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Banana Chiffon Cake ~香蕉戚风蛋糕

This Banana chiffon cake is fluffy, airy and delicately textured. The natural banana flavor and it's sweetness is just nice. Banana  Chiffon Cake (香蕉戚风蛋糕) Recipe adapted from the book of 果子 学校-Eicole de patisserie (in chinese) Ingredients: A) 3 egg yolks (60gm) 20g castor sugar 30g corn oil  50g plain flour 60g mashed banana (about i medium size banana) 1/2 tsp vanilla extract (i used 1/2 a vanilla pod) B) Meringue 3 egg white (90g) 50g castor sugar 1 tsp lemon juice (i added) To do: 1) Preheated oven at 170C 2) Mix ingredient A) with a whisk till just evenly mix. Set aside. 3) In a mixing bowl whisk egg white until frothy. Add lemon juice continue whisk till egg whites form thick foam. Gradually add in castor sugar, continue whisking till egg white reach firm peak stage. 4) Add egg whites (meringue) into egg yolk mixture in 3 batches. Use a whisk to mix in the first batch. Then change to a spatula to fold in the other 2 batches. Scrape

Kek Batik/Marie Fudge Cake 沙捞越巴迪蛋糕

Have you heard of Kek Batik? It is very popular in my hometown here in Sarawak. It is a non-bake nor steam cake. It is a fudgy and nice cake with basic cake ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs but no flour. Milo, condensed milk and nestum is added to have more texture and flavor in this cake. The batik cake from my hometown normal will add another secret ingredient 'Gula Hitam' (browning sugar). The ingredient enhance the flavor and darker color of the cake. Most of the cake in Sarawak will this ingredient, like Cake Hitam . In the below recipe gula hitam is added in but i will share another recipe soon with gula hitam. All this Kek Batik need to do  is just cook the batter into thick and grainy texture then add in Marie biscuits, press it firmly into a prepared baking pan and chilled it. Kek Batik (Marie Fudge Cake) recipe refer to Corner Cafe and Wendyinnk makes one 7 inches square cake Ingredients for the custard: 100g milo 25g cocoa powder 125ml

Kueh Ketayap (Pandan flavored crepe with palm sugar coconut filling) 班兰椰丝卷

This is one of my family favorite, Kueh Ketayap. It is a sweet coconut stuffed crepe rolled. The sweet coconut filling is cooked with gula melaka (palm sugar) into a sticky and moist filling. When you bite into this soft and slight chewy pandan flavored crepe with the moist, sticky gula melaka coconut filling it taste so so good. The aroma of pandan and gula melaka compliment each other, simply make you ask for more :D Ketayap (Pandan flavored crepe with gula melaka coconut filling rolls)  班兰椰丝卷 recipe adapted from Agnes Chang's Hawkers' Delight makes 15 rolls Ingredients for batter: 180 g all plain flour  1/3 tsp salt  1 1/2 egg, beaten 6 pandan leaves, blend with 350ml water, strained (i used 10 pandan leaves) a little green food coloring ( i did not add) Ingredients for filling: 3 cups grated coconuts, white part only (will be about 3/4 of a coconut) 90g palm sugar (gula melaka) chopped 3 tbsp water 2 pandan leaves, knotted 1/3 tsp salt 1 ts

Kueh Kodok (Mashed Banana Fritters) 炸香蕉球

Kueh Kodok or Cekodok or cucur is a delicious Malay kueh (bite size snack). It is very common in Malaysia and Brunei. It it sell by small hakwer vendor around the street corner or pasar malam (night market) or pasar tani (weekend market). It is a simple kueh that is deep fried with only a few ingredients. The main ingredient is banana. The banana is mash and  mix with flour, brown sugar and a pinch of salt, then it is deep fried into this yummy fritters. Kueh Kodok 或 Cekodok 或 cucur 是种传统的马来糕点, 在马来西亚和文莱很普遍。在街边小巷或pasar malam可找到小贩在卖。但是我没吃过哦!要谢谢 Fion 和 Joceline ,如果不是她们的分享我也吃不到这美味的传统糕点。不同的地区叫法不同。Kueh Kodok是炸的糕点 做法简单,成品超好吃呢!!外皮带酥,内松和柔软,炸出来的颜色较黑褐色! 黑褐色的 Kueh Cekodok外貌一般,味道可不一般。 炸 好了, 就把老幺叫来,想让他尝尝后在借我他的小拇指。可是他用很怪的眼神看着这糕说;妈咪,这是什么?像‘BOM'。我说你咬一口,看看?他不想试但是还是咬了一口。他脸上露出了好好吃的神情。Yeah!! 就是好吃!   Kueh Kodok is a simple but delicious street snack. It might not look that appealing but it taste really delicious. It is crispy outside, soft and spongy inside  ^_^ I offer my youngest a

