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Easy Homemade Tofu~轻松自制豆腐

Good bye to the passed 2012.
Its a whole new year 2013. 
I am looking forward for a new and exciting year to come. I believe life is a journey of Joy, Hope, Faith ..... in God.I hope it is not too late, to wish all my reader,blogger friends and everyone out there
 'A Blessed and Good Health New Year ~ 2013'.
Forgive and forget what is not so good and bad in the passed and openly received a Whole New Blessed Year ahead to YOU and Your Love Ones!!
 送来迟到的祝贺..我祝大家有个, 快乐的新年'2013'.

Share a health food to kick start my first post in January 2013..Tofu or called bean curd..:D
用豆腐, 一种健康又很棒的食才来做2013年的开头. 跟大家分享自家也可以做'豆腐'. 还是两种呢, 白豆干和黄豆干.

 This is a dish 'Hakka Stuffed Tofu' that we always have when there is a special occasion or a festival celebration is on. It's my Mil's signature dish. Now she passed down to me :p hope that i can passed down to my next generation and share to everyone who love TOFU.
There are varieties of stuffing in the tofu, like prawn, fish paste but my mil's Hakka Stuffed Tofu is stuffed with mince pork. Some other ingredients like shallots, garlic, salted fish and some seasoning are also added to blend in the taste of the meat with the tofu. 
客家酿豆腐是我夫家的年菜..每逢过年,过节一定有的吃这道菜. 这道菜还是我家婆的拿手好菜呢!! 酿料很简单, 就只是肉, 红葱, 蒜米, 咸鱼和调味料. 简单把, 不过简单的来超好吃呢!!

Tofu itself is plain, soft and it is full of soy bean flavour. Even just plain shallow fried it and dip with ketchup or dip sauce would be so delicious. The last Dongzhi festival we are having this Hakka Stuffed Tofu, then New Year eve we are having it and again in this coming Chinese New Year. You will never get bored with this...LOL!!
豆腐有好多种, 有白豆干, 水豆腐, 黄豆干, 豆腐卜, 日本豆腐..哈哈哈..我自己都乱了(",)
豆腐用不同的方法烹调都好吃!! 只是清煎, 再粘上酱料就好吃的很了. 这次的客家酿豆腐是我酿的版本.希望大家在看完如何自制豆腐后在贴子的尾声看到食谱. 我家婆的版本在
为什么回有我的版本呢!! 话说有一天家婆要酿豆腐, 忘了买咸鱼, 那我就换了虾米取代咸鱼..味道还蛮好呢!! 真是老王买瓜自卖自咵..不脸红~~(*UU) 食谱会在此分享. 不过要请大家多多见谅, 因为这贴子会很长咯..:p
This round of making this stuffed tofu, my mil had forgotten to buy salted fish so we substitute it with some dried prawn. The taste is just as good. 
Please get my mil's Hakka Stuffed tofu recipe here and my version with dried prawn will be at the bottom of this patient ya :p because this will be a really long post..
You can DIY (do it yourself) your own tofu. Tofu also called bean curd, is food made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks.  May be you will think, 'why DIY if i can easily buy them? :D Simply is because homemade is always more fun and you know what ingredients you are adding in your tofu :D  Making tofu is not hard at all although it seems like a arduous task :p But i am willing to bet you, once you got the hang of it you will love what you are doing and proud that you did it:D
自制豆腐特有趣呢!! 自己做自家吃很不错, 对吧! 豆腐的做法就是把豆浆点上卤水让豆浆沉淀,凝固(像豆腐花不过不滑的而是粗细..可看看Step 4的图片,就会 明白了) 做豆腐不难只是步骤比较多了点.

Things you might need are...
  • Dried soy beans, which is easy to get ... 黄豆,简单买的到
  • A blender or a soy milk maker which you need to blend the soaked soy bean. Then really hot water is pour into the blended soy bean to acquire soy milk...豆浆机或是个普通的搅拌机(就打豆浆那种)
  • A large pot for boiling soy milk and also as a holding pen for the curdled soy milk before it strained...一个大锅,来装豆浆
  • Cotton cloth bags which needed to strain the soy plup away from the soy milk..干净的纱布袋,过滤豆浆用的
  • Straining tools (a strainer)...一个过滤网(筛子)
  • Thin muslin fabric cloth or thick cheese cloth, size of a standard handkerchief. (about 9" x 9")...小纱布像手帕大小,用来将豆腐花舀包上
  • A wide chopping board and a pail of water for pressing the wrapped curdled soy milk to become tofu..**可到共参考详情

