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Steam Lapis Bumi Cake ~ 蒸咖啡千层蛋糕

This little rose cake you see here is the last tablespoon batter of my steamed coffee layer cake. After i finished steaming the layer cake there is still some batter left but no enough to cover the cake so i took a silicone rose mould and make it into this..:D This is a very rush steamed coffee layer cake. It is also named Steam Lapis Bumi Cake. I am crazy to make this 3 hours ago..:p but i wanted to share this because this cake is simply really delicious. My apologize for this is not a very handsome looking layer cake..:p Lapis Bumi/ Coffee layer cake recipe from : my sister connie Ingredients A: 450g butter B: 10 eggs C: 388g condensed milk (i reduced to 300g) 300g Kaya (i used Glory brand) D: 270g plain flour 200g Horlick E: 5 tsp instant coffee powder add 2 tbsp warm water to diluted (i added 6 tsp with 3 tsp warm water) To do: 1) Beat A till pale and fluffy. Add in B, one egg at a time and blend well. 2)

Tomatoes in Sour Gravy ~ Air Asam Tomato

I went to visit Vivian blog today. I saw this very appetizing salad, that is called Tomatoes in Sour Gravy (Air Asam Tomato). This looks like salsa to me and i love salsa.  It is a side dish for eating together with Nasi Dagang Kedah. Adapted from  Wend y   and Vivian Ingredients: 1 red onion, sliced 1 tsp finely sliced bird’s eye chilli 3 Tbsp lime juice 2 Tbsp sugar ½ -3/4 tsp salt 1 Tbsp fish sauce ( i omitted this) 1-2 Tbsp vinegar (or more lime juice) 1 tsp finely minced torch ginger bud(i omitted this) 2.5 cups diced tomatoes   Methods: 1. Mix sliced red onion with lime juice, sugar, salt, chilli and fish sauce. Let it sit for 1 hour. 2. Taste it and adjust with vinegar and more salt if needed. It should be sourish, spicy and a saltiness level that is just right (not oversalted). 3. Just before serving, mix in minced torch ginger and diced tomatoes. Serve!      This is main side dish to go with nasi daging/Beef rice  here     This is very appetitzi

Another Happy Anniversary :D

Another Happy Wedding Anniversary, wishing a very special woman that i admire for her talent in cooking and baking.  She is my idol..heehee I came to know her in one of the blogger comment box. Her 'Quay Po Cooks' title attracts me. I then go over to her blog to have a peep.:p Then i understand why it is 'Quay Po Cooks'..Do you want to know why??  Go over to her blog and have a peep too..LOL (Quay Po Cooks) Yesterday, is her 16th Anniversary. I hope this is not too late to congratulate her (Quay Po and her Quay Lo). I specially made this for them and i also hope she will like this..:D Here is to the beautiful couple , May your life be filled with lots of  LOVE, LAUGHTER & FUN, Happy Anniversary to  Quay Lo & Quay Po, Enjoy your each and every day !   ************************************* Will share the making of these cake pop in my next next next post..:p together with my strawberry in  wedding gown and tuxedo.. Stay t

Pandan Chiffon . 班兰戚风蛋糕

Chiffon cake is a winner in my house. My boys could finish the whole chiffon in a jippy !! ;o.. Pandan and orange are two most welcome flavour.   班兰戚风是我家最受欢迎的蛋糕呢!! 除了香橙的以外噢..:D 宝贝们回吃了片再片又一片..;p My  heart shape  chiffon  pan is a small pan. I like this recipe very much (this  recipe in chinese the authour is a Japanese - volume 7) which normally i use my round 7 inches chiffon pan to baked this. But in order for me to use the same recipe but baked in my heart shape chiffon pan i have to divide the batter to other pan. I put the divided batter into square cupcakes casing instead.  我很喜欢菓子学堂的戚风蛋糕& 泡芙 (volume 7)的一本书. 食简单,分量不太大而图片多有清楚是一本好书. 重要是价钱是一般也不太贵..:p 我试过书里的香草戚风,好柔软,好好吃~ 我就把书里面的香草戚做了一点改变, 就变成班兰戚风了. 可是这分量给我的心形的模还是有点太多,..因为太喜欢这个食谱那我只好做了一些方形的小杯戚风. My square cupcakes chiffons. It is nice too to make into little square cups. Looks like hokkaido chiffon just without the custard cream..:D 戚风蛋糕是个蛮欺负人的一种蛋糕. 打蛋白就是那蛋糕美不美的关键了.有以为朋友说这种地叫 "气疯" 蛋糕..让她有爱又恨..呵呵!!

