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DDMT Horlick Cupcakes ~ 必试好立克小杯单糕

I would like to thanks Ms B for leading me to this DDMT Horlick Cupcakes recipe. She is so kind to invite me to try out this recipe on her behalf. I am glad that i have try out this wonderful recipe. Below is part of her email to me. 
Since you have Horlicks, would you like to try out this recipe on my behalf. It is called DDMT Horlick Cup Cakes from Violet Fenying's facebook. Fenying is a very famous chinese radio DJ in Singapore, she used to have a very popular recipe blog, but it was closed down, now she writes all her recipes on her FB page.
通过参与部落格的Aspiring Baker, 认识了Ms B. 想想也是缘分吧! 她分享了一个好食谱给我, 也问我是否有兴趣帮她试试这个好食谱..我答应了:D
食谱是来自'林粉樱'. 她是位新加坡著名的广播电台的主播. 她曾经有个部落格不过现在已经关了. 现在都把的食谱分享在她的'面书'里.

 The name of this cupcake is DDMT Horlick cupcakes. Want to know what does DDMT means?? It means 'Die Die Must Try' ..can you imagine that??
小蛋糕是命名为'DDMT好立克小蛋糕. Die Die Must Try -' 死都要试', 那这个小蛋糕肯定是超棒了! '死都要试' 死不很好听, 就把食谱称为'必试好立克小蛋糕'吧!!

After i have tried this recipe i am impression by the outcome. The texture of the cupcake is moist, soft and most of all it is not too sweet. Most cakes with condensed milk or horlick will be really sweet but not this one. Making this cupcakes simple. All i have to do is melted the ingredients, stir, mixed and steamed. Done! ENJOY the delicious cupcakes.

不试还好, 试了就爱上了. 小蛋糕真的很赞. 蛋糕柔软,很香好立克的味道, 重要是不甜. 我家的小宝贝都爱呢!! 做法..只需把才料溶化, 再打均, 再拌均, 再倒入小纸杯, 送进蒸笼. 好了..就可以享用了. 
是不是也很吸引你呢??? 那就DDMT吧..:D

This cupcakes taste even divine with the horlick cream...:)
After reading about and looking at these cupcake, does this sound DDMT for you??
I am sharing this post at Aspiring Bakers #25 - Steaming Hot Cakes (November 2012) hosted by Miss B of Everybody Eats Well in Flanders.
Small Small Baker/Aspiring Bakers

(食谱提供: Aunty Irene 和 陈粉樱)
牛油: 100g   
糖: 50g                    
炼奶: 50g
鲜奶: 100g
好立克: 100g

材料B (打均)
全蛋: 2粒 (100g)
Vanilla oil: ¼ tsp (我用vanillin)

材料C (过筛)
面粉: 100g
发粉: 2 tsp        

牛油: 50g                     
炼奶: 50g
鲜奶: 50g
好立克: 50g
(我的好立克只剩下40g 我就把所有的都改去40g 还加了2大匙鲜奶)

1) 把材料A全部放进小锅内, 以小火搅煮至糖溶,熄火,待冷
2) 加入材料B拌均
3) 加入材料C充分拌均成粉糊
4) 将粉糊倒入已铺上纸杯的小铁杯内,3/4满
5) 送入蒸笼, 蒸20分钟至熟
6) 把所有好立克酱的材料放进小锅内, 以小火搅煮至细滑即可.配搭蛋糕一起享用,口感极佳.


 (Recipe by Aunty Irene and Violet Fenying)
Ingredients A
Butter: 100g  
Sugar: 50g                    
Condense Milk: 50g
Fresh Milk: 100g
Horlick: 100g

Ingredients B (Beat well)
Whole Egg: 2 nos. (100g)
Vanilla oil: ¼ tsp (i used vanillin)

Ingredients C (Sieved)
Plain Flour: 100g
Baking Powder: 2 tsp        

Horlick Cream
Butter: 50g                     
Condense Milk: 50g
Fresh Milk: 50g
Horlick: 50g
(my horlick only left 40g so i adjust the rest of the ingredients to 40g and added 2 tbsp o fresh milk)

1) Place all Ingredients A in a small pot, stir cook over low flame till sugar melted, switch off flame, leave to cool
2) Mix well with Ingredients B
3) Stir in Ingredients C till well incorporated to form batter
4) Pour batter into prepared paper cup in mould, ¾ full
5) Steam in a steamer for 20 min till cooked
6) Place all horlick cream ingredients in a small pot, stir cook over low flame to a smooth consistency, served together with cup cake for best taste.

**I make 9 cupcakes with this recipe.

I hope you ENJOY this as much as i do !!


  1. 真要好好谢谢你帮我试这个食谱,我这儿没有好立克,所以这个食谱已经搁了好久都没机会试。看来我回新加坡不管怎么样都要买一罐好立克回来试试看。。。 :)

  2. Ms B,

  3. Previously I was thinking of substituting Horlicks with Ovaltine or Milo (which is available in Belgium), but I think the taste will not be as good hor?

