March 31, 2015

Kek Batik/Marie Fudge Cake 沙捞越巴迪蛋糕

Have you heard of Kek Batik? It is very popular in my hometown here in Sarawak. It is a non-bake nor steam cake. It is a fudgy and nice cake with basic cake ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs but no flour. Milo, condensed milk and nestum is added to have more texture and flavor in this cake. The batik cake from my hometown normal will add another secret ingredient 'Gula Hitam' (browning sugar). The ingredient enhance the flavor and darker color of the cake. Most of the cake in Sarawak will this ingredient, like Cake Hitam. In the below recipe gula hitam is added in but i will share another recipe soon with gula hitam.

All this Kek Batik need to do  is just cook the batter into thick and grainy texture then add in Marie biscuits, press it firmly into a prepared baking pan and chilled it.

Kek Batik (Marie Fudge Cake)
recipe refer to Corner Cafe and Wendyinnk
makes one 7 inches square cake

Ingredients for the custard:
100g milo
25g cocoa powder
125ml boiling water
190g butter, cut into larger chunks
200g sweet condensed milk
110g white granulated sugar (i used 90g)
50g nestum (i added)
5 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
250g Marie biscuits

To Do:
1. Prepare a 7 inches square baking tin. Lined with baking paper (or plastic wrap), lightly greased inside of the tin so the paper sticks to the tin, extending paper 2-3cm above edge of all sides of the tin.

2. Slowly add boiling water to milo and cocoa powder in a large sauce pan (i use a small wok), stirring vigorously til it is smooth. Add butter, sweet condensed milk, sugar, lightly beaten eggs, vanilla and nestum to the wok.

3. Place over moderate heat and cook, stirring all the time with a wooden spoon until the bottom starts to thicken. (about 5 minutes)

4. Turn the heat to low, continue to cook stirring without stopping for 20 minutes or until thick custard forms. (this will look grainy and thick)

5. Spread one layer of custard onto the pan. Arrange Marie biscuits on custard. (or you can just break the biscuits into quarter and add it into the custard and mix)

6. Repeat the above process until all custard have used up. A thin layer of custard is enough for the inter-layers.

7.When it is all done, fold in all sides of the paper extension on the top and even the surface of the cake. Press down firmly to compact the cake to have nice and firm layers.

8. Cover with cling wrap and chilled the cake in refrigerator overnight. 

9. When the cake is firm, use the sides of the paper extension as handle to pull the cake out of the pan. (loosen the sides by sliding a plastic spatula along between the paper lining and sides of the baking pan. Slice and serve.


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  1. yeah, i learnt abt this kek batik fm my mum, in her baking class.
    since then i love it!!

  2. 我喜欢的。。。这应该也是sarawak人过年必备的。。。

  3. oh!我只吃过。 tapi 不曾做过也。。。 ok 现在记录下来了。哈哈 。。

  4. 好漂亮,我等着另一个食谱分享,谢谢妳!
    记得link过去Joceline家哦,今天last day咯。。呵呵呵

  5. Love, truly, u r very good with layered cakes... I got me layered in'em! Can't keep up love

  6. Doreen...Now I know what to do with my untouched marie biscuits...bookmarked!!! Hope the gals will like them.. ;)

  7. I have not tasted these layered cakes .... look so delicious!

  8. Hi Doreen! Your cake is looking mighty lovely! What a great way to use up the extra Marie biscuit laying around in my pantry! :D

  9. 谢谢您的连接了。感恩

  10. Wow!!! Like this batik cake very much!!! Thanks for sharing mui mui :)

  11. Wow!!! Like this batik cake very much!!! Thanks for sharing mui mui :)

  12. Doreen, this is such a unique cake! I'm not going to miss it.
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. mui mui, the layered pattern is very pretty. And such an easy cake to make too :)

  14. are the biscuits inside the cake soft or crunchy?

  15. Hi Dixie,
    Sorry for the super late reply :p
    This biscuits inside the cake were soft.

  16. why should put the eggs? Coz i saw some recipe doesnt have eggs..

  17. I've tried this recipe and it turns out great! I only managed to make it two layers of biscuits, my custards are thicker than yours.
    How do you spread the custard so thinly? I use only spoon..

  18. Nestum can change to horlick?


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