November 29, 2011

Easy made tapioca kueh, simple yet nice~...简易木署糕,简单做又好吃~

My dear father in law(fil) is very 'rajin' person, he loves to plant vegetable or fruits or herbs or anything that can be taken, he will plant. 'Rajin' is in BM, means hard working...^^
One afternoon, I was in the kicthen, he brought in some kind of roots into the kicthen. When I look into it, its Tapioca. It is yellow tapioca some more.

 ~Home plant tapioca ... 家公种的木署~

I asked him "Pa what are you going to do with that?" 
He said "Don't know, maybe steam you have any idea?" 
I said "You can make kueh..."
Then he peeled and hand the tapioca to me...He said "Mui, make this kueh then..."  
~peeled tapioca...去了皮的木薯~

Hahaha So I make this easy tapioca kueh...
This is a very easy to make tapioca kueh but it gives the tradisional favorite taste.

Easy tapioca kueh
550g tapioca 
150ml thick coconut milk
210g castor sugar
1 1/2 Tbsp tapioca flour
6 pcs pandan leaves...grind and add 2 Tbsp water to get 2 Tbsp pandan juice

To do:
1) Shred the peeled tapioca until fine and squeeze out it's moisture.

~Shredded tapioca...刨丝了的木薯~

2) Combine shredded tapioca, sugar, coconut milk and tapioca flour together and mix well.
3) Divide mixture into 2 parts 1 part plain and 1 part, add in 2Tbsp pandan juice, blend well.
4) Pour the plain into a 6" square steaming pan (brush pan with cooking oil) level the surface then add in the pandan layer gently do not scratch the plain layer and level the surface. 
5) Steam over high heat for 25 minutes.

~Level the surface neatly then steam...把木署表面铺平才蒸~

6) After steaming there may be some vapour droplet fall on the surface of the tapioca kueh. Just damp it with a piece of kitchen towel.

~This is the cooked Tapioca Kueh....木薯糕蒸好了~

Tips: Brush a little cooking oil on the knife before cutting the kueh. This will prevent the kueh from sticking to the knife. This will give a clean and nice cut to the tapioca kueh.

~natural colour the dual tone is really light....天然的颜色, 所以两色不是很明显~

~Easy Tapioca Kueh...简易木薯糕~

    他说: 还不懂,蒸吧,还是你有什么好注意?
我说: 做'板' (糕点的意思)
哈哈~~我只好拿去做了这个 '简易木薯糕'

550克 木薯
150毫升 浓椰浆
210克 幼糖
1 1/2大匙 署粉
6片 班兰叶,磨脆加2大匙水挤汁

3)把班兰那份倒入以抹上油的6"方形蒸盘, 铺平再倒入原味的也铺平。
5)蒸好後,可能会有蒸汽水滴入糕的表面,只需用kitchen towel吸一吸就可以了。

**小贴士:当切时,把刀子抹上少许食油, 切的是后就不会粘粘的. 切的也美美噢~  

   ~Two tone tapioca kueh...两色木薯糕~

Coming up is a Colourful tapioca kueh with sago....:)



  1. 好吃。好吃。

  2. 不好意思现在才看到你的留言。。:p
    Sean, 不要客气。。请你吃。。(^^)


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