July 06, 2013

Rhumba Mousse Cheesecake ~ 伦巴慕斯蛋糕

This cake is specially made for my kids' Dad :D It is a Father's Day cake. 
When i asked:  'Daddy, what cake would you like for Father's Day?'
Hubby: Use those banana to make a cake.'
Me: 'Good idea!!'
Since gong gong (my fil) harvest a big bunch of banana from the backyard small orchard.

我问他 :   爸,你今年想吃什么蛋糕呢?
他(男人) : 就用老爸收割的香蕉吧!
我 :            好注意哦!
公公在后院种了好几棵香蕉树. 也刚收割了一大串.

I have never make a cheesecake with banana before so i was quite curious about how does the cake will taste. After study the recipe from this book i am quite confident the cake will taste good....没用过香蕉做芝士蛋糕所以啊! 很好奇它的口感和味道呢!!

According to the recipe, the riper the bananas used, the sweeter and more aromatic this cheesecake will be. I like the natural aroma of the fruit and not going to use essence.

不想用香精, 只喜欢天然的味道.

This cheesecake have three parts to prepare. First have to prepare the sponge cake then the mousse filling and last the fruit Gelee (jelly). Original recipe is using a passion fruits gelee, as i don't have passion fruit i substitute with raspberry jelly.

蛋糕分成三个部分, 海绵蛋糕, 幕欺 和面镜jelly. 

Rhumba Mousse CheeseCake 
recipe source: Cheesecakes and other Cheese Desserts by Mac Woo and June Lee 
(my modification in purple)

Makes a 23 cm (9 inches) round vanilla sponge cake

4 tbsp Sugar syrup
1 tbsp White rum
(will share these soon)

Ingredient for mousse filling:
2 1/4 tbsp gelatine powder
75 ml water
250 g peeled bananas (very ripe and coarsely chopped
1 tbsp lemon juice
340 g cream cheese
80 g castor sugar
2 tbsp white rum
200 ml whipping cream

Passion fruit Gelee
1 1/4 tbsp gelatine powder
240 ml water
60 g castor sugar
50 g passion fruit puree

To Do:
Prepare a round vanilla sponge cake 
(will share this soon)
  • Wrapped the base of a 23 cm round cake ring that has a removable bottom with aluminium foil and place on a baking tray. This will prevent syrup or mousse from seeping out and creating a mess on the tray when assembling and chilling the cake. (I use a 23 cm loose bottom cake tray and i did not wrapped my loose bottom baking tray)
  • Prepare rum syrup. Stir together sugar syrup and white rum. Set aside. (i use Bacardi)                     
Prepare filling:
  • In a small saucepan, soak gelatine in water for 10 minutes. Warm over low heat until gelatine has dissolved. (i zap mine in mircowave for 35 seconds) Leave to cool. In a blender (processor), puree bananas and lemon juice until smooth.
  • With an electric mixer, beat cream cheese and sugar at medium speed until creamy. Gradually add banana puree, white rum and gelatine mixture, mixing until smooth.
  • In a separate mixing bowl, beat whipping cream until medium soft peaks form. Fold one-third of cream into cream cheese mixture to lighten. Gently fold in remaining cream until just incorporated.
To assemble:
  • Place a layer of sponge into prepared cake ring, moisten with some rum syrup, then pour in half the filling. Lightly press second layer of sponge on filling and moisten with more syrup. Pour in remaining filling. Refrigerate for 3 hours.(i refrigerate it overnight)
Prepare Gelee:
  • Soak gelatine in 40 ml water in a small bowl for 10 minutes. In a small saucepan, heat sugar and remaining water until sugar has competely dissolved. Remove from heat and immediately stir in gelatine mixture and passion fruit puree. Leave to cool before pouring over cake. Refrigerate for at least another 2 hours before unmoulding and serving.           (i substitute passion fruit puree with 50 g raspberry jam and reduce castor sugar to 30 g)
** Tips:  Dissolve gelatine in mircowave...Sprinkle gelatine powder on cold  water in a mircowave safe container or bowl.  Stand for 5 minutes. Mircowave on HIGH for 35 seconds until gelatine dissolved. Stir and keep covered until ready to use. (the time needed for microwave cooking depends on the outputs of your microwave)

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  1. This cake looks so perfectly done and beautiful too with raspberry colours jelly on top. It must be delicious too. It must be a handful to complete this mousse cake.

  2. Thanks Mel.
    It not that handful at all as I have get the sponge cake ready a day ahead. Just make cheese filling on the day and make the jelly the following day:)
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  3. Hi Mui Mui, your cheesecake looks stunning. I love the banana flavour with cheese cream and the pretty topping! Very nicely done :)

    1. Hi Ann,
      Thanks for compliments.
      The banana flavour in this cake is really nice!
      If you like banana do try this out :D

      Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. all natural colours and flavours, I love it! Welldone, Mui Mui!

    1. Jozelyn,
      Natural colour is always the best choice :D

  5. This cheesecake is so pretty, Doreen :) one day i must give it a go and make my own cheesecake. Still not quite confident about it. Sigh

  6. Thanks Esther.
    With your skill I believe making a cheesecake wouldn't be a problem. Hope to see your homemade cheesecake soon :D
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  7. Good afternoon Mui Mui

    Wish have a piece in front of me for tea break, hehe...

  8. Doreen , that is one scrumptious cheesecake ! The raspberry gelee topping looks so pretty ! I just can imagine the taste :D

  9. 很赏心悦目的蛋糕,想必也好好吃。

  10. mui mui, that is a very pretty mousse cheesecake! I have never had a banana cheesecake and since you say it is good, I must try it:)

  11. this looks so good, see banana cheesecake for the first time, can I sample some? I bet it smell banana

  12. Sweet Mui Mui, this cheesecake is so pretty to eat.

  13. Mousse in banana flavor? awesome one.

  14. 这蛋糕一定很好吃〜

  15. Awesome looking cake. Bet it taste good too.

  16. 这个我好喜欢。。多多口感的蛋糕最赞,也许我各人也特别终爱慕思吧!嘻嘻

  17. Lovely recipe & love those colours!

  18. wow! very pretty looking cake, so neatly done!

  19. Hi Doreen,

    Your rhumba mousse cake looks so professional made. So smooth and flawless! You should open a cake shop!


  20. Hi Doreen, very impressed by your skill. Very professional!Can't tell is homemade.

  21. Hi Mui Mui, I love the name of this cake! And it sure looks exceptional! Outstanding!
    I love that colour, sexy colour too.
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

  22. Hi Mui Mui, beautiful cake, love the mirror topping, so silky smooth. I'm impressed with your baking skill. :)

    Best regards.


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