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Pineapple (Polo) Buns and Polo Tortoise Buns ~ 菠萝清和菠萝乌龟面包

Guess who is coming?? Heehee is a kind of popular bun from a recipe book from Taiwan.
They are cute little green tea crunchy top tortoise buns.
The version you are looking at now is the cute version..:D

这几支 '抹茶菠萝乌龟' 是来自台湾的....

A dialogue started between this two tortoise;  L the left tortoise and R the right tortoise
L: Hey!  Nice green shell you have there!!
R: Yeah!!  You're not too bad yourself.
    This is called 'POLO' green tea crunchy TOP!! ..LOL
The third tortoise came, heard their conversation and he laughed until he was
upside down..:D

有两支乌龟(左边的叫L; 右边的叫R)
L说: 哇! 哇!哇! 好时尚的绿壳.. 赞哦! 
R说: 晔!! 你的也不错哦!
       这个他们叫做 '抹茶菠萝壳'...超赞呢!! :p
第三支乌龟(叫T)刚好走过听到他们的对话, 可笑的翻天了... ><

Helping the third tortoise to get back in place..!! Oops!! he is going the wrong way...
快快..帮个忙把T翻回来吧!! 不过又走错方向了..

Get back in line...归队了!!

This is taken with a smart phone by Shawn while he is enjoying the polo tortoise bun once it is out of the oven..sorry it is not so clear..:p 
Shawn told me this is extremely good. He love the crunchy top and the soft and fluffy inside ;D
当面包刚出炉大宝贝就在吃和享受面包时, 他用手机拍的...不好意思不很清楚哦!! 宝贝说他超喜欢脆脆的菠萝层和里面松软的面包 :D

The plain Polo is famous in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Why it is called Polo?? In Cantonese 'Polo' means pineapple. The crunchy top of this buns resembles the look of a pineapple skin so it is called 'POLO BAO' mean ' pineapple buns' Regardless of its name there is no pineapple in the buns. It is basically a soft bun with a crunchy buttery sweet pastry top which is extremely delicious when it is freshly baked.

Soft and fluffy inside..i am so happy how it turn out!!

Making these yourself allows you to enjoy your 'polo buns' as soon as it is out of your oven. You just can't resist that sinfully fragrant butter sweet crunchy topping on the soft buns... One bite! enjoying the savor of the soft bun and the buttery crunchy top together. It is best to go with a cuppa of latte or green tea. Enjoy!!
菠萝面包最好吃的时刻是刚出炉的那一刻哦! 柔软的面包贴着香浓的奶油脆皮..太难抗拒了!!(不肥都很难:p)
香浓和脆脆的菠萝层配上柔软的面包..在来杯'拿铁' 或抹茶~好享受咯..(^^)

 I bake them into group of 6 (40g each) into a flower shape. This recipe yields 4 plates and 4 green tea tortoise crunchy top buns..i brought some home to my mum...they all loves it and ask for more the next day. 
人气非凡菠萝清面包..以小尺寸组合成花样, 没内馅, 好吃依然不减.
做了4组; 每组6粒..拿了点回妈妈家..老弟吃了还问明天还有吗?? 呵呵..

***After the last proofing the plain crunchy top buns will look like this.

Making the green tea crunchy top tortoise is fun. Its like play with play doh..:D But the crunchy top is quite messy to handle as it is a bit too soft. The crunchy topping or polo topping have to put into the fridge to let it firm up a little for better handling.

pic 1                       pic 2
 Pic 1 - Rolled a 5g dough into  oval shape, place on top for tortoise head; rolled 4 piece of 3g dough into round shape for the tortoise legs and rolled another 3g dough into a corn shape for the tortoise tail. Repeat the same to make the others.
Pic 2 - Rolled a 40g dough round. Rolled a 15g green tea crunchy topping/polo topping and flatten into a 5mm thickness and place on top of the dough. Place the dough on top of pic 1.

pic 3                  pic 4
Pic 3 - Use a plastic knife to press against the pastry to make the lines on the green tea crunchy top.
Pic 4 - Make 4 lines .
Pic 5
 Pic 5 - Make the same line the opposite side to create the criss-cross look. ***notes: Only put on the eyes after the baking is done.
Melted both white and dark chocolate. Filled in different piping bags.
Piped the white chocolate on the head where the eye should be then piped the dark chocolate onto the white to create the eye ball. Done!!

