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Old Fashion Kopi Tiam Bread Loaf 古早咖啡店面包

This is an old fashion kopi tiam (coffee shop) bread loaf. It has coarse texture but it is so soft and nice! This coarse texture kind of bread bring back many child hood memories! We use to have this type of bread in the local coffee shop. They will take two pieces of bread, make into a kaya butter sandwich, ( a piece spread with butter and the other piece spread with Kaya.) "I spread with my Homemade Kaya  ^_^   " Before i go further.... Zoe and I would like to give a big THANK to Joyce from Joy 'N' Escapade for being such a wonderful host for Little Thumbs Up - March. We have collected 105 awesome posts, here We will a break in April .... Coming up, we will have another wonderful host from Belgium. She is also a Sarawakian and i am one too. She is  Isadora from Nasifriet . She have chosen TOFU for her theme. Interesting right!! Join us in this coming May and find out how wonderful she is. Let start the TOFU skill in May!!  :D (above was updated on 4/4)
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Simple Crepes with Honey and Cream Cheese ~简易蜂蜜芝士可丽饼

Hi, hi, hi...^_^ It's March , gosh!! Time fly!! My kids are having term examination at the moment. When kids have their exam we as parents also having exam ... LOL  To boost up their energy i make some simple tea time treat for them. This is one of those easy and delicious treat for anytime of the day . Simple Honey Crepe, it is light but full of flavor with cream cheese topping and drizzle of HONEY!! Simple and light crepe!!                              add ingredients,   blend,blend,blend,  smooth mixture,   pour and let                                                          in the blender                                  it sit for 15                                                                               minutes       Thinly cooked crepe! It's a lovely treat for anytime of the day ^_^ Simple Crepe with Honey and Cream Cheese  ~简易蜂蜜芝士可丽饼  Recipe adapted from Makes 5 pieces (i make 1/2 of the recipe; below is my record

Chocolate Cheese Brownie ~巧克力芝士布兰尼

This is a revisit recipe but this time i uses coconut flower sugar to make this brownie. This is a classic brownie for me. It is always my first choice when i wanted to make a cheese brownie.  Chocolate Cheese Brownie Kids love these chocolate cheese brownie. Me love this brownie with a cuppa of milk tea! Wanna come join me ^_^ Coconut flower sugar is a better alternative from table sugar.  Coconut sugar is a sugar produce from the sap of cut flower buds from the coconut palm. The sap from the coconut flower buds i collected then it is boiled over moderate heat to evaporated most of its water content. The final product is coconut sugar, which is caramel coloured and taste similar to brown sugar. Grated coconut flower sugar. Original it is in a hard disc form.  These precious coconut flower sugar discs are from my husband's classmate. It is shipped in from Thailand! Thanks friend!! Brownie appeared cooked but it is actually half cook inside. Scrape the

Lavender and Lemon Sable Cookies ~薰衣草柠檬奶油饼干

To me, i always find that Lavender is a very romantic type of flower. The scent, the color and the look of the flower .. isn't it so romantic !! Lavender and Lemon Sable Cookies These lovely, crisp and delicate cookies! Little hands full of dried Lavender. My youngest lend my his pair of hands to take pictures. He is 6 and a half year old this year. Coming to 7 years old in November. He is growing up and i find that his hands are not as chubby anymore. I think i should feed him more and make him more plum so i can have a pair of cute little chubby hands  The dried Lavender smells simply wonderful. Mix all purpose flour and cornflour together Add all the flour and dried Lavender into the food processor bowl Add in cube butter Pulse, pulse, pulse ..add yolks and pulse again Remove the log from the fridge Cut into 6mm disc Arrange onto prepared parchment paper Enjoy, these cookies with a cuppa of tea~ Lavender and Lemon Sa

Chicken in Spicy Torch Ginger Flower Sauce ~酸辣姜花鸡(强推)

This is a lovely recipe and i would highly recommend you to give it a try. Just cook it, you will love it! Even my boys love it! The torch ginger flower buds bring a special fragrance to this dish, EXTREMELY FRAGRANT!!   The recipe uses fresh chili and dried chili but i omit the fresh chili and reduce the dried chili to about less then half the amount.This is for my kids version :p (less spicy) If you prefer more spicy just stick to the original recipe. Chicken in Spicy Torch Ginger Flower ~酸辣姜花鸡~ 菜市 (tamu) 卖的姜花。一把3支姜花,价格 RM5。 我晓得蛮贵就跑去,另一档买,花虽然 不很 美但是 比较便宜。。 RM2。。呵呵! Torch Ginger Flower selling the local wet market. A bundle of 3 flowers, selling at RM5. i found it is quite expensive so i go further down to look around. Found  another person selling at RM2, Quickly grab..haha! Ingredients for the sauce Grind the ingredients into find paste. Saute spice mix with some cooking oil. Spice mix is ready!! Oh!! this is extremely fragr

Stir fry Leek Flower with Prawn ~蒜花炒虾仁

Saw some leek flower on sell in the local supermarket last week. I grab a pack to cook for dinner. I always love the leek flower, they have got taste, texture, fiber and those cute looking buds are pretty and edible. The leek is a vegetable that belongs, along with the onion and garlic family. The leek flower is actually the Leek scapes or the shoot of the leafless flower stems of the leek plant. Usually the 'flower' is eaten before it blooms.This entire stalk and flower buds are edible and it is delicious. It is like leek flavored asparagus. Stir fry Leek Flower with Prawn ~蒜花炒虾仁 This dish is simple to prepare and it is delicious. The leek scape has got its garlicky and sweetness taste after cook. Yum!! The local supermarket sell this at RM12.50 per kg.  The leek flower or leek scapes! Just a simple Chinese style stir fry, the leek flower  with  prawn  this dish will be so delicious! To cook a crunchy and good tasting leek flower, the skin o