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My son's tea time snack...lion bun....我两个宝贝的下午点心...狮子面包...^^

'Arg..Arg..the lion is coming...
This is a cute and yummy lion buns.I saw this lion buns from a fb friend's wall. I found it is very very cute and  interesting. This fb friend got this recipe from a CN blogger. I cannot resist to try this. So ....this is the result....;)
可爱的狮子面包,第一次在fb朋友 (Seokhui) 那看到. 爱不释手,就动手做给孩子当下午茶点心...^^  thanks SeoKhui...^^

~Lion bun ... using cooking chocolate to make lion's face and chicken floss to make lion's fury hair.

~filling for this lion buns.... 狮子面包的内馅~

I use a simple filling:
4 slices of chicken ham,cut into cubes ~ I use Ayamas Chicken ham
1 tbsp of mayonise
1 tsp of chopped spring onion
dash of black pepper
Mix all together and set aside.

4 片,鸡肉火煺片, 切丁..我用了'Ayamas 的'
1 大匙美奶芝
1 小匙葱花
把所有的材料都拌匀, 备用.

Ingredients for dough/面团材料:
250ml cold water..冷水
50ml cold milk..冷鲜奶
5 tbsp sugar..大匙糖
1 tsp salt..小匙
150g oat flour..燕麦粉
350g bread flour..面包粉
2 tbsp milk powder..奶粉 
40g shortening-I used crisco..白油
2 tsp yeast..酵母

To do:
I am using bread maker machine to mix and knead this dough. My breadmaker is Noxxa brand.
1) Add all the dough ingredients into the bread pan press mix and knead function. If you are using the same bread machine as mine than the knead and mix function is mode 11.
2) After the dough is ready, take out and divide into small portions. Some 33g per piece and some 11g per piece until the dough is all divided.
我是用了面包机来搓这个面团. 我的面包机的品牌是'NOXXA'.
1) 把所有的材料倒进面包盘, 按搓面团的功能. 如您是跟我用一样面包机就按Mode 11. 
2)把面团取出分成两份,一份分成每粒33克, 一份每一粒分成11克.

~Rolled the dough round and let them sit for 10 minutes...

3) Flatten both dough, add filling onto the bigger piece, wet the edge of the smaller piece and cover the smaller piece on top of the filling. Sealed the edge of the smaller piece by pressing with finger.
3) 把33克的面团按平做底, 把馅料加上,在圆边扫上水. 再把11克的面团按平,盖在大面团上面,圆边用手指按紧.

~Two pieces of flatten pieces ...两片压平的小面团~

~filling is added on ... 将馅料放上~

~sealed the edge by pressing the side with a finger.... 把小面皮盖上,在圆边用手指按紧~

~Arrange the buns on a greased baking tray... 把面包摆进一抹油的烤盘上~

 ~after drawing the face of the lion...  用了溶化巧克力画了狮子的脸~

4) Spray some water onto the buns and use some melted chocolate to draw the Lion's face. 
5) Arrange into a greased baking tray and bake at 180c for 12-15 minutes.

~after baking .... 烤好了~

6) Apply mayonise onto the side of the the baked lion bun and sprinkle lots of chicken meat floss onto it....  then its DONE...enjoy~~
6) 把没美奶芝抹在面包的园边再扑上鸡肉丝..就完成了.

~Chicken meat floss gives the fury effect... 鸡肉丝扑的满满的好可爱又好吃~

 ~My Lion Buns is done....狮子面包做好了~

~Can't resist..? Have one bite first...等不急..先咬一口..~

**The ideal of this Lion Bun is from



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