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Orange Bread Loaf 。。。 香橙面包

I have never baked a bread with oranges? I am going to bake a bread with oranges today :) This bread is soft , fluffy and full of sweet orange scent. The whole kitchen was filled with sweet scent of the oranges while it is baking in the oven. This recipe makes into 8 sweet candied orange peel rolls bread but i twist it a little by making it into a mini loaf and 3 pieces of yuzu jam rolls. My kids simply love the soft and  refreshing orange scented bread. It is so nice to enjoy it with a cup of hot kopi o (local coffee only add sugar without milk) or teh ^_^  3 pieces of orange bread rolls with Yuzu jam. 3 粒香橙搭配柚子酱面包卷,味道很搭很喜欢!!   Soft and sponge texture with sweet orange scent..YUM!!   My youngest said " this looks like a mini bloster, mummy...very cute hor!!!" Mummy  Mini bloster was sliced into slices to enjoy!!! ^_^ Orange Bread Rolls (i made them into mini bread loaf and some yuzu rolls) Recipe source: Adapated from the book

Orange Ogura Cake

Hi hi everyone! Hope that you are having a great weekend and a happy Easter holiday for those who celebrated. Now another weekend is for my m.i.a for so long. I have been waiting for my netbook to recover from the nasty virus. My netbook have been really sick since end of last month. Window would not open and the monitor is blank and grey in color > < All my pictures and drafts can't be retrieve. I have to draft, bake again and take some more new pictures. In the meantime while the netbook is under repair I have to use my VERY old laptop and iPad to draft my post...LOL   I would like to apologIze to  Ann for my super late support :p   This Orange Ogura cake is full of orange scent and it is so fluffy and soft ^_^  Zoe and I were very honored to have Ann from AnnCoo Journal to be LTU host for the month with her theme is 'orange'.  My kids love oranges, they love it in jellies, cakes or cook it in a dish ;) I picked this Orange Ogur

Rainbow cheesecake .. 彩虹乳酪蛋糕

Aspiring Bakers is baking ombre/rainbow cake or dessert this month. I am making some cheesecake for a friend. This friend request that the cheesecake have to be in nice cups for good look and easy to indulge in. This rainbow idea come to me when i think of AB this month event. It is quite sad that this is the last event for Aspiring Bakers !! I love this event and i hope one day it will re-continue again! After chilling in the fridge for 2 hours, (i chilled mine overnight)  just remove from the plastic cup and ENJOY!!  Rainbow cheesecake! what do you think of the cheese cake in a cup?? Let's have a rainbow party now!! :D ;D  Crumble the left over pieces of cake and sprinkle on top of the last layer of cheese to decorate the chessecake.  Rainbow cheesecake yield: about 10 square cups  Recipe source: for the cheese layers adapted from kraft philadephia cream cheese pack of Toblerone chocolate cheesecake  ( recipe behind the pack) Ingredients: