor sugar 1 1/2 Tbsp tapioca flour 6 pcs pandan leaves...grind a

Char Xiu Steam Buns ....Nanny balik Kampung~2nd episod... 保姆回Kampung的~下集...^^

今天必需留在家噢!还是要好几天呢。 ~保姆 balik kampung 记之下集。  保姆回家乡探她妈妈,我们送了千层蛋糕和面包给她当手续是上集。 上集。。。 我做了千层蛋糕,感觉像过年了~~~ 下集。。。我留在家陪小宝贝,也趁机休息,看看书,看看电视节目. 从来,不曾看早上的电视节目. 今天例外了, 在家边看节目, 边陪小宝贝. 电视播了个台湾的烹饪节目是 "大饼的烹饪补习班"  今天的食谱是 " 香 蚝叉烧包" 很吸引我, 更有趣的是, 包子不用包美美, 只需简单包一下...蒸了就会"笑"...有趣吧~~ 那让我跟你分享.....^^ Nanny is going to balik kampung for a few days. We are going to stay home looking after my little one for a week or so. Staying home is meaning to say I got more chance to read my books and watch TV. Today I am watching this program from Taiwan, it is about cooking classes. The topic for today is "How to make yummy O y ster sauce char xiu bao?"  What interest me is that 'you do not need to warp the bao nicely, just a simple wrap will do because when you steam it, it will 'SMILE' crack beautifully. Isn't that nice...^^ ~Oyster sauce char xiu bao~ 香 蚝叉烧包~ 蚝香叉烧包~ Oyster sauce  Oyster sauce filling: 200g  char xiu  3 Tbsp casto r suga

Nanny's "Balik Kampung" Gift~~Hawflakes Sarawak Kek Lapis~~保姆的回乡礼物~三楂千层蛋糕

新的一年要到了,我想每个人都在想要收拾家里,要买新衣给孩子,给自己还有准备什么吃的给新年来访的亲戚朋友吧. 我的小宝 贝的保姆要'balik kampung'..我就想想,送什给她回家呢...想到她喜欢我做的'Sarawak Lapis Kek' 就做了一粒三楂口味给她. Spring is calling ... Spring is calling...Chinese New Year is around the corner, I see lots of FB friends is busy preparing lots of yummies for the coming new year. I bet many of us is also preparing to do housekeeping for our house. Wonder why,, people always only do housekeeping when New Year time is near. When there is a limited of time. May be this is human nature....:p My youngest son's nanny is going back to "Kampung" to visit her mum. I was thinking what should I give her to bring back to her 'Kampung', finally I decide to make a 'Sarawak Lapis Cake' so she can share with her family..good....^^ I am going to do a Sarawak Lapis Cake ~ this is a Hawflakes flavour cake. ` ~This year second Lapis Cake..今年的第二粒砂捞越千层糕~ Why it is second? It is because the first one I made for a friend&#

Screw pine leaves ...Pandan Layer cake...班兰叶好香啊..班兰蛋糕

今天跟孩子想去逛书店,就去了'大众书局'。每每去到书局都很期待看看新书有什么新食谱。孩子就会往他们爱的书本那走去。 新书琳瑯满目,眼花花,心乱乱, 不知要看那一本。最后翻到一本'名食谱~吃喝玩乐双月刊 Issue 70'。 书皮的那道菜'醋香排骨'非常吸引我,就打开再翻翻,一翻,呼。。九层糕有不同的口味,有椰糖的,有班兰的,有娘惹的,有泰式的。再来,香喷喷的一层层的班兰蛋糕,有榴连的,有火龙果,有香橙的,有椰糖的,有粟米的,还有好多好多甜点跟菜肴。 跟赞的是Kelvin老师和Karen老师的。。 ≪纵横四海≫的心灵说爱琴海那篇,让我感觉很想很想去走一趟。 我和老公很喜欢到处走走。结婚后的前几年就是到处飞飞走走去了美国又去英国又去欧洲。。。哈哈现在走不了了,有三个可爱的宝贝我们舍不得他们。 还是不说我啦,我要做班兰蛋糕了。 ~班兰蛋糕~ Pandan Layer Cake ~ 蛋糕材料: 180克服蛋糕预拌粉 3个人蛋 45毫升 清水 45克 溶化牛油 ~班兰叶的树..哈哈是树还是草呢?...自家种的.... Pandan leaves plant, from my backyard~ 班兰馅料: 250毫升 椰浆 700毫升 清水 140克 砂糖 2大 匙粟米油 30克 粟米粉 35克 绿豆粉 4大匙 班兰汁 1小匙 班兰精 做法: 1)蛋糕:把预拌粉,蛋,清水打发至松白。加入溶化牛油拌匀成面糊。 2)把面糊倒入18cm(7寸)四方烤盘,盛入预热烤箱以180c烘约30分钟。 3)将冷却的蛋糕切成三片。 4)班兰馅料:将所有馅料倒入锅里,以中火不停拌煮至浓,,即可离火。 5)放人一片蛋糕在烤盘, 倒入1/3的馅料,接着放入蛋糕,倒入馅料至到完成;待冷却,放入冰箱冷藏至凝固。 ~我加了椰丝在上面...I sprinkle a little of dessicated coconut on top of the cake~ **食品是来之 '名食谱~吃喝玩乐双月刊'里的一道甜点,是 Kevin Chai 老师的作品。

