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Deep Fried Spring Rolls (Lumpiang Prito) - AFF Philippines

These pipping hot spring rolls are favoured as a mirienda, or snack in the Philippines.  They are incredibly addictive and one is never enough. Chicken or prawns can be omitted if it is for a vegetarian version.   These are very addictive, you just can't stop  at one  :p       The filling mainly consist of  sweet potato, chicken, prawns and bean sprout. The sweet potato make it taste of natural sweetness and the bean sprout give it a extra crunch.     The garlic vinegar dipping sauce goes so well with these spring rolls.     Natural sweetness from the sweet potatoes, french bean and the crunchy texture from the bean sprouts for the filling   Layer the spring roll wrapper one corner facing you. Add in the filling a line. Sam is spreading some corn starch mixture onto a corner of the spring roll wrapper to seal the end. It is done!! Done by Sam!! Although it is not neatly wrapped by he took the effort to try. Isn't that sweet... Sa

Chocolate Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes

Hokkaidao Chiffon Cupcakes again!!  Yes, my boys love to eat, i love to bake :D :D :D Son: Mummy what are you baking?? Mum: I am baking HHC cupcakes. What flavor would you like? Son: I want something chocolate. Mum: Great! mummy is going to bake you a Black Forest HCC cupcake. Sons: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Can each of us have 2?... please, please, please.. Mum: LOL It's good that this recipe yield 13 cupcakes. My kids can have them for tea and packed to school for their break time snack the next day. Do you like chocolate chiffon and black cherry frosting /cream?    Before sending into the oven.   After baking. Smooth with happy face :D Seanan can't wait for the cream, he grab one without the cream :p It is so good to have it  COLD with the black cherry syrup cream piped into the cake, Chocolate Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes Recipe from my previous post here   and here  with slight changes again (yield 13 cupcakes) A. Ingredi

Fish and Chips (french fries from Paula Deen)

I missed the Fish and Chips from Manly, Sydney. That was my honeymoon trip, we are there for the first time and it was a free and easy trip. The second time i went there was my sister's honeymoon trip. My hubby and i were their tour guide..haha Back to my Fish and Chips, my kids love chips (french fries), who don't? Especially those homemade chips, they taste awesome. This is a twist between Paula Deen and Nami from Just one cookbook.  recipes. How?? Fish from Nami and Chips from Paula..hahaha I bookmarked Paula Deen's french fries recipe on when CLAS event was cook like Paula Deen. Unfortunately i don't have enough time to prepare at that time. How i wish i have extra pair of hands so i can do everything at once..:D I don't like the precooked french fries from the coldstorage. I found they are very oily and no potato taste at all. Furthermore are frying, when it is cool it is chewy and hard. I like to make french fries using the real

Hokkaido Chiffon Cake - A Cake that will make you Smile (Bake Along #64)

I baked this cake once, twice, thirce and now i lost count BUT everytime i bake this cake i feel HAPPY. Hope this happy thoughts and feeling will spread to YOU ^_^ Happy that the cake rise beautifully and with almost no shrink or crack. Happy that my boys and friends love this cake. I baked this chiffon cupcake again for Bake Along event. I am going to Bake Along with these 3 beautiful ladies again.  This is a revisit of this recipe - HERE The previous post of Hokkaidao chiffon cupcake, i used durian cream as filling. Now in this post i used vanilla whipped cream/Chantilly cream as filling. I love to use dairy whipping cream as filling. Just add adequate of icing sugar/castor sugar to the whipping  cream and whisked it to light and fluffy. Then mix in any flavor that you like into the cream and piped it into the cake. Saw some nice and fresh bluberries in the supermarket, i quickly grab some for decoration :D Nice and smooth sides.    Moist, soft and fl

Quick Whole Wheat flour Puff Pastry

  I have never make my own puff pastry before but this time i am going to challenge it :D A blogger friend gave me this book 'Ready for Dessert' by David Lebovitz, i found the recipe for quick puff pastry in this book. This recipe uses butter and not pastry margerine which is what i am looking for. After reading from this book then i only know that making puff pastry you need to "takes six turns to roll it out", but this quick recipe only need to do the first four all at once, then the last two later. Another thing special about this recipe is, David uses a mix of all purpose flour with  whole wheat flour and that whole wheat flour balances out what some might consider an injudicious amout of butter in the dough. - shared from the book :)       Thank you Joyce !! I love this cook book ^_^ ***************** Are you interested to make your own quick puff pastry too?? I use this puff pastry to make Potato Cheese and Ham Pie - Here What are we waitin