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Looking back for the San Francisco taste..

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, my first taste of this cake is in San Francisco Cafe. Our third honeymoon is in San Francisco too but is in CA not in cafe haha..... We love this triple chocolate cheesecake, it is a chilled cheesecake with three layer which is white chocolate, milk chocolate last was dark chocolate and a sweet biscuit crumbs crust at the bottom. My hubby misses the taste of this triple chocolate cheesecake, so I decided to make it. I made two cakes one is for hubby and one is for Shawn and Sams' teachers. 16 May is a Teacher's Day. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Ingredients: 200g sweet biscuit crumbs 85g melted butter 2 x 250g philadephia cream cheese, softened at room temperature 3 teaspoons gelatine powder, dissolve in 1/2 cup boiling water 3/4 cup castor sugar 40g toblerone white chocolate, melted 40g toblerone milk chocolate, melted 40g toblerone dark chocolate, melted 1/2 cup whipping cream/double cream Directions: 1) Mix crumbs and melted

Chicken Pie...鸡丝派...^^

Chicken Pie I love this recipe, it is simple, easy and the result is....delicious. I use to make 1 or 2 dozen of these and kept it in the freezer. When we have friends get together or tea party, I would do this 1 or 2 days ahead. When I need it is there. Just pop it into the oven and it will be ready in half an hour. I know making these are quite a trouble, but they are a real treat. Even your children love it. Ingredients for the pastry: 250 gm plain flour 125 gm cool butter, chopped into cube 1-2 tbps iced cold water 2 nos of egg yolk Method: 1) Put the flour into a bowl, add butter. Rub butter into the flour with your fingertips until fine and crumbly. 2) Lightly beat the yolk and mix in 1-2 tbsp of iced water. 3) Pour the yolk mixture into the crumbs. Use finger tip to mix the crumbs into a rough dough. Do not knead just mixed. 4) Wrap the dough with a cling foil and put in to chilled for 20 minutes. Ingredient for white sauce: 30 gms butter 25g plain flour

Another chilled cake..^^

Misses cheeseCake...Shawn asking for more after mother's day....So I decided to make this another chilled leMon cheeseCake . I do not need to bake, all I need is to chill..chill..chill..and chilled it in the fridge 2~3 hours or just leave it in the fridge overnight.....^^ Ingredients: Crumbs Crust: 240g sweet biscuits (I use Tiger biscuits here too) 120-150g melted butter Filling: 3 1/2 tbsp gelatine powder, mixed with 250ml boiling water 1/2 tbsp lemon rind 60ml lemon juice 1 tin (12 oz) evaporated milk, well-chilled to half frozen~to be able to whisk into double bulk 240g cream cheese 180g castor sugar 1 tsp vanilla Directions: 1) Mix crumbs with melted butter and pressed onto a 22cm spring form tin. Chilled. 2) Whisk evaporated milk until it is double in bulk. Set aside. 3) Beat cream cheese until soft and smooth, beat in castor sugar and vanilla. 4) Fold in evaporated milk, lemon juice and gelatine mixture. 5) Pour into

Shawn n Samson ~ Mother's day gift

Happy Mother's Day.....One of my friend asked me "What is your Mother's Day gift?" I said "Nothing.." kind of sad...right... :( But...wait I forgotten my dear Shawn and Samson did gave me gifts. Share with you what did Shawn and Samson gave me. This is a my Mother's Day gift from Shawn in year 2008. That was the first year he went to Tadika Faith Montenssori. Their tadika teacher teaches them to make these cute and lovely 'mummy sheep and baby sheep' so......sweet. They arranged when I go to picked Shawn from tadika, Shawn will give me the Sheeps and sing to me. The song is like this Mummy mummy I love you You know that I really do I know that you love me too So I sing for you. Oh....... :) can you feel that sweet and touching moment I had. That was my first gift from Shawn my son. ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ This year 2009 Sam went to tadika with Shawn so I have two gifts this year. This year I have two hand made photo frame

