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Puffer Fish Birthday Cake for my Dear Sister ~ 小妹的小河豚生日蛋糕..^^

My time have been a bit tide up lately....^^ My three boys caught 'chickenpox' .. :S I have to make sure they drink lots of water and what food to avoid..etc. 
I was wondering why they caught it?? because all of them have got the shot.... 'chickenpox vaccine'
 My eldest caught it first from school. A week later when he is almost recovered, my second boy caught it and  follow by my youngest... sigh..
~This is my youngest..although he catches chickenpox, he is still naughty and cheerful..XD

~This is the second day the red spots becomes blister.

Before the outbreak they have slight fever like 37.1C only. A mild one and goes away the second day. Then comes the little red spots,started one or two RED dots on their hands and body..eventually all over their face, hand and body. Pity them itchy all over. 
This is my little tips to ease their itch and keep them in comfort condition while waiting for the 'chicken pox' to go away. Hope this tips will give some help to some of you ..^^
1.. Go consult a doctor first.
2.. Give lots of liquid
3.. Keep them cool .. wear light clothing
4.. Bath or shower as frequent as possible (if fever do not bath or shower)
5.. Get ready some medication
.. a soothing cream (Calamine lotion or cream) to apply on the blister to ease them from itchiness 
..a allergy syrup from my doctor for stand by, if my boy can't stand the itchiness, this syrup will put him to sleep to ease him for the time being.
..some paracetamol (panadol syrup) in case there is a fever.
6.. No heaty food (fried) 
7.. No sour food or drink or dark soy sauce.. this will cause scar (after recovered)
8.. Do not scratch on the blister .. this will cause infection 
9.. Wait patiently for as least 5-7 days to recover totally.

 I am glad they are all well now. Think back it is good for them to catch at this young ages. They recover better and leave no scar. i myself caught it when i am take me 2 weeks to get well and 3 weeks for the marks to faded totally...Everything happens, Happens for the good..:D

 My thousand apolozige for posting a overdue cake..LOL..i (mui mui) will be posting lots of overdue yummlicious in future until the up to date..:p Hope you don't mind..:D Come back to what mui mui is going to share today.
June is a special month for me (mui mui)
                       ....mui mui birthday, 
                       ....youngest sister's birthday, 
              anniversary and
                       ....3 close friends birthday all fall on
First, my youngest sister's birthday, mui mui wanted to give her a surprise. A special birthday cake for her. A Puffer Fish cake with homemade vanilla ice cream as filling.

~Am using this dome(hemisphere) baking mould to make this cake~

Puffer Fish Vanilla Ice cream cake

Ingredients for sponge cake:
4 eggs-grade A
60 gms castor sugar
40gms butter ( melted )
70 gms plain flour
1 tsp golden cheese powder (i added this for the colour and flavor) sift in together with plain flour

To do:
1)Preheated oven at 180c. In a mixing bowl, add in eggs and sugar beat until mixture is light and fluffy. Gradually fold in sifted flour and golden cheese powder. Then fold in melted butter, mix well.
2) Pour into a 8 inches round, greased and lined with parchment paper baking tray.
3) Bake at 190c for 20-25 minutes.
4) When it cooked, cool sponge cake on rack and slice into 2 pieces. Set aside.

 ~this is the golden cheese powder that i added into the flour and sifted~

 ~Eggs batter beat till fluffy and light~

~Fold in the flour then the melted butter or corn oil to combine~

For my homemade vanilla ice-cream
recipe source: Yummy cold desserts made easy by Kelly Tang

 3 yolks
60 gms castor sugar
2 tsp vanilla
150 gms uht whipping cream
or change to full cream milk if you doesn't like it too milky taste.

 250 gms non dairy whipping cream
(i used uht whipping cream)

To do:
1) Mix ingredients A till well combine and double-boil till thicken. (like a custard mixture) Let it cool a little.
2) Beat ingredient B until it is stiff. Fold whipped cream into the above custard  mixture. Divide into 3 times to fold in, to combine.

1..mix all the ingredients well
2..double-boiled the mixture
3,4..mixture thicken(when you run your finger across it will leave a clear line mean it is ready) 

1) prepared a bowl of ice cubes water
2) Put the bowl of whip cream over the ice water and whipped/beat
3) Fold whipped uht cream into the custard mixture

 ~folding the whipped uht cream into the custard mixture~

~this is the ready homemade vanilla ice-cream~
if it is not for the cake, it can be freezer until it is ready to serve~

Following pictures were the last posted of how i assemble my previous ice-cream cake and is the same as this one, if you are interested click here:

1) I used a semi sphere baking mould to do this.
Put the mould  onto the sponge cake and cut out the round shape.

2) Cut out 1/8 from the round sponge cake.

3) Place the cake into the hemisphere mould. It should fix nicely.

4) Spoon ice cream onto sponge cake, filling 1/2 full and place a piece of smaller round sponge cake on top. Again spoon the remaining ice cream onto the sponge and cover with another piece of sponge cake.

5) Freeze the cake for about 2 hours. Unmould the cake and spread the cake with whipped non dairy whipping cream.

