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Own home grown banana by gong gong ~ made Banana Puff.....自家后院公公种了香焦~ 用香焦做了香焦角

Gong gong grown some banana trees at our backyard, now the banana trees have bare lots of fruits. Too many I can say, we are trying to give to friends and relatives and also keep some for ourselves. Other then eating the fruit plain, I also use them to make muffin, cake, pie, pancake and puff. Today I am making Banana Puff. I saw this puff pastry in a magazine and found it is very interesting. I use to go to bookstore and browse around the magazine. If I found something interesting I would not let it slip away, I would lay hand on to try out the recipe when I get home....:p This is a malay style puff pastry, it is flaky, crunchy outside and soft inside. It is really nice and delicious...(",) ~This is the Banana Puff, my sister and I made 20 of this miniature puff~ Puff pastry water skin pastry ingredients (A): 150g plain flour 20g icing sugar 40g shortening..I use Crisco 40-60ml water To do: 1) Mix all of this water skin ingredients together and sit, rest for 30 minutes

Crystal Mooncake with yolk ...有蛋黄的哦...水晶月饼...:p

Saw in a food magazine this Crystal mooncake with yolk. It is very attractive and special. When one of my friend come visit me I ask him "do you want to eat Crystal mooncake with yolk?" Then he goes ????? "WHAT..... you put yolk in it or how?" I said "not real yolk but it the jelly yolk." Hahaha...cute right... 当我在杂质看到这水晶月饼里有蛋黄的时后就觉得很有趣. 想试试看..~~ 那天有位朋友到访,就请他吃前..问他"你想吃有蛋黄的水晶月饼吗?" 他呢...???? "着么会有蛋黄的, 是真蛋黄吗?"  我笑了, 说"是燕菜做的蛋黄.." 嘻嘻很有趣对吧..(",)   ~ Pastel purple ... 粉粉的紫色美吗?~ ~ Yam flavour crystal mooncake with red bean paste, I personally love this mould very much...芋香味豆沙水晶饼..我各人非常喜欢这个蝴蝶的模子 ~ ~ 做了6粒, 草苺味和芋头味..I make 6 of them, strawberry and yam flavour..~                               ~ 这是草苺味的...this is strawberry flavour~                   ~Yam flavour...芋头味...                                        ~蛋黄是椰浆味加了少许蛋黄色..Jelly yolk is coconut milk flavour and add in a drop of egg yolk colouring..~    ~would yo

Coconut buns for our tea time snack..下午茶..来个椰子面包..^^

Coconut always give a very rich, fragrant and delicious taste. There is a demostration for our Noxxa Breadmaker machine. I am appointed to get ready a type of bun for the demostration. Been, looking for a bun that is simple, nice and look attractive. After my search I found this Coconut Bun from "Magic Bread ~ by Alex Goh" is quite interesting so I decide to give it a try and will present it on that day. 椰子是种很好吃又好喝又可以拿来做糕点的水果. 前一正子,有个Noxxa面包机示范会, 而我需做个面包具简单,好看又好吃... 找了几本书就看到...椰子面包就开动先来试, 好可以在示范会当天表演... =p. ~a basket of coconut buns...一小蓝的椰子面包~ Ingredient for the dough: (A) 100g bread flour 70g hot water (B) 300g bread flour 100g plain flour 80g sugar 6g salt 20g salt 9g instant yeast (C) 175g cold water 60g cold egg (D) 60g butter To do: 1) Add the boiling water from A into bread flour and mix well to form into a dough. Cover and set aside to cool. Keep in fridge for at least 12 hours. 2) Mix B until well-blended. Add i

Peanut Sesame Balls and Savoury Dumpling...which one do you like?..~ 花生芝麻球和珍珠咸水角..那个你喜欢呢?..

  My mum use to make this Peanut sesame balls and Savoury dumpling for sell. Lot of her customers love her signature 'kuih'. They will come back for more or even order from her in advance. When we(my sisters and I) were little, we always help up with the house chores and also doing all the 'kuih' for sell. Now we are all married and have our own family but still we can always go home to get a taste of this 'kuih'. I love all the variety of 'kuih' my mum make and I want to preserved the recipes so that I can make them for my kids, friends and may next time to my grand children .....:p Going to share this two types of 'kuih' The Peanut sesame balls and Cantonese Savoury dumpling. There are three types of fillings and they can be recognise by their shape.  The round one is with peanut, the oval one is with red bean paste and the one shape like a olive seed is savoury that is 'sengkuang' fillings. So which one do you like....~~ ~ These

Sharing to a friend how to make a Blueberry CheeseCake~跟个朋友分享如何做蓝莓芝士蛋糕..^^

~Blueberry CheeseCake~ ML is a friend who is a housewife. A full time housewife, she is always neat, tidy and trendy everyday. She bought a new recipe book sometime ago and she wanted to do one of the recipe inside and did not know how. She gave me a ring and we get together to share this recipe. The result was awesome. This Blueberry CheeseCake is really tasty and not too sweet or too rich. If you like blueberry, you might like to try this cheesecake. ~Basically this cake have three layer..the base, the filling and whip cream with blueberry filling~ Ingredient for the cake base: 100g cream cracker ~crush into fine crumbs 60g butter ~ melted To do: 1) Mix ingredients together and press into a 8'  round loose baking pan. Set into fridge for later use.   ~Biscuits crumbs and melted butter~ ~ Mix biscuit crumbs with melted butter~ ~Biscuits crumbs after mixed with melted butter~ ~Press the mixure biscuit crumbs into a 8" loose bottom baking pan firmly ~ Ing

Dear Aunty Fong's grand daughter Cherise's 1st Birthday...芳阿姨的宝贝孙女的周岁...^^

 Time fly...sss...I was having my youngest baby when my cousin that is today birthday girl's father Ah Fung married to Betty(mother). I can't make it to their wedding rececption because I am in my confinement at that time. Now my youngest baby is almost 2 years old. One afternoon Aunty Fong called, she wants to invite our family to Cherise (her grand daughter) 1st birthday dinner. In between she also wants me to make her a birthday cake. I happliy accept and do my best. 一寸光阴,一寸金 ; 寸金难买,寸光阴这真的没错.时间过的非常快. 今天是我的芳阿姨的宝贝孙女Cherise的生日. 回想当时, Cherise的爸爸和妈妈结婚请酒,我没能出席. 当时我生了我的小宝贝,正在做月子.如今小宝贝已经快两岁了.... ~This is the "Hello Kitty" birthday cake I make for Cherise 1st birthday~ ~这是Cherise的Kitty猫的周岁生日蛋糕~ I was thinking, how should I decorate this birthday cake??? Aunty Fong wants a '1' figure on the cake and the rest is up to me. Cherise is a girl .. she is sweet and lovely .. Ahaa.. "Hello Kitty" would be prefect. I browse thru the internet to get a picture