August 31, 2015

Fried Wantan ~炸馄饨

Hi everyone!! Fried wantan, is one of the dim sum i love. It is crispy on the outside with moist and chewy prawn or meat filling inside. It always come with a sauce, like mayonnaise mix or chili sauce. My boys love it with tomato ketchup. How about you??
I will share what is special inside the mayonnaise mix. My friend who own a dim sum restaurant share with me that how they mix this mayonnaise mix for the fried dim sum. She also mention that all the fried ones are using the same mayonnaise mix.
This round i wrapped the fried wantan same as the previous Shark Fin Dumpling (yu chi gow). I am going to share a tutorial on how to wrap this, due to popular demand..LOL
Fried Wantan
a plate of fried wantan ready to serve!
Love the light crispy skin!!

This is my first batch, i fried it a bit too dark :p

Drizzle it will some mayonnaise mix

The filling is a mix of mince meat, prawn and water chestnut.
Fried Wantan ~炸馄饨
Recipe adapted from Delightful Snacks & Dim Sum by Agnes Chang
Makes 35 pieces (i make 1/2 of the original recipe)

150g mince meat
135g prawn meat, diced
5 water chestnuts, peeled and chopped

1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp sesame oil
1/4 tsp pepper
1 tsp corn flour
1/2 tsp chicken granules

1 cup of oil for deep frying

To Do:
1. Filling: Mix prawn meat, mince meat with salt and stir in one direction til very sticky. Add the remaining ingredients and seasoning, stir in one direction until well combined.
2. Use a piece of wantan skin to wrap up 11/2 tsp of filling. (**follow the tutorial to wrap it)
3. Heat up oil for deep frying, deep fry til golden brown with medium heat.
4. Serve with chilli sauce or mayonnaise mix.

another dumpling parade ... lol

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  1. 哎呀。。。Mui Mui, 你跑哪儿去了。。。我找了你好久, 也等了你好久了, 就怕你赶不上这最后列车啊! 哈哈哈。。。
    知道你一定很忙, 所以才没上来。 你的巧手也真棒, 这炸馄饨褶得真美!

  2. Fried wanton is one of my favourite dim sum to order! I love it dipped with a thick layer of mayonnaise, unhealthy but so delicious!


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