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Teatime 6 ~ Cream Puff with Mocha crust

Recently, Bintang MegaMall have a lot of food outlets. First, they have Mary Brown then Big Apple that is the doughnuts store then Taste Better that is the fruits ice cream, durian puff, fruits muffin and some tit-bits store and now Sushi King.... ^^ Every week end we will bring the kids to go around to different malls to shop for groceries. This week we went to Bintang MegaMall. Can you image Giant Supermarket is giving 10 cents sale for per piece of tomato, ice cream with coated chocolate and nuts, instant campbell muchroom soup and etc........ :p While we are shopping, we are attracted by this strong durian scent to a food stall named Taste Better. Going to see what up, there. Guess what they are selling durian cream puff. As I am pregrant now, I can't resist the delicious taste of the durian so we bought a set of the durian puff. It is 6 pieces (small pieces) with durian custard filling cost rm5.50. Em... its really delicious. Shawn and Samson loves it too. Asking for more....

Teatime 5 ~ Mexico Cuppies

Like always we have tea in the afternoon around 3.00-4.30pm. Today we are having Raisin Mexico Cuppies. They look cute, special and ......yum. Don't belive then you must try it... ^^ I have tried a few recipes and I found this is easier and is very tasty. The bun texture is soft, chewy and the raisin give it a natural sweetness, you can chew a bit of the raisin too and... and the mexico crust (topping) give it a crispy chewy feeling. Shawn loves the crust very much. I make the crust (topping) with a mocha paste, those who loves coffee you will loves these. Basic dough for the buns: 300ml water 40g castor sugar 1/2tsp salt 500g bread flour 2 tbsp milk powder 40g butter 45g raisin 2 tsp instant yeast Ingredients for mexico topping: 100g butter 100g castor sugar 1 'A' egg 100g plain flour 11/2 tsp mocha paste or you can use my own mix and match mocha paste, try it. 3 tbsps cocoa powder 2 tbps warm water 2 tbsps coff

(DIY) 自制手工面,你也来试试吧。。

Do it yourself (DIY) 'Ban Mian' 自制手工面,你也来试试吧。。。^^I learn this from a friend who also have a noxxa bread maker. She (Ling) uses the bread maker kneading function to do this 'ban mian'. She told me she use to make this noodles by hand and find it needs a bit of muscles haha... to knead this noodles dough. Then she found that the breadmaker had a knead function so she tried using it and it turn out to be great. Normally, you will find 'ban mian' in soup with anchovies and fish balls but for me I cook it in a different way, a hakka version..... :p it is just like kolok mee no anchovies or fish balls but will mince meat. Basic Ban Mian Ingredients: 165ml water 1 egg 1 tsp salt 500g plain flour some tapioca flour Method: 1) Place all the ingredients into the bread pan and use mode 12 ( this is a kneading function mode). 2) When it run half of the time, take out and scrape of the flour at the side with a spatula so that all the ingredients will mix well. 3) Ta