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Green Tea shortbread Christmas Tree..绿茶圣诞树奇曲饼干

When i saw Lena eco friendly green tea shortbread cookies, i love it very much. Why do i called it eco friendly?? Simply because it is green in color and the green colour is from green tea and it does not loaded with lots of royal icing which is very good.
在Lena的部落格看到他那绿绿油油的雪花抹茶饼. 很喜欢,很环抱的感觉!!
再说绿是抹茶的绿, 天然色素还有糖霜也不多,又不甜..很环抱..对吧~~
I decided to make Christmas Tree Cookies which i saw here.
做了抹茶圣诞树奇曲, 灵感来自: 爱和自由 

The ingredients for making this green tea cookies are not much and it is quite simple to make too. All i need to do is to beat the butter until smooth, add in the icing sugar, beat until combine and add in sifted green tea powder with plain flour. The cookies dough is very easy to manage. 
I don't have different sizes of star shapes so i browse around the internet and get this cut out template here
这奇曲饼, 还不难做. 一班的饼干做法. 不过奇曲口感好好呢!!

Most important is these cookies are really good for snacking. If you like green tea you will love this shortbread cookies. It is slight crunch with the melt in the mouth texture. It is full of green tea fragrance but it does not over powdering the buttery taste of the cookies.
嘴馋是还会吃个不停呢! 抹茶的香配上牛油香, 味道真的很香!!
用了在网上(这里)打印下来的星星图片. 再自己把图片剪出贴在捍好的饼团上用小刀把星形切出. 再放入烤盘,送进烤箱, 就可以了:)
饼干很香抹茶味又带有牛油香. 口感微脆有吃入口会溶的感觉哦!!

Just sprinkle with some icing sugar..its snowing time:D
洒了糖粉, 有比较美吗??..下雪了^^

It is fun to assemble the Christmas Tree Cookies. It is just like decorating a really Christmas Tree..but this one is edible... LOL 

 After all the cookies are cooked. Cooled them on a wire rack. 
Get ready the royal icing. Filling into a pipping bag.
I make my own pipping bag with parchment paper.
饼干烤好待凉, 准备好糖霜和挤花袋就可以开始了.
1- put some parchment paper out from the roll.
2 - fold into a triangle.
3 - cut out the triangle
4 - from the long side, fold the corner to the top corner.

5 - you can see a cone shape. 
6 - do the same to the other end of the triangle and meet at the top corner to make a cone shape. This is the pipping bag. Hold the two end that meet with your thumb. 
(like the pic)
7 - fold the corner back inwards to secure the cone.
8 - fill in the royal icing. 

 Trying out with 2 small stars (piped some snow flakes) to see if the icing is flow out well from pipping bag...做好挤花袋再把糖霜装入. 来个testing..testing..挤两个雪花,试试看..你看还可以吗??

What do you think of this?? 雪花..你喜欢吗?

1. Oops!! one of the star break..:(
2. Never worries, just add a little of royal icing on the broken edge
不担心, 只需要把糖霜挤在断口上
3. and stick the broken piece on
4.wipe away the excess icing and it is as good :)

Now start the assembling of the Christmas tree.
Place the first, the biggest star cookie on a place mate that you like. 
把最大的星星放在最底部. 用个你喜欢的盘或纸垫着.

 Piped 5-6 dots of royal icing onto the middle of the star cookies to act as a glue to stick the stack up cookies together. Do that on every cookies you stack. As for the decoration piped 5 little round drop of royal icing at the end of every pike of  the star and place a sliver beads/colour beads on the icing.
在星星的中心挤上5-6个小圆点的糖霜. 作用是奇曲饼粘在一起. 
装饰呢, 就在星星的每一个尖角上糖霜在放上小亮珠珠或采珠.

Place the sliver bead carefully on the icing when the icing is wet so that it will stick. (i use a tweezer) 小心的把珠子,用夹子粘上. 必修在糖霜未干时粘/放上.