Happy Mother's Day 2009

Happy Mother's Day to everyone of you My Dear Friends.... ^^ This year I am making a cheesecake that is simple, really rich and really yum of course. Philly 3 Steps means you only 1) Mix 2) Beat 3) Pour that is all easy right...... Philly 3 steps Classic Lemon Cheesecake Ingredients: 1 cup sweet biscuit crumbs (I used tiger biscuits from kraft) 1/3 cup butter~melted 2x250g philadephia cream cheese~softened at room temperature 2 tsp gelatine, dissolve in 1/4 cup boiling water 1x400g condensed milk 1/2 cup lemon juice 2 tbsp lemon rind Directions: 1) MIX biscuit crumbs with melted butter and press in base of a 20cm spring form cake tin and chilled. 2) BEAT cream cheese until smooth. Add in gelatine mixture, condensed milk, lemon juice and lemon rind. 3) POUR onto the chilled base crumbs and bring back to chilled in the fridge for 2-3 hours or overnight. Top with fresh fruits and serve. **Note: Next I will post the switch up with Toblerone Swiss Chocolate. "th

Daily bread ~ Japanese Green tea loaf

Green tea.....^^ its my favourite. I like the taste, the smell and the colour it gives.... I like the green tea ice cream, cookies, dessert, custard as long it is green tea i love it........ haha really a big fan of green tea. Share with you my Japanese Green Tea loaf bread. Ingredients: 420g bread flour 80g plain flour 65g castor sugar 7g salt 10g green tea powder 10g instant yeast 1 egg (A), beaten 250ml U.H.T milk 60g butter Method: 1) If you are using a bread machine just add milk, egg, sugar, salt, bread flour, plain flour, green tea powder, butter and lastly make a well in the middle of the flour and pour in yeast. Use mode 10 if your machine is Noxxa. 2) This is the hand made method : Combine flours, sugar, salt, green tea, and yeastmix well. Add in egg and milk, mixed until a dough is formed. 3) Lastly, add in butter. Knead slowly until you have a smooth and elastic dough. 4) Leave dough in a clean bowl. Cover with cling foil

Tea time ~ 4 ~ SwitCh Up gluTinous dumPling

This is a switch up version of 炸煎堆~glutinous rice dumpling.......... I like this ones more. These ones are rolled in sesame seeds. It gives the fragrant smell of the seeds and the crunchy bite too. I change the sweet potato to pumpkin and it does taste different. This is the switch up ~ PumpKin GlutiNous Rice Fried DumpLing Ingredients: 350g pumpkin paste 60g glutinous rice flour 40g castor sugar some red bean paste filling some tapioca flour Method: 1) Clean and scrap the pumpkin seed from the pumpkin. Do not peel the skin. Steam with high heat for 30 minutes. 2) Use a spoon to scoop the cooked pumpkin flesh out and mash into paste while it is still hot. 3) Mix glutinous rice flour and sugar with the mashed pumpkin paste. Knead intoa dough. If the dough is sticky rub some tapioca flour on your hand. 4) Divide the dough into small portion or roll into balls. Flatten the ball and put asome portion of red bean paste filling on top. Wrap up and roll into oval shape. After all balls are

Tea time ~ 3

My mum use to make fried rice dumpling (炸煎堆 ) when we were little. We will help to fried the dumpling, once it is cooked...we will eAt it although it is very very hOt ... Today tea time we are having Sweet Potato Glutinous Rice Fried Dumpling Ingredients: 400g sweet potatoes 200g glutinous rice flour 50g castor sugar some tapioca flour some red bean paste filling Method: 1)Peel the sweet potato, steam at high heat until cooked and tender, about 25-30 minutes. Remove and mash it immediately until finely paste when still hot. 2) Mix sweet potato paste with sugar and glutinous rice flour, knead until become a dough. 3) Divide the sweet potato dough into many small portions or roll them into balls. Take one ball and flatten it, put some red bean paste filling onto it and wrap it up neatly. Repeat doing the same to the rest of the doughs. Use some tapioca flour to rub on your hands if the dough sticks. 4) Deep-fry in hot oil at medium heat until golden colour and crispy, dish out and dra