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Ah Chi's best melt in the mouth "Pineapple tarts"

Pineapple tart is a must for me for Chinese New Year. Why?? Its simply because it is super delicious :D In Hokkian they called it 'Ong Lai' mean Good Luck will come to you. Do you want good luck to come to you this year?? Then must make and eat this Ong Lai tart...LOLs This year I use my Ah Chi's melt in the mouth pineapple tart recipe. Oh!! Its her best pineapple tart recipe and indeed it is :) My Ah Chi's  best melt-in-mouth Pineapple tarts (enclosed version) 凤梨酥 (recipe source: from my Ah Chi - Sonia *makes 100pcs 350g butter 100g condensed milk or sweetened creamer 510g plain flour / all purpose flour 2 egg yolks 1 egg yolk +1tsp milk, for egg wash 700g Pineapple filling (I used my home made pineapple jam here ) Method 1. Cream butter and condensed milk till light. 2. Add in egg yolk one at a time, and beat until combine. 3. Mix in flour, mix till become a soft and not sticky dough. 4. Roll pineapple filling into ball (8g each) and rol

Durian cotton cheese cake

Hi, hi, hi, everyone, I hope you have a great day and a great week! I have been MIA for a while again...:p hope that I will not after this .. lols It's a rainy day here today....We actually have been having shower rain in the morning for this few days. Monday was bad, it was raining the whole day. Tuesday was not too bad, there was some clear sky in the afternoon, Wednesday and yesterday was bad, it was raining the whole day, heavy shower rain. Today is a cloudy day with just a light shower rain. It is cool and nice when doing baking in the kitchen but fetching the kids from school is not that convenience ><~  ...This was drafted last week and it is about last week. How about this week ??  Today is a great sunny day in the morning but in the afternoon there is a light shower rain. Hope that the weather will turn sunny and bright on this Chinese New Year .. This is the first month for Little Thumbs Up in year 2014. Last year was a great year  and I hope this year wi

Turkish Mince Meat Pita

When I saw Wendy post this in her blog, I am so attracted by the unique shape of this pita bread. I am very busy at that moment and I really worried that I don't have time to try this out. Just yesterday I decided to try this out.  Rush out to grab some mince beef, tomato and parsley. Too bad can't get fresh parsley so I used the dried ones.  I am glad that I try this out the very last minutes. This is so yummy..  I love this    AFF event, I  always learn new dishes from this event.  Just like the pervious MFF events. I think i over baked it a little cause the yolk was over cooked but we don't mind at all, it is just very very delicious. The next time i make this i will bake it for 20 minutes. Turkish Minced Meat Pita source: wendyinkk Yield: 1 large pide Pide dough: 125g flour (I used bread flour.) 20g water + 1/2 tsp instant yeast 20g natural yoghurt 20g milk (I used 30g.) 1 tsp sugar 1 tbsp olive oil 1/4 tsp salt olive oil for brushing on af