Starting from stacking the biggest star to the smallest. Repeating the same as above. The last small star is stack upright. Piped two little dots of royal icing on the lay flat star and add on the last smallest star standing up. Don't worry the icing will support the star standing right up.
从最大的星星顺序排到最小. 重复装饰和粘饼的动作. 最小的星星是站着的.
把糖霜挤上2点在最后躺平的星星上, 再把最小的星星放站着在上面就大功告成了..:D

Recipe( from
half of the original recipe, with some adjustments made

168g plain flour
9gm green tea powder
1/8 tsp salt
113gm butter, slightly softened
30gm icing sugar

To do:

  • Sift flour, green tea powder and salt into a small bowl, set aside. Place butter in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with paddle attachment and cream on medium speed until fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add sugar and continue to beat until light, about 2 minutes more. Add flour mixture, on low speed scraping sides of bowl if necessary until flour is just incorporated and dough sticks together when pressed with fingers
  • Divide the dough into 2 portions and roll each portion between 2 plastic sheets into a disc with a thickness of 5-7mm, chill in freezer till they are firm about 30 minutes.
  •  If the dough is too hard, let them thaw for a while before cutting them into shapes. Line baking sheet with parchment paper and cut out different sizes of star shapes template. Transfer them onto the baking sheet and chill them for about 15 minutes before baking.(i skip the chill part)
  •  Bake in a preheated oven at 160C at 25-30mins ( mine for 25 minutes) rotating halfway through. Cool completely on wire rack and store them in an airtight container up to 3 weeks. 

Royal icing recipe: (from
half of the original recipe
1 large egg white or more to thin icing
2 cups sifted confectioners' sugar or more to thicken icing 
Juice of 1/2 lemon
(i did not add glycerin)

To do:

  • Beat the white until stiff but not dry. Add sugar, lemon juice and glycerin (if using); beat for 1 minute more. If icing is too thick add more egg whites; if it is too thin, add more sugar. The icing may be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
Raw egg whites can be substitute with meringue powder. 
For more details please refer to the above royal icing link.


  1. 哇~~~拍手拍手~~~你做到好美!害我一边看一边拉下去看一直哇!~~哇~~~好美!

  2. 好详细的解说。。之前也曾进入过这网页"爱与自由"就是没行动。你做的佷好,漂亮

  3. Mui啊,你这作品真的好漂亮呢,都是满满的心思,尤其是雪花,挤得好美,好棒哦!

  4. That is such a gorgeous Christmas tree, Doreen. Love it!

  5. Beautiful Christmas tree. Quite a lot of assembly work. You did a very great job! Like the bright green colour.

  6. very pretty! Merry Xmas :)

  7. 太棒了说^^

  8. 真漂亮呢,好像真的圣诞树那般,好有心思的装饰 :)

  9. What a beautiful Christmas tree... you must be very pleased after the completion of this tree because I am too. Good job and well done.

  10. Beautiful green X'mas tree. I love it! It's not as easy as it looks, but you made it looked effortless! Good job!

  11. Wow! Beautiful Christmas tree! Love the green colour and your decorations! Superb job!
    Hope that you had a great Christmas!

  12. Doreen I learn another new thing from you again. Nice christmas tree.

    I'm pretty busy here, thanks for the award and i shall blog about it the soonest k.

  13. hi doreen, very nice christmas tree! You very rajin, no cookie cutter never mind! got knife! LOL!! your snowflake is very pretty too, thanks for the mention!

  14. Hi Mui, super duper nice green tea Christmas tree!!!! Very creative!!!

  15. 很好的点子。。真的弄得很美。


  16. mui mui, the stars you piped are so pretty! And I love how you decorate the cookies and stack them up like Christmas tree :)

  17. Wah... this is so pretty! Hope you had a wonderful christmas and happy 2013! :)

  18. You did a very good job, it look so green and natural, and very festive feel..
    Ya, about your earlier question, my new Japanese style chiffon pan height is only 8cm, i was wrongly bought this one, actually i wanted a very tall chiffon need to look for one again..

  19. Wow! This is so LOVELY & well done. Love how you did the piping! Simply SUBLIME! :)

  20. This is awesome! Everything about this screams Christmas, I love it!

  21. My dear Mui Mui, you are a D.I.Y. genius! Your cookies Christmas Tree took my breath away. Where is the LOVE button? How about coming over to my house next year and make one for me in exchange for a roast turkey cooked by my Quay Lo? LOL! Happy New Year to you and your family. Hugs

  22. What a beautiful cookie tree! Happy New Year!

  23. Just love your edible cookie Christmas tree ! Quiet a lot of work but then at the end of the day , tired and hungry you can actually eat this deliciousness ! lol

  24. Very lovely Xmas tree! Thanks for sharing, mui mui!
    Happy new year to you :)

  25. Hi Doreen,

    You are so clever transforming these green tea shortbread into this majestic-looking Christmas tree. Every assembling step is so well-thought and delicate :D Wow!


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