Another Wedding Anniversary . 结婚周年

This is again not my wedding anniversary heehee..:D I would like to wish a new blogging friend ' Jess from Bakericious a Happy Belated Anniversary. Since i just knew her i like to make a little something to Congratulate her on her special day. Although this is a belated one, i hope she will like it too. She is celebration her 12th anniversary. Yeah!! we are the same.. this year is my 12th anniversary too..:D Happy 12th Anniversary  to  Jess & her dear husband, May your years to come are happily ever after. 祝Jess和她的亲爱的另一半, 结婚周年纪念快乐. 愿你们的爱情像咖啡那么的浓郁, 喝了永远留下难忘的滋味!! 就像你们的爱情永远恩爱!! ******************************************* Now lets share this Coffee Chiffon cake. HERE!!

Coffee Chiffon Cake . 咖啡戚风蛋糕

Do you like coffee?? If you love coffee, you will love this Coffee Chiffon cake. It is a very small chiffon cake with only 2 eggs but 1 tbsp of coffee granules is added in..:p  你喜欢咖啡吗?? 如果你喜欢咖啡你就会爱上这咖啡戚风蛋糕噢!! 这是个小戚风, 才用了2粒蛋, 不过加了1大匙的咖啡精..:D Coffee Chiffon Cake recipe source: Chiffon Cake is done by Kevin Chai 戚风蛋糕出炉了..蔡高晋烘焙师傅 Ingredients: Egg yolk batter: 1 tbsp instant coffee powder 20ml milk 2 egg yolks 20g caster sugar 20ml cooking oil(i used canola oil) 40g self raising flour egg white meringue: 2 egg whites 1/4 tsp cream of tartar(i used 1/4 tsp lemon juice) 50g castor sugar To do yolk batter: Melt the instant coffee powder with milk. Set aside. Add egg yolks into a mixing bowl. Stir in melted coffee, sugar, oil to combine. Fold in flour and mixed well. To do the meringue: Whisk egg white till forthy, add in lemon juice continue beating until mixture form soft peak. Gradually add in sugar, beating at high speed until

DDMT Horlick Cupcakes ~ 必试好立克小杯单糕

I would like to thanks Ms B for leading me to this DDMT Horlick Cupcakes recipe.  She is so kind to invite me to try out this recipe on her behalf. I am glad that i have try out this wonderful recipe. Below is part of her email to me.   Since you have Horlicks, would you like to try out this recipe on my behalf. It is called DDMT Horlick Cup Cakes from Violet Fenying's facebook. Fenying is a very famous chinese radio DJ in Singapore, she used to have a very popular recipe blog, but it was closed down, now she writes all her recipes on her FB page. 通过参与部落格的 Aspiring Baker , 认识了 Ms B. 想想也是缘分吧! 她分享了一个好食谱给我, 也问我是否有兴趣帮她试试这个好食谱..我答应了:D 食谱是来自'林粉樱'. 她是位新加坡著名的广播电台的主播. 她 也 曾经有个部落格不过现在已经关了. 现在 她 都把的食谱分享在她的'面书'里.   The name of this cupcake is DDMT Horlick cupcakes. Want to know what does DDMT means?? It means 'Die Die Must Try' ..can you imagine that?? 小蛋糕是命名为 'DDMT 好立克小蛋糕. Die Die Must Try -' 死都要试', 那这个小蛋糕肯定是超棒了! '

Pineapple (Polo) Buns and Polo Tortoise Buns ~ 菠萝清和菠萝乌龟面包

Guess who is coming?? Heehee is a kind of popular bun from a recipe book from Taiwan. They are cute little green tea  crunchy   top tortoise buns. The version you are looking at now is the cute version..:D 猜一猜谁来了?? 这几支 '抹茶菠萝乌龟' 是来自台湾的.... 食谱啦!! A dialogue started between this two tortoise;  L the  left tortoise and R the right tortoise L: Hey!   Nice green shell you have there!! R: Yeah!!  You're not too bad yourself.     This is called 'POLO' green tea crunchy TOP!! ..LOL The third tortoise came, heard their conversation and he laughed until he was upside down..:D 有两支乌龟(左边的叫L ; 右边的叫R) L和R碰见对方就称赞对放.... L说: 哇! 哇!哇! 好时尚的绿壳..   赞哦!  R说: 晔!! 你的也不错哦!        这个他们叫做 '抹茶菠萝壳'...超赞呢!!  :p 第三支乌龟(叫T)刚好走过听到他们的对话, 可笑的翻天了... >< Helping the third tortoise to get back in place..!! Oops!! he is going the wrong way... 快快..帮个忙把T翻回来吧!! 不过又走错方向了.. Get back in line...归队了!! This is taken with a smar