September 19, 2011

My mil's signature dish....Hakka Stuffed tofu~~婆家的拿手好菜..客家釀豆腐~

Making tofu is a family business in my hubby family. My mil and fil have been in this business for 30 years. Lots of our friends love our home made tofu. Stuffed tofu is my mil signature dish. Every special occasion, we will have this dish (Hakka Style stuffed tofu). It can be eat solo with a piece of local lettuce or eat with porridge. My boys like to have it with porridge.

~local lettuce...本地生菜~

婆家的豆腐干或白豆干是许多朋友们的喜爱. 婆婆做豆腐也做了30年. 现在这生意也传了给下一代. 釀豆腐这道菜很自然就是我们家的招牌菜. 每逢佳节都会做这道菜. 我们都会用一片本地生菜包着一片釀豆腐来吃. 或者我家小呱们最爱用粥配釀豆腐....你呢? 喜欢怎么配...^^

~Tofu is ready to be stuffed....白豆干出炉了..可以釀了~

Come on, let get ready the stuffing first...先准备内馅吧!!

~Mince meat is the main ingredient in the stuffing.... 馅料主主角是肉~

Ingredients for stuffing..馅材料:
450g mince meat 肉碎
2 tbsp mackarel salted fish meat~pan fried ahead
1 egg 蛋
1/2 tsp salt 盐
1/2 tsp five spice powder 五香粉
4 shallots~mince finely 红葱~磨幼
5 cloves garlic~mince finely 蒜米~磨幼
3-4 tbsp water 水
2 cups or enough cooking oil for frying..2杯食油(炸豆腐用的)

To do:
1) Mix all the above ingredients together. Stirring and folding until a sticky paste is form.
2) Cut the tofu into half. Make a slit on the cut part with  chopstick. (do not cut the slit with a knife because this will cause the stuffing to fall out easily)
3) Slowly stuff the meat stuffing into the tofu. Put the stuffed tofu with the stuffed part facing down. After all tofu are stuffed, fried the tofu in oil until it cooked or golden brown.

~Stuffed tofu is ready and served....客家釀豆腐上桌了~~

1) 把馅料的材料都搅拌均匀. 用手再搅拌至粘稠.
2) 把豆腐切半. 在切的部位用筷子夹一条缝. (不可用刀割,因为会使到内馅滑出)
3) 把肉馅一点一点釀进豆腐. 把釀好的豆腐,有内馅的部分向下放. 当都釀好了就可以拿去炸 . 用中火炸至黄和熟.

~The stuffing is firmly sitted in the tofu....this is the secret to make the stuffing sit in is using a chopstick to make a slit in the tofu and not cutting with a knife~
~豆腐的馅肉紧紧的拈在里面..美美..技巧是用筷子夹豆腐而不用刀割噢 ...~

~Tofu can be stuffed in quite a lots meat....豆腐釀的较多肉如用筷子夹..~


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