Get ready the accessories for the cake..
Make fins and eyes for the puffer fish with cooking chocolate:

100 gms cooking chocolate
some white cooking chocolate
a pipping bag 
a piece of parchment paper

To do:
1) Double-boiled the white and dark cooking chocolate in 2 different bowls.
2) Filled in both dark and white melted chocolate in 2 different pipping bag. Use a small round plain tip or just cut a small bit of the tip of the pipping bag will do.
3) Use the white melted chocolate to draw the fins outline, then filled in with dark melted chocolate inside.
For eye..filled the whole oval(eye) with dark melted chocolate and add on dots with white melted chocolate. Put into fridge to set, about 10 minutes.

 ~draw the outline of the fins and eyes~

~use white chocolate to draw the outline and filled in with dark chocolate~

Frosting the cake:
Idea source: 'Cake Decoration/手创造型蛋糕装饰' a book by 何国熙

 350 gms topping cream (i use non dairy whipping cream)
some orange food coloring
2 pipping bag 
a plain round tip
*(5) a star shape tip (for decorating around the side of the cake)

~plain round tip~

To do:
1) Whipped non dairy whipping cream to stiff peak form.
2) Take some of the whipped cream to cover the whole cake and smooth out nicely .
~smooth out nice and neat~

3) Colored some of the whipped cream orange.

4) Fixed on the pipping tip into the pipping bag. Filled two colored whipped cream into the pipping bag.
 ~filled one side orange colored cream and the other side just plain~

*5) Start decorating the cake from the bottom using the star tip to pump. After  that start to pump the puffer fish spikes .. 1st divide the cake into 3 parts. Leave 1/3 out(for eye and mouth) Start to pump the spikes within the 2/3 from 'start' to 'end'. Repeat till the 2/3 part is all filled up.

~this is how i do it~

~*(5) start here the star tip decoration~

~This is the complete Puffer Fish Ice-Cream cake~

~This is the birthday girl and her hubby~



  1. So cute~I wish can have one for my birthday....haha!

  2. Hi 蓝色小厨,
    Thanks for compliments.
    No problem let me know when is your birhtday I will make a special one for you...^^
    Between I wanted to say thanks for introducing me to the golden cheese powder.
    Other then making this sponge cake I have tried making buns with it, the outcome its great.
    Will post soon..^^ have a nice weekend!

  3. 可爱咧~~~你好厉害做的蛋糕个个都美美。

    1. Hi Ah Loy,

  4. You must be very tired of taking care your kids. By the way your cake looks amazingly great! A lot of assembly tasks involved. You did a very great job!

    1. Hi Viv,
      Thanks for compliments. Yes, Thank God, everthing is over now.
      My 3 boys are well and leave no scar. Still

  5. Wow! What an adorable cake! An amazing idea for birthday cake. I can see the effort you've put in & taking care of your children at the same time! Well done! :)

    1. Hi Kit,
      Thanks for compliments.
      I am glad by the time I make this cake they are all recovering so I have no worries on that.
      Thanks again for concern..^^

  6. Hi Mui Mui,can't imagine how you got through this but glad I know that it is over!Your puffer fish is very,very cute,something that I can't do it! June isn't long enough,I have a cake baked in April,may be posted by next week,hehehe

    1. Hi Jess,
      Thanks for the good words.
      Glad to have you back. Yes, am glad everything is over.
      My Puffer Fish Birthday Cake..actually is quite simple. All you need is just assembling It.
      Yes, I wish June have 40days I still have some more Overdue posts.
      Hope to see your cake that baked in April soon...^^

  7. Mui Mui~~

    1. Hi Sasa,

  8. Hope you kid is now recovered.Wow, i am impressed with your dolphine Birthday cake!, well done.

    1. Hi Sonia,
      Thanks for compliments.
      Err...this is a Puffer fish birthday cake ..not a dolphins cake...:)
      Maybe my Chinese words(河豚.).hehe
      Yes, all of them are well now...^^

  9. 在这儿要称呼你Mui Mui
    还是Doreen. 好咧!哈哈,这蛋糕真的超难度。都说你在我眼中真的是位超历害师傅。

    1. Hi Crystal,
      你真可爱。 我的中文名有个梅(mui)就在开始写部落格时就放mui mui. 后来开了fb才放Doreen 我的圣名。两个名就这样来了。。呵呵。

  10. Hope ur heroes at home are doing fine n wish them in speedy recovery. Mui mui, ur puff fish cake is very nice n cute. I learnt a new piping idea from you ...hehehe..let's us share more ideas together ya...happy Sunday to u n ur family.

    1. Hi Angeline,
      My little heroes are well and steady now.
      Thanks for compliments. Yes..yes..we should share more idea together. Looking forward for that..^^
      you too have a lovely Sunday with your family.

  11. 哇!你家宝贝出水痘应该很忙吧!还准备了个超可爱的蛋糕,佩服啊^^

    1. Hi Winnie,

  12. 孩子都好了吗^?自己也保重别累坏了^_^

    1. Hi Sally,

  13. i had some chicken pox scars too on my body but after many years now, they seem to be fading already, not noticeable at all:) doreen, you are really good making and decorating cakes, i pengsan already ask me to make cake like this!

  14. 哈哈…


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