Well this is roughly all the tools you needed 
Now let's start..:D

 For more soy milk from the soy bean, soy beans is split into halves to take away the skin. Anyway whole soy bean will do too. 
Washed and soaked 500 gms of soy bean for a least 4 hours. (water should cover the soy bean completely)

After soaking the soy bean, pour away the water and filled with 2 litre of clean water. Step 1..
1 +2 .. Blend the soy bean with a blender

3 .. Pour the blended soy bean into a large pot

4 .. This is the fine soy pulp and soy milk.

 After the soybean are blended, Step 2 that is expressing the soy plup and the soy milk. 
1. Pour HOT boiled water into the blended soy bean.

2. It will looks like this with lots of foam on top.

3. Scoop away the foam.

4. Scoop the blended soy bean into the cotton bag to express out the soy milk.
I sew my own cotton 32cm x 64cm. Any size will do as long as it can hold the amount of blended soy bean that you make.

Step 3 is to boiled the squeezed out soy milk.
1. Squeezed out as much liquid out of the plup at possible.

2. This is the soy plup..Japanese term 'Okara', chinese term 'dou zha '.
This can be added to make a healthy and full of flavor and fibre bread or chinese pancake.(will share about this later)

3. Soy milk squeezed out from the plup.

4. Boiled this soy milk. **After boiling, if you want soya milk you may stop here and enjoy your soy milk here as this is drinkable soy milk. Just add a little sugar and also pandan leaves while boiled to enchance the flavour. 

BUT if you want to make tofu please continue the following steps..:D to turn all the soy milk into tofu.

Step 4, 
Tofu is curdled soy milk. Soybean protein and oil are coagulated/curdling with an edible substances. For example i am using 'salted water' or Japanese call 'nigari'. It is a mixture of magnesium and calcium salts that is left over when the table salt (sodium chloride) is crystalized from seawater. (more details about nigari here)....Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of salted water(nigari) into a big pot and pour the boiled soy milk into the pot. Stir well and let it sit for 3-5 minutes and see the salt water (nigari) react. Wait and observe, if you see the look of the curdling is as above that means it is done. If you don't you may add a few drops of salt water, stir to see the development of the curdling. (normally i will drip the salt water onto the surface of the soy milk a little at a time, will stir and observe after each addition to see the developing of the curd. I might have to drip the salt water a few rounds depend on the curdling of the soy milk)

1. The soy milk starts to curdled. (first you can see little little bit of soy milk  curd appear on the surface of the soy milk and the picture above is already curdled and ready to be tofu.

2. Put a strainer on the curdled soy milk to press out excess liquid.

3. Scoop away the excess liquid.

**More salted water will make a hard and firm bean curd and less salted water will make a soft and silken which is most us love this very much.

Next step...wrapped the curdled soy milk in a piece of cheese cloth/cotton cloth/muslin fabric to let the curdled firm and shaped into a block/cube. 

1. we use a rack with lots of small square. (you can use a muffins trays or any thing that can hold and shape the tofu)

2. Lined the cotton/cheese/muslin cloth on the rack and spoon some curdled soy milk onto the cloth. (depend on how big you want your tofu)

3 + 4 .Wrapped up by pulling the opposite corners of the cloth to meet together, pull to tighten.

5 + 6. Turn the wrapped tofu around and tuck the ends underneath. Remove the rack.

Next step..its almost ready...^^

1+2.  Pressing the wrapped tofu. Put a chopping board on top of the wrapped tofu and put a bucket of water as weight to press the liquid our of the wrapped tofu. How long of pressing depends on how firm you want your tofu to be. I press for just about 3-4 minutes for soft firm white tofu and if you want a firmer tofu to make into yellow bean curd/tofu that will need about 8-10 minutes.
3. After pressing, it look flat and firm.
4. Unwrapped the cotton cloth.
5+6. This is the soft and firm tofu. Chinese call this (bai dou gan 白豆干) means white firm bean curd. 

**You can stop here and have it as soft and silken tofu. Use it for cooking 'Mini stuffed tofu chap' or Stuffed Tofu which i will share in my next post or just braised it with leek and tomato or turn it into a another type of tofu, that is the Yellow bean curd (huang dou gan 黄豆干).