Durian Tiramisu is a switch up...改判的榴连提拉米蘇....^^

全家都爱吃榴连,让我想了多变化的吃发. 不是吃到腻而变,而是要吃的更美味. 做了 榴连轻乳酪蛋糕 , 也做了 Chilled 的榴连芝士蛋糕. 现在想要来个又简单又好吃...就榴连提拉米蘇. 感觉还很不错噢. 就用了 Chilled 榴连芝士蛋糕来改判变了榴连提拉米蘇. ~Chilled 芝士蛋糕的改判...the switch up from Chilled Durian cheese cake~ Everyone in my family love Durian. I used Durian to make Durian baked light cheesecake, Chilled Durian Cheese cake. Today I will make a Durian Tiramisu, it is a switch up from the Chilled Durian Cheese cake. Ingredients for the crumbs layer: 120g kraft 'Tiger biskuat' biscuits ~ crushed finely 1 tbsp cocoa powder 40g butter~soften To do: Mix all of these into crumble. Set aside. Ingredients for the filling: 65ml milk 1/2 tbsp castor sugar 1 tbsp custard powder mixed with 1 tbsp milk 1 tbsp powdered gelatine dissolved in 50ml water 250g durian flesh 50g castor sugar 125g philadephia cream cheese ~ diced 150ml thickened cream cocoa powder for dusting To do: 1) Stir milk and sugar until sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boiled and remove from heat. Pour in custard

Crispy Prawn fritters...香脆炸虾卷

 This book have been sitting in the recipe book shelf for ages.  It is a Yum Yum magazine, a full colour and step by step wonderful recipes magazines. Every two months a new one comes, the old one will be left sitting behind in the book shelf...:p Sometimes I will take out the previous volume to read. Today i am running over the old volumes again. I am looking for.... this Crispy Prawn Fritter recipe .....'Bingo' I found it in Volume 44 Issue 2006. Just happen that my hubby's good friend gave us some prawns. I tried this and it is really good. You must try this too...^^ Crispy Prawn Fritters Ingredients: 600g medium prawns, shelled but with tail intact 1500ml cooking oil for frying Marinade: 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp sesame oil Dash of pepper Batter A 150g plain flour 1 tbsp corn flour 1 tbsp tang mein flour 1 tbsp baking powder ( I used 1 tsp double action baking powder) 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar Dash of pepper B: 1 tsp sesame oil 6 tbsp oil

Difference version of 'Peach' kueh..~..桃茶另一种的红粿

Another version of this 'peach kueh'~ 'tao gao'. Tao means peach, the mould of this kueh look like a peach and 'gao' means cake. Basically the normal peach kueh will have peanut filling but today this one will have glutinous rice with dried prawn, shitake mushroom. The taste of the glutinous rice is almost like 'loh mai kai' that is the glutinous rice cook with chicken...yum yum 另一种桃粿, 是把糯米包入粘米糊皮里.  糯米馅 味道咸香是用蒜米,虾米和香菇炒香而粘米皮柔软带少弹牙..可好吃呢...吃起来像是糯米鸡....(",) ~This is the mould of the Peach kueh....做桃粿的模印 ~ 米包米...Peach Kueh Ingredients for the filling...馅材料: a)2 cups glutinous rice...  2 杯  糯米 soaked for 2 hours........浸泡2个小时 b) 5 pieces dried mushroom 5朵 香菇~切丁     30克 虾米~切碎      1大匙 蒜米~切碎     半小匙 盐     1小匙 鸡粉     3大匙 炸红葱 做法: 1)把糯米浸2个小时。蒸20分钟,洒水在上面再蒸10分钟。 2)把4大匙油烧热,爆香虾米和蒜米。加入调味拌炒均匀才把蒸熟的糯米倒入拌均。待冷后再做成一粒粒糯米饭团。大开30-35克,因您的模子大小,备用。 皮材料: 300克 粘米粉 40克 大署粉 600ml 水 2大匙 食油 少许粉红色素 做法: 1)把水加到大署粉,粘米粉和油拌均,煮到熟。 2)待冷再搓面糊成面团,如会黏手就把手