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Stone-fruit Lemon Yogurt Cake ~核果優格柠檬蛋糕

This is a light, soft and fluffy cake. I simply love the moist and soft texture and also the fruits on top. The sweetness is just nice and my youngest ask for more.  这蛋糕好好吃!!口感像吃芝士蛋糕。。呵呵!蛋糕柔软,湿润和上面微焦的核果,真的很棒! Thanks to Honey Bee Sweet for sharing this awesome recipe. It is indeed a keeper. 谢谢 Honey Bee Sweet 她分享了这个超棒的食谱。 蛋糕松软,甜度刚刚好,加上上面的核果有点带酸,味道配的正搭呢! 蛋糕用了蒸烤的方式,让蛋糕很柔软又湿润,非常棒,好好吃! The method of making this cake is like normal butter cake but when it comes to baking it Bee uses steam bake method tp bake it. The steam bake method makes this cake moist, fluffy and light. My hubby even ask me 'Is this a bake cheesecake?' :D :D Stone-fruit Lemon Yogurt Cake ~核果優格柠檬蛋糕 Recipe adapted from Honey Bee Sweet Makes 1 8 inch by 3 inch round cake 225g cake flour 180g castor sugar 165g unsalted butter, room temperature 1.5g baking powder 3 large eggs 50g plain yogurt (i used plain Greek yogurt, added 1 tbsp of honey) 50ml buttermilk (i used 50ml milk,

Pumpkin Mock Abacus Beads ~南瓜算盘子

Hi everyone, it is such a wonderful start for me after a short holiday. I hope you had a wonderful day too.  I ask ‘A' a good friend for a favor. After the favor is done, I said 'Thanks dear!' (to be thankful and polite of course :D) She post a request in return. Guess what she request? She said' Just cook that yummy abacus beads of yours for me, ya!'  I remember the last time I cook Yam Abacus Beads for her was quite sometimes ago. I have cook with Yam  here and with Potato here and now i am going to cook it with pumpkin. Interesting right??  Yam Abacus beads is a mixed of yam paste with tapioca flour. It is mixed into a dough, then cut into small piece and round them into abacus shaped bite-sized. It is then boiled in water to cook. When it is cooked it is soft and chewy then it is stir-fry with chinese mushroom, black fungus, cuttlefish, dried prawn and mince meat. This dish is very addictive, it is very flavorful too.   Today i simply change the yam

Green Tea Cream Cheese Cake Roll ~抹茶乳酪蛋糕卷

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful Raya holiday. We are having two days Hari Raya holidays here. It is a great time to go visiting to our Muslim friends house or even take a good rest at home.  For me, we are having a good family gathering. I baked this lovely Green Tea Cream Cheese Cake Roll for our afternoon treat and this simply delicious. If you love green tea, you must try this.  This cake is moist, fluffy like souffle feel and the cream cheese filling is the switch up of the previous cream filling i made for the Earl Grey Tea Bread here . I had 95g left over cream filling from the previous bake so i added 50g cream cheese and 1 tablespoon of condensed milk , mixed well and spread onto the green tea cake sheet and sprinkle some sweetened Adzuki (sweetened red beans) and rolled up nicely. Chilled in fridge for 1 hour and it is good to slice and serve. The original cake roll is decorated with pattern on the cake but i prefer to do it just plain. (i am not good a

Cream Cheese Lemon Square (Bake Along #82) ~ 乳酪柠檬方块

It Bake Along baking time! In this round Bake Along #82, Joyce have chosen to bake Lemon Bars. Ever since i last baked Lemon Bars here my hubby have been loving this kind of lemon bars. Every now and then he would request for it. Last week i told him i am going to bake Cream Cheese Lemon Squares  for our 15th wedding anniversary he can't agreed more. (i am actually one stone kill two birds; baking for my anniversary and baking for Bake Along #82... lol) As mention in the book 'Back to Baking' by Anna Olson,  'Cream cheese as the real secret behind these refrigerated lemon squares-its lends richness and a tang that enhances the tart lemon.' My hubby and i just simply love the creamy, tangy lemon cream cheese filling. The light and buttery shortbread cookie like base pairs so well with the cream cheese lemon filling.  You don't need a mixer to make this, just a food processor will do the job. Get ready the ingredients. First, make the shor

Earl Grey Tea Bread ~伯爵红茶面包

This bread is highly recommended. It is soft, spongy and its my kind of bread. Even my  three boys each give A big thumb up for this bread.  I hope you will like it too  ^_^  There is 2 parts to make in the dough of this bread. The gelatinize dough or scald dough or 'tang zhong'  and the main dough. The first part is making the tang zhong, which need to prepare a day ahead. Second part, prepare the main dough then add in the tang zhong. Knead it into a smooth and elastic dough. Rolled it round and place in a oiled mixing bowl and let it prove for 40 minutes. After the first proving you will see the dough double its size. (scroll down you will see the picture of the before and after prove of the dough ) Punch it down to expel the air. Divide into smaller portions and shaped it. Let it prove for the second time. Baked in a preheated oven then it is done. The 'tang zhong' technique of making bread will give the bread a very soft, fluffier and more resistant to staling

Yam bean Pumpkin Steam Buns 沙葛南瓜包子

Best recipe for everyone event is baking and cooking with pumpkin this July. It is a post together time for BRFE today. We are sharing pumpkin 'Bao zi'. Literally mean pumpkin steam bun in Chinese. I choose to share my old recipe which I love very much. The skin of this 'Bao zi' recipe is soft and the texture of the boa zi is fine and a little bit chewy. I was thinking of making some chicken char xiu bao zi (bbq chicken steam buns) for my boys to bring to school. When I dig in my freezer for chicken fillet ... Oops! chicken fillet is out of stock. No choice. I switch to make yam bean and mince meat bao zi. I have some yam bean and  2 packs of mince meat so this is the only ingredients for this simple pumpkin steam buns. Although it is simple but they are tasty :D Yam bean Pumpkin Steam Buns Recipe adapted from here   (revisit) Makes 14  Ingredients for steam bun skin: A. (mixed just prior to using) 2 tsp instant yeast 100-120ml wat

Mango Pudding ~芒果布丁

Like the title of the book this recipe is from, this Mango Pudding is indeed an Exquisite piece of dessert. Though it is just a mango pudding but its texture and its flavor taste so good, i believe no one will say NO! It is velvety and smooth with a slight firm jelly texture. If you shake the platter the pudding will jiggle like a soft tofu :D Get ready some mango puree or you can use mango juice from bottle or box. mix mix boil Pour Mango Pudding Makes about 13 cups (each cup is about 90-110ml) Ingredients: 300 gm mango flesh  1100 ml water 2 1/2 tsp agar agar powder 3 tsp gelatine powder 250 gm sugar (I used 185 gm) 250 gm evaporated milk 2 tbsp custard powder 1 tsp mango essence ( I omit this) Few drop food colouring ( omit this too) To Do: 1. Blend mango and water till fine then strain. ( I added only 500ml of water to blend the mango and strain then add in the balance of the water. 2. Combined agar-agar powder, gelati