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中秋节又来了....Mid Atumn is coming ~ Mooncake festival

吃月饼..有传统的,  上海的, 冰皮的, 水晶的, 好吃,好吃...大家都会问..."会很甜吗?  我很怕太甜."

Mid Autumn is around the corner, it time to celebrate mooncake festival. You can see all types of mooncakes selling in the market. 
Mooncakes have all kind of traditonal mooncake, shanghai mooncake, snowny mooncake, crystal mooncake..haha all kind of it. Mooncakes are delicious but there is always a question ask..'are these mooncake low sugar, I don't like it too sweet?' DIY your own mooncake, you can add sugar at your own preferance...:)
My will kids love to carry their lantern on mooncake festival. I guess all kids love to do that and me I like to make mooncake on this day.
~I am making Soy milk with red bean Crystal Mooncake and Coconut and red bean crystal mooncake.
 ~ the green one coconut flavour and pink one is soy milk flavour...filling is red bean ~
~ 青色是椰奶香, 粉红色是豆奶口味..内馅是密红豆~

Ingredients for the filling ~ 内馅才料:
90g cooked red bean~密红豆
450ml water~水
40g sugar~糖
25g evaporated milk~淡奶
2 pcs pandan leaves~make into a knot~班兰叶,打个结
2tsp agar-agar powder~燕菜粉

To do:
1) Mix sugar, agar-agar powder and pandan leaves in water. Bring to boil.
2) Stir in red bean and evaporated milk, then pour into small cupcakes bowl or silicone cupcakes mould to set in the fridge while preparing for the skin.

1) 把糖,燕菜粉和班兰叶放入水中煮开.
2) 把密红豆和淡奶拌匀. 倒入小摸待冷,也可放入冰箱等制做外皮.

~ can make about 9 pieces of filling~

Ingredients for skin:
900g unsweetened soy milk (home made)
1 tbsp condensed milk~甜奶
110g sugar~糖
1/4 tsp salt~盐
5 tsp agar-agar powder~小匙燕菜粉
2 pcs pandan leaves~ 片班兰叶-大个结

To do:
1) Mix sugar, condensed milk, salt, agar-agar powder and pandan leaves into soy milk and bring to boil. Do not let it over boil or the soy milk will be very foamy.
2) Add 1 drop of pink colour and mix well.
3) Rinse the crystal mooncake mould with water. Pour this agar-agar mixture into the mould covering only half. Wait till it is half set and put in one filling into the half set agar-agar mixture and fill the mould up with agar-agar mixture again. Let it set in the fridge.
see details here:
**If you like to do the skin into coconut milk flavour just change the 900ml soy milk to 200ml thick coconut milk and 700ml water. Boil with water first after that then pour in coconut milk to prevent over boil the coconut milk.

1) 把糖,甜奶 ,盐,燕菜粉和班兰叶加入豆浆煮开. 不可开的太久因为豆浆会变的很多泡.
2) 加入少许红色,拌匀.
3) 把摸子过下清水,在倒入煮好的燕菜. 只倒半满, 等燕菜半凝结. 在把馅料放入.
4) 在把燕菜倒满摸子. 放入冰箱等水晶月饼凝结.

**如想做椰奶的就把900ml豆浆分量换去200ml浓椰奶和700ml水. 先把水和其他煮开后加入椰奶..这样椰奶不会煮太久.

~ soy milk is milky colour I find its kind of bored so I add a drop of pink colour to it ~

 ~ coconut milk is really rich and fragrance but the colour is pale, I add a drop of green colour to make it look like emerald..:)
~ 椰奶很香但色泽白白的,我加了少许绿色。。相是翡翠。。:)

~the look of the filling in the crystal mooncake~
~ 里斗是密红豆馅~

~ I like the filling with the whole red bean in it~
~ 密红豆粒在馅里斗口感很好~

~ 现吃上一口吧....:p~
~Come..have a bite..~

~This is the agar-agar powder that I used~
~ 我用的燕采粉是这个品牌的~

~ 豆奶色较白,不很美,我加了少许粉红色...~


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