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An expired birthday cake ~ Mango cheese mousse cake ~ 芒果幕欺蛋糕

This is a expired post rather then a expired cake :p Like i have mention in my previous post that my wifi is dead...causes all my bakes and cooks queueing up to be post..LOL  This is a cake i make for Mother's Day cum hubby's birthday. The previous cake (Rhumba Mousse Cake) i make for Father's Day is actual cum my birthday cake...hehe
It is a coincident that hubby's and myself's birthday (mine) fall on father's day and the other on mother's day. Save my job one stone kills two birds..=p
这是个过期的蛋糕贴子. 还记得我的wifi出状况吗? 就因为这样贴子托到现在才贴上=p
这蛋糕是二合一, 就是庆祝母亲节和老公的生日. 上个贴子伦巴幕欺蛋糕, 也是二合一, 是庆祝父亲节和我mui mui的生日呢!!

Another cake that uses  fruit, mango as main ingredient,  This mango again is from my back yard, its gong gong's mango  tree :D Have you heard of Kuini fruit or Kuini mango?? It is another type of mango, if i am not mistaken it is only found in eastern malaysia. Mangifera Odorata its scientific name, known as Kuwin (Kuini) Mango or Mangifera odorata  is light orange in color with a juicy sweetness and can only be eaten fully ripe. It has pungent scents, very meaty flesh and easily get addicted once you bite into it ..hahaha
又一个水果蛋糕..^_^ 用了本地杧果(Kuini). 你有听过这种芒果吗?? 味甜芒香、果肉厚多汁风味怡人是种吃了会很回味的一种芒果. 

This is the Kuini fruits that is  still on the tree.

Slices of Kuini mango ready to be blend into puree.
Don't you think this is a lovely natural colour??
削皮的Kuini果肉橙黄色, 要搅拌成果泥了..

Decorated with fresh fruits local mulberries. These berries are from my mum's house. 

See that lovely teaspoon there? I love it very much. It a gift from a dear friend (Jessie).
She is so kind to send me this lovely teaspoon and a rectangle pie baking tin. I would like to say Thank you very much (感恩) to dear Jessie.

A school craft, hand made cupcake cases bouquet from my youngest.
His first mother's day gift for me..isn't that sweet!!

Tangerine Orange Cheese Mousse Cake (柳橙乳酪慕斯蛋糕)

recipe adapted from Carol 自在生活 with my modification in purple
(the recipe is in chinese, i am trying my best to translate in english =p)
1 heart shape mousse ring (18.9 cm x 17.8 cm x 5cm)
(i use a heart shape baking tin 18 cm x 16 cm x 7.5 cm)

A. side  sponge finger
80 g low protein flour (i use plain flour)
2 eggs
60 g castor sugar
1/2 tsp lemon juice
2 T tbsp icing sugar ( sprinkle onto the sponge surface just before sending to bake in the oven)

B. Ingredients for tangerine orange mousse (i make Kuini mango mousse)

a. 100 g uht whipping cream (i used 150 g)
10 g castor sugar (i used 15 g)

b. 6 g gelatine leaves (i used 8 g)
150 cc tangerine orange juice (i used 140 g Kuini mango, add 30 ml water to blend into puree)
200 g cream cheese (i used mascarpone cheese)
30 g castor sugar 
50 g plain yogurt

c. 1 egg white
25 g castor sugar
(I am serving this cake my kids so i did not add egg white)

Part 1. To do the side sponge finger
  • Draw out 2 heart shape out line from the heart shape mousse ring or baking tin onto a parchment paper. 1 for base - draw 1 cm smaller and one for adding into the mousse layer draw 2.5cm smaller.
  • In another piece of parchment paper draw a 10 cm length and 30 cm width for side sponge finger. ( i turn the parchment paper around and use the other side with no ink on)
  • Separate egg yolks and whites and put into different mixing bowls. (do not have any yolk, water or grease/oil in the egg white)
  • Sieved flour, set. aside.
  • Preheated oven at 170C.
  • Whisk egg white until forthy. Add in lemon juice keep whisking, adding castor sugar half at a time, keep whisking until meringue reaches medium soft peak.
  • Add yolks into meringue and fold to combine.
  • Add in sieve flour (divide 2 times to add in) and fold in well.
  • Fill this batter mixture into a pipping bag with a fitted plain tip (nozzle). Piped the along the drawn heart shape and side sponge finger on the parchment paper. Sprinkle icing sugar onto the piped mixture evenly.
  • Bake in preheated  oven at 170C  for 12 - 15 minutes.
pic A (moulding the baking tin with sponge heart and sponge finger)

1) Draw the shape of the heart shape baking tin on a piece of parchment paper. Piped out the sponge batter onto parchment paper.
2) This is the baked and ready for use sponge cake. (heart shape 2 pieces)
3) This is the finger sponge batter piped onto a piece of parchment paper.
4) Cut the baked finger sponge along the middle so that you can have two rolls equal size.
5) Lined the heart shaped baking tin with cling foil. Left 2 inches extra over hang outside the 
baking tin.
6) Put in the first piece of heart sponge into the base of the baking tin. Heart shaped sponge have to be 1 cm smaller then the baking tin to let room for the sponge finger to sit in.
7) Lined the finger sponge along the side of the heart shaped baking tin.