Green tea tortoise polo Buns and Plain polo buns
Recipe source: Handmade Bread (with a little my own adjustment)
Method: Straight dough

Dough ingredients:
500g bread flour
120g castor sugar
5g salt
10g milk powder
6g/2 tsp instant yeast
100g whole eggs
200g water

50g butter

To do:
  1. Place all ingredient (A) in a mixing bowl. Use a stand mixer with medium speed to mix and knead into a dough. Part of the dough might stick at the side or base of the bowl. 
  2. Once a smooth dough is formed. Turn stand mixer speed to low, add in (B) continue to knead until the butter is complete mixed in. Turn to medium speed and knead dough until it is smooth and elastic.
  3. Rolled the dough round and place in a greased(with olive oil or canola oil) mixing bowl. Covered with cling wrap, proof for 60 minutes or double its size. While dough is proofing prepare the pastry crust topping. (i am using a bread machine knead and rise my dough)
  4. Take out the proofed dough. Take out 1 part of 230g set aside for Green Tea Tortoise buns. The other parts divided into small dough of 40g each. You can get about 16 small doughs.  Roll them round and cover with cling wrap. 
  5. Take a piece of the 15g plain pastry crust (polo topping) flatten it and place on the rolled round dough and place on a greased round baking pan. (i used aluminium reusable plate, size 7' bottom and 8' towards the top. After placing a flat piece of crunchy topping each dough; arrange neatly; a pan of 6 buns into the greased baking pan. Repeat doing the same to the rest of the dough. Cover with a piece o plastic wrap or cloth.
  6. Last proofing time is 50-60 minutes or until each dough double its size and the topping crack. (the topping is smoot when it is first place on the dough. After proofing the topping will crack nicely. pic***)
  7. When the proofing is done, glaze the top with some egg liquid. I baked in a preheated oven at 170c, low rack for 20 minutes.
For green tea tortoise buns, please follow to do from pic 1-5. Just use the green tea mixed topping in (C). Baking time is the same as plain polo buns.

Pastry crust/polo topping
200g unsalted butter
200g icing sugar (i used 170g)
2 eggs
20g milk powder

 some flour (In the recipe book it is only written some flour. I use 140g flour)

To do:
  1. Beat butter and sieved icing sugar till light.
  2. Add eggs.
  3. Add flour and milk powder.
  4. Wrapped in a cling foil and refrigerator the dough in the fridge for 20-25 minutes for easy handling.
C (this is for the green tea crunchy topping)
1 tsp green tea powder mixed with 80g of plain polo crunchy topping.
D some white cooking chocolate and dark cooking chocolate (decoration for the tortoise eyes)***notes

I hope you will ENJOY these green tea tortoise buns and plain pineapple buns as much as i do..^^


  1. Oh my, these are so cute!! I've got to try make this sometime...

  2. Mich,
    These are cute and delish!
    Do try this out in future.

  3. 梅梅!!

    1. 莎莎,

  4. 哇!一早就看到几只小乌龟爬爬走。。。很可爱,很赞哦!

  5. Mui mui
    Aiyo......i like this polo pau and especially the tortoise creative of you. The children sure would pick this over the normal ones. Wish i can have on piece to try. I never eaten polo buns before.

    1. Mel,
      Thanks for yor compliments.
      My boys love the plain polo more..LoL
      This is extremely yum, you can try out this in future if you have not tasted one before :)
      You will love it!

  6. I like all your green tortoise, esp the one who got too excited & turn upside down! You are so funny, Mui Mui! Hong kees love eating "polo bao!" One day must try but hoh, I've heard that the topping is hard to turn out nice leh! Better take one from your place to taste first!

    1. Jess,
      These green tea turtle is really yummy!
      I have made 4 round as my family love them very much.
      The polo topping is a bit soft but after chilling it is easier to handle.
      Look like two of my green tortoise have climb on aboard with AirAsia fly to

  7. 超口爱的~嘻嘻

    1. 晓,

  8. 可爱的小龟们是想到我家来做客的,对吧!

    1. QiQi,

  9. Mui mui姐,最近好勤力咯!上了好多好料。。可爱激小龟波萝包,你家孩子真幸福。我心中最超棒的你

    1. 水晶妹妹,

  10. 你的小乌龟好漂亮哦! 如果是我才舍不得吃. :p

    1. Ms B,

  11. This is so so cute! I was thinking to make polo bun into tortoise bun the other day after watching the Japanese bunny bun, now it appear on your blog! I must try this one day!

    1. Stephanie,
      Thanks for compliments.
      This is on my list for quite sometime.
      I am glad I have tried this. They taste extremely good :p

  12. omg! these are the cutest tortoise i have seen! and their dialogue, i see the tortoise roll over, i also want to laugh! LOL! actually i dont know why they are called polo bun until now! these are really cute and beautiful but poor tortoise, you have to be eaten! LOL!


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