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Dear Aunty Fong's grand daughter Cherise's 1st Birthday...芳阿姨的宝贝孙女的周岁...^^

 Time fly...sss...I was having my youngest baby when my cousin that is today birthday girl's father Ah Fung married to Betty(mother). I can't make it to their wedding rececption because I am in my confinement at that time. Now my youngest baby is almost 2 years old.
One afternoon Aunty Fong called, she wants to invite our family to Cherise (her grand daughter) 1st birthday dinner. In between she also wants me to make her a birthday cake. I happliy accept and do my best.

一寸光阴,一寸金 ; 寸金难买,寸光阴这真的没错.时间过的非常快. 今天是我的芳阿姨的宝贝孙女Cherise的生日. 回想当时, Cherise的爸爸和妈妈结婚请酒,我没能出席. 当时我生了我的小宝贝,正在做月子.如今小宝贝已经快两岁了....

~This is the "Hello Kitty" birthday cake I make for Cherise 1st birthday~

I was thinking, how should I decorate this birthday cake??? Aunty Fong wants a '1' figure on the cake and the rest is up to me. Cherise is a girl .. she is sweet and lovely .. Ahaa.. "Hello Kitty" would be prefect. I browse thru the internet to get a picture of "Hello Kitty" then I choose this one.

                          ~ red cloth and red ribbon "Hello Kitty"~

This is a simple cake with two pieces of sponge cake (a plain sponge and a chocolate sponge) sandwich between a layer of fresh cream drizzle with kiwi filling.

Ingredient for sponge cake:
5 eggs
80g sugar
30g milk
100 flour~sieved
70g  butter~melted
20g ovalette
1 tsp vanilla essence

*Just add 20g unsweetend cocoa powder and reduce 10g of flour and sieve them together for chocolate sponge cake.
You need two pieces of sponge cake to do a sandwich birthday cake...or depends on how big you want your cake to be. This cake I uses 2 pcs plain sponge and 2 pcs chocolate sponge, my cake is 14.5"x14.5")

To do:
1) Put eggs, sugar, milk and ovalette into mixing bowl and beat with low speed for 2 minutes. Turn on to medium high and beat for 8 minutes or until mixture is thick and ribbon like batter.

~Put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl expect flour and melted butter~

~Whisk until it is thick~
*this is the vanilla sponge*

~While whisking you can see the mixture with turn thick slowly~

~This it the ribbon like thickness~
*this is the chocolate sponge*

 ~When is thick, use low speed add in flour (split into 3 parts to add in)~

~Add in melted butter a bit at a time until finish~
2) Turn to low speed and add in flour blend to combine. Then stir in melted butter.
3) Pour into a greased and lined with parchment paper baking tray.(size of my tray 9"x11")
4) Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 22-25minutes.

~sponge cake is baking in the oven~

5) Let the sponge cake cool before assemble and icing the cake.

*Icing you will need about 650ml of fresh cream
Whisk fresh cream with medium high speed until stiff

This is how I do the Hello Kitty picture on the cake:
You will need a piece of parchment paper (size depends on how big you want your picture)
 100g cooking chocolate~(melted)
a pipping bag
some pipping jelly
some food colouring~bright red, purple, kiwi filling for green, yellow and blue
 I trace this picture on a parchment paper, melted the cooking

To assemble the picture:
1) Trace the picture you print out, onto the parchment paper with a pencil. Turn over and use the other side which have no pencil making.
2) Melted the cooking chocolate, and fill it into a pipping bag. Cut the tip of the pipping bag about a size of a red bean. Pump the cooking chocolate along the line of the "Hello Kitty" picture. ** If the cooking chocolate harden half way when you pump, the line of the picture would not be smooth..DO NOT WORRY just pop it into the mircowave to warm it (use 50P about 40 seconds) OR if you do not have a mircowave you can put the pipping bag into a clean plastic bag and dip into a bowl of warm water for a minute or two then you can continue again.

To assemble the cake:
1)Cut sponge cakes into equal sizes. Place a piece of chocolate sponge cake onto cake board and spread a very generous layer of fresh cream on top. Drizzle with kiwi filling.(Mix kiwi filling with some hot water and stir into smooth paste and filled into a piping bag)

2) Lay the other layer of plain sponge cake on top and spread the whole cake with fresh cream. Level the fresh cream as smooth as possible.

3) Apply the prepared "Hello Kitty" chocolate outline on top of the cake. Fill in colours and it is DONE.



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