Homemade Chinese Pork Jerky (Rou Gan) CNY Bake 2015 ~ 新年快乐, 洋洋得意!(自制肉干)

Happy Chap Goh Mei to dear All! Hope that you have been having a wonderful and auspicious celebration. My kids are having a holiday for today and will be resume back to school tomorrow. We are having a great time enjoying good time and good food with relatives and friends. How time files today the Lunar New Year will be over. This year i made my own 'Rou Gan'. 'Rou' in Chinese means meat and 'Gan' mean dried , then both words get together means dried meat or Dried BBQ meat . This is a super popular food in CNY and it is very addictive. My Oh my!! Look at this juicy Bak Kwa. 肉干自己DIY 今年想再来自制肉干。   去年有尝试做了,不过效果不是我喜欢的。   今年又再次挑战!很开心,效果很好呢!!谢谢这三位格友的分享。(Cheryl,Shannon和Sonia)三位的食谱都大同小异不过技巧各有千秋。Cheryl把Cognac加入,味道很香。   Shannon 的调料加了少许的食油让烤好的肉干不会太干。她也把调好的肉碎用擀面棍擀平,很方便厚度刚刚好。Sonia的简单调料和储藏技巧很棒。以上纯粹是个人的喜爱部分,可能您有您的看法。不过自己DIY的肉干可靠(你知道加了什么好料进去而不是防腐剂或添加剂什么的)又超好吃呢!! Homemade Chinese Pork Jerky (自制肉干) Recipe refer to:   Sonia aka nasi lemak lover

Lapis Bumi Cake II (蒸咖啡可可千层蛋糕 ll)

This is a cake that i always love to make when the Lunar New Year arrive. My family love it a lot and now whenever i have time i will make it for leisure snacking..hehe  It is moist, soft, kind of fudgy texture and full of nescafe (coffee) aroma. I use to make it in 2 natural color (layers) that is original plain and dark coffee color. You can view it here  Recently, i saw another Lapis Bumi in a blogger friend blog so i think maybe have a change since the flavor is still the same. Oh yes!! the name of this cake is Lapis Bumi. I have my own favorite one here  (Lapis Bumi l) and this one will be my Lapis Bumi ll....  lol   \ Lapis Bumi ll Recipe adapted from DayangJack from Dapurku Sayang Makes a 7x7x1  square cake Cup: base on a 250ml metric measuring cup Ingredients: 1 cup (135g) all purpose flour, sifted 1/4 cup Horlick (i accidentally used Horlicks chocolate*) 5 eggs (grade A - without shell weight about 55g) 225g butter (i used golden

Old-Fashion Banana Cake (老式香蕉蛋糕)

It's another exciting month for Little Thumbs Up. We have a special host this month she is  from BitterSweetSpicy. She is the one and only FAEEZ. Why is she so special, simply because she is from a different culture. Isn't it wonderful to be living in Malaysia and Singapore, we are the country with multi-races and multi-culture. With this we share and learn from each other. Please visit her blog BitterSweetSpicy, you will know what i mean :D Faeez, Zoe and i welcome you to host with us in Little Thumbs Up-March !!! Dear All!  Come join us in Little Thumbs Up event; March-Banana month.    Last night my hubby ask me: What is your LTU theme this month? Me : Banana ... O my O my!! I forgot to buy banana today!!!!  Hub: No worries! We just drive down to the nearest 'Tamu Muhibah' (tamu in malay means open market) to hunt for some banana. Me: It's already 9pm now... we better hurry up! I am lucky i found some bananas in the other tamu and not the Tamu Mu