    Btw, the horlicks you pour on top of the horlicks cupcakes?

    1. Ms B, I guess substituting Horlicks with Milo the taste will be a bit different. Well, it is will good too since Milo is good..:p

      Yes, i pour the Horlicks cream on top of the horlicks cupcakes when the cream is warm. I do find that the cream will be too thick and hard to pour when it is cold so i added 2 tbsp of milk to liquidize it a little.

  4. So creative, horlicks steamed cake! I don't think I have time to participate in this month's Aspiring Bakers, wuwuwu.

    1. Jess,
      This is a really DDMT cupcakes..heehee
      No worries, you can always join the next AB..:D

  5. 看来我也要DDMT咯~嘻嘻!

    1. 小厨,
      你真的DDMT噢!! 哈哈!

  6. This looks so good, with that horlicks cream, now I feel like buying horlicks to try... these days it isn't easy to find horlicks in the supermarket?

    1. Mich,
      I think in Asia, getting Horlick in supermarket
      wouldn't be a problem. But for Ms B who lives in Belguim it's a bit like looking for a needle in the haystack..LOL

  7. yes mui, it definitely looks like a DDMT horlick cupcakes... Thks to Miss B & you for trying tis out!!! definitely will bookmark tis:))

    1. Charmaine,
      Yes, true true true:)
      Must try..hehehe

  8. This looks good! I am not a fan of Horlicks as a drink but as an ingredient in a bake, is something that I would love to try! The texture of these cupcakes looks really moist and soft, lovely!

    1. Thanks Joyce.
      The cupcake is unexpected good! : D

  9. Oh really? Then I shouldn't make anymore excuses and DDMT this horlicks cupcakes. And yes I agree, it sure taste heavenly delicious with the horlicks cream.... I thought I could DDHO (Die die have one) from you.... hee...hee....

    1. Mel,Mel,Mel,
      You are so cute!
      Come help yourself, take

  10. 梅梅。。。

    1. 莎莎,

  11. 来了来了。。muimui姐,待会我要买好立克试试。

    1. 水晶妹,

  12. 哇!好吃咧!

  13. Mui Mui, I had a good hah! hah! hah! when I read what is DDMT! The cupcakes must be really DDMT especially with the horlick cream. Sure finger licking good :)

  14. Really DDMT? ... hahaaa... but I don't have Horlick at home. Let me sample yours first :)

  15. DDMT! LOL! Mui mui, You are funny with this lingo... I reckon the Horlick cream is the one that makes them DDMT.

    1. Zoe,
      You are right about that BUt again the cake is full of malt aroma and it is moist and soft :D

  16. DDMT~那必试了耶^^

  17. Hi Mui Mui, very delicious horlick cake. Look really good, thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Have a great day ahead,regards.

  18. die die must try?? okay, okay, kiv then!

  19. this is a DDMT cake indeed!

    1. Alice,
      If you like Horlick, you will love this.:)

  20. Mui mui,
    Did you steam these in tin cups or paper muffin cases? I am gonna try them this weekend, I better try them b4 my horlicks run out!

  21. Hi Bee,
    I am using cupcakes cases which made of cardboard.
    If you doesn't have it you can lined normal cupcakes cases on cupcakes moulds too.
    Hope this does help.
    Happy trying: )

    1. Hehe, I still havent done it yet, planning to do it real soon.
      Wanna ask you did you steam over high or medium heat, cos the recipe didnt really specify. :)

  22. Hi Bee,
    Must try this. It is very nice, especially the added Horlick topping.
    I am using medium high heat to steam this cake.
    Hope to see yours soon:)

    1. Hi Mui Mui,
      I just steamed them yesterday and submitted to Bake Along! Simply fantastic, thanks for your help !

  23. Hi Bee,
    Your welcome.
    Glad to know that your cupcakes turn out well.
    Will drop by to simply your

  24. ok1 i DDWT (die die will try)! hahahaha!

    victoria bakes

  25. Hi! Can i just check with you, if you steam the paper cupcake cases, wont they soften?

  26. Hi! Can i just check with you, if you steam the paper cupcake cases, wont they soften?

  27. Hi Shermaine,
    Sorry for my late reply.
    The paper cupcake cases that I use didn't become soft after steaming.
    I have check that the cupcake cases like the type I use above comes with lightly waxed inside.

    Do not use the pleated kind of cupcake cases because the pleats will open when you steam. They are better for baking them steaming.

    Hope that you will try this DDMT cupcakes.
    Happy steaming :)

    1. Hi Mui Mui,

      Thanks for your advice about not using cupcake cases with pleats! :) I am really excited to try this as I have never thought that there can be steamed cupcakes! I tried a steamed cake from Miss B and it turned out great! I cant wait to try this. Steamed goodies are perfect for me as I dont have an oven at home.

      Thanks! :)

    2. Hi Shermaine,
      You are welcome.
      Hope you will like it!


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