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Pandan Chiffon . 班兰戚风蛋糕

Chiffon cake is a winner in my house. My boys could finish the whole chiffon in a jippy !! ;o..Pandan and orange are two most welcome flavour.  
班兰戚风是我家最受欢迎的蛋糕呢!! 除了香橙的以外噢..:D 宝贝们回吃了片再片又一片..;p

My heart shape chiffon  pan is a small pan. I like this recipe very much (this  recipe in chinese the authour is a Japanese - volume 7) which normally i use my round 7 inches chiffon pan to baked this. But in order for me to use the same recipe but baked in my heart shape chiffon pan i have to divide the batter to other pan. I put the divided batter into square cupcakes casing instead. 

我很喜欢菓子学堂的戚风蛋糕& 泡芙(volume 7)的一本书. 食简单,分量不太大而图片多有清楚是一本好书. 重要是价钱是一般也不太贵..:p 我试过书里的香草戚风,好柔软,好好吃~
我就把书里面的香草戚做了一点改变, 就变成班兰戚风了. 可是这分量给我的心形的模还是有点太多,..因为太喜欢这个食谱那我只好做了一些方形的小杯戚风.

My square cupcakes chiffons. It is nice too to make into little square cups. Looks like hokkaido chiffon just without the custard cream..:D
戚风蛋糕是个蛮欺负人的一种蛋糕. 打蛋白就是那蛋糕美不美的关键了.有以为朋友说这种地叫"气疯"蛋糕..让她有爱又恨..呵呵!! 爱因为超好吃,油不多也不让腰围加太厉害; 恨就是时做很美时又不美会沉..你说呢???  XD

1 heart shape pan and 5 square cupcakes cases ; 1个心形模和5个方形小纸杯

 Left is the chiffons after inverted.
1-  i hand whisked my egg whites till medium soft peak.
2- Filled my batter in, about 75% full.
3- the chiffons from the oven.

Pandan Chiffon..班兰戚风
recipe source: Ecole de patisserie . tsuji
(with a little changes)
菓子学堂..volume 7
Basic chiffon 
A: egg yolk batter
3 eggs (60g each)
20g castor sugar
2 tbsp (30ml) water (i used coconut milk + pandan juice) Note..1
30g canola oil
1/2 tsp vanilla essence/  1/2  stick of vanilla bean Note...2
50g plain flour 

Egg white meringue:
3 egg whites (90g)
50g castor sugar
(i added 1/4 tsp lemon juice)

To do yolk batter:
  1. In a mixing bowl add egg yolks. Stir in castor sugar, coconut and pandan milk  and canola oil to combine. Fold in flour and mixed well. Set aside.
To do the meringue:
  1. Whisk egg white till frothy, add in lemon juice continue beating until mixture form soft peak. Gradually add in sugar, beating at high speed until medium stiff peak.
  2. Gently fold in meringue into egg yolk batter until blended.
  3.  Pour batter into a ungreased 7 inches (18cm) tube pan. Bake in a preheated oven at 170c on low rack for 30-35 minutes. ( i baked mine in a heart shape tube pan and 5 square cupcake case and i baked mine at 170c for 30 minutes)
  4. Once cake is cooked remove from oven and invert cake until it is cooled. Slice and serve..:D
Hope you will ENJOY this as much as i do!!
Note 1...i used pestle and mortar to sort of gound my 3 pieces of pandan leaves (cause my blender break down..LOL) and add into coconut milk to extract the pandan juice and strain and take 2 tbsp of coconut pandan milk
 just add pandan leaves and coconut milk into a blender to blend. Then strain and take 2 tbsp.

Note 2..If you are making pandan flavour you may omit the vanilla flavor.

This is another pandan red bean cake that i baked on the following day.

I take out quarter of the batter to mix with 1 tbsp of honey red bean. Pour pandan batter first and top with the honey red bean batter.


  1. 很美的心形7风,我也喜欢吃它,也是因为没有太多的牛油,呵呵!

    1. 谢谢Cass:)

  2. 不要一直引诱我啦。。。嘻嘻!

    1. 小厨,
      fb的Yuki Hoh 是买cakeland 的. 请到以下的link看看

      和Cornie Chloe是买我用的这种.!/photo.php?fbid=263391297047127&set=a.409917689061153.109565.100001287750322&type=3&theater
      你去看看吧! :)

  3. 梅梅。。。

    1. 莎莎,是咯!很巧也很热闹!

  4. 很美的chiffon cake。小小的love shape chiffon模很可爱~

  5. Can send some over for me?

  6. Mui Mui, your heart shaped pandan chiffon is so cute. Also like the ones in cupcake liners. Very good idea. Your second chiffon with honey red bean also looks very nice. And wow, in the last pic you have flower shape chiffon cupcakes!

    1. Thanks Phong Hong,
      Yes, the small heart shape chiffon is kinda cute hor :) You like my chiffon Roses...come bring some home..LOL

  7. Isnt it seductive using heart shape to bake cakes? And I like the flower shape too and adding some red bean do have some bites to chew too. Great post!

    1. Mel, yes it is kinda romantic hor bake with this heart shape pan!
      Yes, adding the honey red bean taste good.
      You also like my roses chiffon.... Come I throw some to u heehee

  8. long time did not bake a pandan chiffon, Thanks for reminding me, must make one soon, of course, with my new heart shape chiffon pan, hehehe..

  9. Oh!! Sonia, your bakes always so attractive.
    No problem..I am looking forward for your heart shape pandan chiffon:)

  10. loving your chiffons Mui, esp the heart shaped ones.. chiffon looks so soft & fluffy:)
    Oh, i might have the same book too but i duuno where i chuck it too:-p

  11. I loves Pandan Chiffon too, hehe...

  12. Hey, regarding the bags and stickers, i ordered it thru taobao China, i have ordered again, will send some for you once I have received it.

    1. Sonia,
      Thanks for the info.
      Oh! So sweet of you.
      Again, thanks a lot:)

  13. Hi Mui,
    The heart shape chiffon looks so nice and soft as well as the square one. I wish I could get a chiffon mould now! hehe

    1. Stephanie,
      This is so nice with a cuppa of hot tea:)

  14. You are my other sifu, Mui Mui! Your chiffon looks so sui, unlike mine. Thanks for making this flavour of chiffon & gives me some ideas but I don't think I have chance to try it until next year becoz the pandan leave are sold in a bulk & for me to just buy the leaves but only used little bit of them now is very sayang. May be I'm not in good mood too, my cake didn't look nice. If I have time to try in the next few days, I have to see what I have in my fridge first, clearing b4 we go mah! I think I've seen this book online b4.

    1. Jess,
      You are welcome.
      I guess practice makes prefect.
      Do find yourself some spare time and re-try again I know you will baked a lovely chiffon. Even more Sui then mine O :)
      Wish you have a lovely weekend.

  15. 美里美人弄的爱心威风好美哦。。

    1. Kym,

    2. mui不行啦。。东马寄到西马怕会坏掉啦。。

      不可以浪费你一番苦心啦 *^÷^*
      等你来johor啦 (>﹏<)

  16. Your heart shaped pan is so cute! I just saw Jessie make a heart shaped chiffon that day and now I see on your blog. Makes me feel like buying that pan too...

    1. Mich,
      The heart shape mould is kind of sweet and cute. If you happen to see it do get one for yourself. You would


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