Ingredients for yellow bean curd:
6-10 pieces white soft bean curd
450-500ml  water
1 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp five spice powder
1/2 tsp salt

To do:
1. Pour water into a thick bottom sauce pan.
2. Add in turmeric powder.
3. Add in five spice powder
4. Last add in salted and stir to combine.

1+2. Stir to let it boiled.
3. Add in the white soft bean curd.
4. Let it simmer for about 1-2 minutes. 

1. Simmering the white soft tofu in the turmeric liquid.
2. The turmeric liquid will dye the white soft tofu become yellow and This is yellow bean curd. (no preservative, additives or nice, right??)
3.Drain it on a wire rack.
4. This is it..Yellow Bean Curd.



  1. Oh wow, I loves looking at your tutorial photos..and really impressed you have made your homemade tofu. Homemade food always the best, made with love for the family.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Yes, homemade always taste so good.
      It is also very worthwhile when you see your family enjoying your labour of love..:D

  2. Hi Mui mui, aiyoh...... I really love you ^-^ Thank you so much for sharing the homemade tofu which I always look forward to it. Bookmark this, hopefully when not so busy with my work will attempt this especially the yellow tofu. :)

    Yours look extremely good and smooth, it sure taste delicious when eat hot.
    Have a lovely weekend, regards.

  3. Mui Mui, Thank you so much of sharing ! And your tutorial are details . I was lucky to taste your homemade tofu. After CNY, I am going to make tofu using your salted water.

  4. WOW! Mui Mui, I'm so impressed!! Thank you very much for sharing this bean curd in details. You know I'm the lazy type and like to use shortcut method... hahaa. I only made egg tofu before and I must try to make this after CNY. :)

  5. mui mui, you are so rajin! I agree that homemade is better because we don't know what other stuff like preservatives are added to the commercial ones. I am sure your tofu is delicious and better than ready made ones. But right now, I don't have the time to make my own. Will KIV your recipe for a future time :)

  6. Mui Mui, it's amazing that you know how to make the tofu. Tofu is one of our home favorite dish, yummy yummy!!!
    I love your homemade tofu but I don't think I able to make it nevertheless I will bookmark this great recipe for my mum :)
    Thanks for sharing !!!

  7. Hi Mui Mui
    I admire your skills and patience. I tried making soya milk once and failed terribly, so I never try again. Once bitten, twice shy! And the soya milk maker in the shopping centre costs a bomb, so I have given up making soya milk or bean curd for now.

  8. I love your step by step tutorial , Doreen ! I'm so impressed ;) Last time at the local market here , I've seen this lady making silken tofu in front of her shop and I oohed and aahed while looking at her making this ! lol

  9. Wow! You know how to make tofu. Seems a lot of labour wok. But I'm sure is worth after looking at your love one enjoying your homemade tofu.

  10. Wow, you made your own tofu! How wonderful! Thanks for the step-by-step tutorial, these will definitely come in handy when I am in the mood for some homemade tofu!
    Your tofu looks fantastic! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy New Year to you too and wish you all the very best in 2013!

  11. OH wow, home made tofu. Looks quite complicated, but I would love to make my own as well.

  12. Mui Mui, very healthy dish to kick off your 2013's blgging! I like the stuffed tofu the best as my mum is a Hakka and in my childhood days, she made us lots of "yong tau fu!" Do you have time to make Chinese New Year's cookies? Take care!

  13. Hi Mui,
    This is my favourite favourite post! I have been wanting to make tofu but I can't get the coagulant...can i use normal sea salt? Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Doreen,

    We used to make our own soya milk and soya bean curd too when I was young... but we never make our tofu before. Your DIY tofu looks very impressive with so much work involved. I reckon you will need a lot of helpers to make these tofu and eat them all. Sounds like a fun thing to do for large family :D


  15. 你好棒哦!



  16. Oh these look like a great idea.

  17. hi doreen, this is impressive reading how tofu is made..nigari sounds familiar to me, i might have seen it before. thanks so much for your effort to post this up, it's not easy, and really appreciate your kind sharing with all of us!

  18. This is a great pictorial tuition. Thanks Doreen.

  19. It is truly an art in making tofu. I miss living in HKG because I can simply walk down the street and get freshly made ones from the market...unlike in the U.S. So, you tutorial is very helpful. I gotta get my tools ready and start making my own tofu! :) Thank you so much for sharing.

  20. Hi, Please share the recipe for home made tofu puffs :)


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