Part 2. To do mousse filling:
  • Whisk (a) uht whipping cream and castor sugar until medium soft peak form. Set aside or keep in refrigerator covered. 
pic B (preparing the cheese mousse filling)

1) Peel and cut mango into slices and puree in a blender.
2) Whisk whipping cream in a cold bowl until it is in stiff and not dry. (do not over whisk or the liquid and fat will be separated and it will be very lumpy and not smooth)
3) Soaked gelatine leaves in cold and icy water for 5 minutes. When it is soften, squeeze out the water.
4) Put soften gelatine leaves into warm mango puree (i zap this puree in mircowave for 30 seconds). Set aside and let it cool. (make sure gelatine leaves are totally melted)
5) Beat soften cream cheese until it is smooth. (i am using mascarpone cheese. i just whisk it with a wire whisk lightly until it is smooth)
6) Blend in yogurt and the cool mango puree mixture together till combine. 
7) Fold in whipped cream. Fold in lightly.

pic C Assembling the cake

1) Get ready the prepared, lined with sponge baking tin. 
2) Pour half of the mousse filling in.
3) Lay the second piece of heart sponge onto the top.
4) Pour the other half in and level it.

Hope you will like this Mango Cheese Mousse Cake  as much as we enjoy it!!


  1. 哇!心思慢慢的芒果慕司蛋糕。真的很细心的分享。好喜欢的蛋糕。

    mui mui 的大日子也。几个节日一起庆祝,好热闹的。

    1. Jo,

  2. mui mui, that is a very beautiful and yummy cake! I love mangoes but I find kuini a bit too strong for me. But I don't mind having it in the mousse cake :)

    1. Thanks Kak Phong Hong.
      Yes, my mum also find that using Kuini to make this cake it is a bit too strong for her but for my hubby kids they are ok :D

  3. Hi Mui Mui, happy belated birthday. May you stay young and sweet always.
    Lovely cake and it look awesome. The texture look really good.
    That's a very nice and sweet mother's day gift from your son. You must be smiling from east to west. :))

    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you dear Amelia!
      Haha ! Yes, yes .. My youngest is always very manja. I am smile east to west when receiving his hand craft :p

  4. The cake that you made is so beautiful...

    Happy Belated Birthday to you!!!

  5. 好美的蛋糕哦!!可以分我一块吗?!

    1. Little Blue,

  6. 原来你刚刚过了生日,



    1. 哈哈!我又老一岁了!


  7. 好漂亮的蛋糕!

  8. Mui Mui, Happy belated Birthday to you! The cake looks gorgeous and definitely very delicious too!

  9. Hi Mui Mui,
    Happy Belated Birthday!
    What a bummer when internet is down, I hate it when that happens!
    Your cake is beautiful and perfectly made! Love your Kuini mangoes, used to eat these mangoes when I was young, but now, hardly seen it anymore.
    Adorable mother's day present from your youngest!

    1. Thanks Joyce.
      Oh yes! Internet down is really bad !

  10. A nice and lovely cake. I believe you need to spend such a long time to bake and decorate the cake. Happy belated birthday to you!


    1. Jozeyln,
      This is actually not hard to make this cake.
      Just prepared the sponges a day ahead. Then make the filling the next day, assemble it, send it to the fridge. When it's ready just add on the fruits. Then it done!

  11. Hi Doreen,

    Your husband and you are having the same birthday!!! What a co-incidence! Nice that you didn't have to bake too many birthday cakes but with all the effort that you bake this beautiful cake... I reckon you can bake at least 5 simple cakes!

    Happy belated birthday to you!


  12. Thanks Zoe.
    My bday fall on the same day as Mother's Day and hubby's birthday fall on Father's Day. Hehe.. That means instead if doing 4 cakes I only made 2 :p

  13. Hi Mui Mui, I'm back in action! Cake is very sui sui & looks delicious too! May's photos not considered too late, hehe!

  14. Your mango mousse cake is gorgeous. I say, it looks even better than those from the bakeries. :) I love that you made your own sponge fingers for the decoration too. So beautiful.

  15. Dearest Mui Mui, your cake is so pretty just like you do.

  16. Huh Mui! Good that you clarify this in your first paragraph! I was wondering what's an expired cake when I read the title of this post! :D

  17. Doreen , Belated Happy Birthday !!!! Such a wonderful and gorgeous cake to celebrate the two special occasion :D I'll drop by later to pick some of those Kuini mangoes lol

  18. Happy belated birthday and mother's day. What a lovely cake. A lot of work but it is worth it when your family love it. I love Kuini Mango, my mother in law compound has a few trees of this in Tg Malim, Perak.

  19. Happy belated birthday and mother's day. What a lovely cake. A lot of work but it is worth it when your family love it. I love Kuini Mango, my mother in law compound has a few trees of this in Tg Malim, Perak.

  20. Very pretty cake & Happy Belated Bday! U actually have a mango tree at your yard? Pretty impressive!

  21. Mui Mui, I nearly got a shock when see expired birthday cake hahaha.... the cake looks so pretty, kind of missing mousse cake, so long never make liao lol.

  22. Such a beautiful cake and I love the smell of must be a really delicious cake!

  23. I think this cake must be very strong taste which using Kuini. My mom always said this Kuini very "tu", can't eat this mango too much. Anyway, a lovely decorated Birthday cake.


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