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来个改变..黑土司~Let's make a change Black Toast Bread...

Have been using gelatinized dough to make my bread recently. Love it because it gives the softness and the spongey feel when eating it. The softness last for days and I do not add any softener or other additives or preservative. Today, I am thinking of making bread toast , when I search in my fridge, then only I realised no more gelatinized dough left. Out of stock and we are running out of bread. No choice I use another recipe to do my special toast bread  ..hahaha...Black Toast Bread. ~this is the slices of Black Toast Bread~ This is a White Toast Bread recipe from this Taiwan recipes book translate as "Easy method to make home made bread"   "简易家庭面包制作~王志雄和游纯雄合者. Instead of White Toast Bread I change it to Black Toast Bread by adding bamboo charcoal powder. This recipe really works well and taste great. Black Toast Bread~ Ingredients~: 240g water 50g egg 35g castor sugar 10g salt 500g bread flour 1 1/2 tsp bamboo charcoal powder 10g instant yea

Three colour tone toast bread~三色土司

~three tone toast loaf~ ~the look of the whole loaf~  Out of the blue I was inspired to make this three tone toast. It is very interesting putting the three colour and mixing them together. I again uses the gelatinized dough to do this. This gelatinized dough recipe comes from this book "Magic Bread by Alex Goh" Basic dough: (A) 烫种材料: Gelatinized dough ingredients:       100g 面包粉..bread flour         70g 滚水..boling water 做法: 把滚水加入面粉中搅拌成团,然后盖起来. 冷后用保鲜膜包好放入冰箱冷藏最少12个小时. To do: Pour boiling water onto bread flour and mix into a rough dough. Cover and let it cool. When it is cool, wrap it with a piece of cling foil and put into fridge. Let it sit in the fridge for more than 12 hours. (B) bread ingredients: 面包才料:       400g bread flour.. 面包粉          75g sugar.. 糖             7g salt.. 盐           25g milk powder .. 奶粉              8g instant yeast.. 酵母 (C) 170g cold water.. 冷水        1 cold egg..grade A..冷蛋 (D)  70g butter ..牛油 (E) 1 ts

中秋节又来了....Mid Atumn is coming ~ Mooncake festival

春去...秋来...中秋节又来了...到处都在卖月饼... 吃月饼..有传统的,  上海的, 冰皮的, 水晶的, 好吃,好吃...大家都会问..."会很甜吗?  我很怕太甜." 无花八门.....的种类...我都喜欢...因为我也怕太甜,那只好自己动手做啦...:p 孩子们就喜欢在着时候提灯笼...我想每个小朋友都爱吧!! ~我做了水晶月饼...是豆浆密红豆水晶月饼和椰香密红豆水晶月饼. Mid Autumn is around the corner, it time to celebrate mooncake festival. You can see all types of mooncakes selling in the market.  Mooncakes have all kind of traditonal mooncake, shanghai mooncake, snowny mooncake, crystal mooncake..haha all kind of it. Mooncakes are delicious but there is always a question ask..'are these mooncake low sugar, I don't like it too sweet?' DIY your own mooncake, you can add sugar at your own preferance...:) My will kids love to carry their lantern on mooncake festival. I guess all kids love to do that and me I like to make mooncake on this day. ~I am making Soy milk with red bean Crystal Mooncake and Coconut and red bean crystal mooncake.   ~ the green one coconut flavour and pink one is soy milk flavour...filling is

Cotton Light cheesecake ~ For my wedding anniversary....:)

This year my wedding anniversary is a special event...Event for pui family. We arrange for a outing for us and our kids. We are had a great stay and a great time with the kids. We also enjoy having each other in this event....:) ~heart shape CottON LIghT CHeeSEcaKE~ ~my boys want to add on this tag for us..Happy Anniversary...~ This is the recipe: Cotton Light Cheesecake Ingredients (A): 160g cream cheese 60g milk 30g butter 30g corn flour 10g lemon juice 4egg yolks Ingredient (B): 100g castor sugar 2g salt 4 egg whites To do: 1) Preheat oven at 150c. Greased and lined a 7 inches round cake tin. 2) Mix cream cheese, milk and butter together, double boil until just melted. Let this cool a little before adding in yolks. 3) Mix in egg yolks to combine and add in corn flour. Set aside. 4) In a clean bowl whisk egg white until it is foamy, adding sugar a little at a time beating until it is soft peak form. 5) Fold yolk batter

Orange Custard Cheesecake...father's day cake for my hubby..^^

This is a lovely cheesecake with the orangey taste and the velvety cheese texture...specially make for my dear hubby for Father's Day...^0^ Orange Custard CheesecakE Ingredient for filling: 500g cream cheese, diced 140g castor sugar 2 oranges grated zest 500ml whipping cream 5 eggs + 2 yolks beaten Ingredient for the base: 100g plain flour, sieved 1/4 tsp grounded cinnamon 60g cold butter, chopped + 30g extra 1 tbsp cold milk 30g brown sugar 1 tbsp golden syrup 1 tbsp plain flour, sieved 60g almond flakes, toasted Topping: 80g castor sugar 200ml orange juice, strained 1 orange zest, slice strips 1 tbsp lemon juice, strained 60ml orange liqueur (eg.grand marnier or cointreau) canned orange segments or fresh oranges OR you can use what I tried that is Caramelised Oranges 3 oranges peel and cut horizontally into 1/2cm thick slices 250g castor sugar 125ml water 2 pcs cardamon pods, crushed ~this is the peel and slice oranges~ ~this is to make caramel..slowly bring to boil until i

Tea time 20 ~ Second attempt to make Swiss Roll...

Attractive strawberry, tempted to give it a bite....:p What is more delicious then red juicey strawberry cover with sliky smoothe cream that roll in a soft sponge cake ....^^ My second attempt to do this Strawberry Swiss Roll. Whole strawberries were roll in a piece of sponge cake. This is a marble sponge cake, the marble effect, red yeast rice powder is added.     ~my second attempted swiss roll "strawberry swiss roll....^o^ "~ Ingredient for the cake: 35g butter ~ melted 5 egg yolks 25g castor sugar 4 egg whites 75g castor sugar 50g plain flour 1 tsp red yeast rice powder Filling: 150g whipping cream ~ Whipped 20g castor sugar some whole strawberries To do: 1) Greased and lined the baking tray. Preheated oven at 190c.  Melted the butter, set aside. (do not over heat the butter) 2) Whisk the yolks and sugar over double-boiling water until the yolks is it pale yellow colour. Set aside. 3) Whisk egg whites until it is soft peak form. (by adding sugar a little at