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Cookies & cream ice cream layer cake for Bake Along #25 1st Anniversary Layer Cake.

 ~Ta..ta..a cake for a celebration~

~sing the happy song~

 Free and Easy Bake Along 1st Anniversary!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Bake Along. I am making this cake Cookies n Cream Ice-Cream Cake specially for Bake Along. I never try baking an ice-cream before. I have always wanted to try to bake this for a special occasion and this opportunity comes along 

 Recipes is adapted from book 'Yummy cold desserts made easy~香滑易制冷冻甜品' by Kelly Tang

 Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Layer Cake

Chocolate sponge cake:
240g sponge mix
4 eggs
60ml water
60ml melted butter

To do:
1) Whisk sponge mix and eggs  at low speed for 2 minutes. Pour in water and beat at high speed till fluffy. (Double the volume)
2) Fold in melted butter till combine. Pour mixture into 2 9"x9" greased and lined baking tray.
3) Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 15-18 minutes each. Remove and cool the sponge cake on wire rack.

Cookies & Cream Ice cream (i make half of this recipe)
Ingredient A:
4 egg yolks 
25g castor sugar 
7 pieces Oreo biscuit filling (i did not add this because I think adding this may be a bit too sweet)

Ingredient B:
200g Dairy whipping cream

Ingredient C:
250g non-dairy whipping cream (i used dairy whipping cream, because i am doing half of this recipe so i add 125g dairy whipping cream and 35g castor sugar)
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
some crushed Oreo biscuits

Frosting: 200ml non dairy whipping cream

To do:
1) Beat A till well mixed and slightly pale. Bring B to boil at low high. Remove and add in A and mix well.
2) Double-boil this mixture until it is slightly thicken. Remove and cool over a cold water, keep stirring till cool and set aside.
3) Whisk non dairy whipping cream until stiff. Fold into (2) mixture, add in vanilla essence and crushed Oreo biscuits.

~the mixture is almost ready by adding the crushed Oreo biscuits~

4) If you are going to make ice cream then at the part you may pour the mixture into a container and sprinkle some more crushed Oreo biscuit on top. Freeze overnight or until set...

BUT i am making a layer ice cream cake..
this is how i assemble the cake:

1) I used a semi sphere baking mould to do this.
Put the mould  onto the sponge cake and cut out the round shape.

2) Cut out 1/8 from the round sponge cake.

3) Place the cake into the hemisphere mould. It should fix nicely.

4) Spoon ice cream onto sponge cake, filling 1/2 full and place a piece of smaller round sponge cake on top. Again spoon the remaining ice cream onto the sponge and cover with another piece of sponge cake.

5) Freeze the cake for about 2 hours. Unmould the cake and spread the cake with whipped non dairy whipping cream.

~This is the iced cake~

6) I make the pumped icing flower into two tone. This is how i do it. 
Fit the piping bag with a flower tip. 
Fit the piping bag onto a tall glass like the one in the above picture. 
Filled one side of the piping bag with white whipped cream(icing) and filled the other half with pink whipped cream.
 When you pumped the whipped cream onto the cake, the flowers will appear two tone.
After finish decorating the cake, put back into the fridge until it is ready to serve.
Hope you like my Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Layer Cake..:)

This is the Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Layer Cake.
~does this look like a bouquet of flowers??
 Its for the 3 hosts of Bake Along
Lena of Frozen wings

~The cut section of the cake..:p~

~have a slice please!!

Come join us in Bake Along, is a way to learn, to grow and have lots of  fun..^^


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  2. It is pretty, it is nice and it is amazing. Love the white and pinkish colour. I'm sure Lena, Zoe and Joyce is very delightful seeing your post.

  3. Doreen, this is beautiful! Looks like a lot of work too. I would love to have a bite.

  4. Thanks for the amazing tutorial! Fab 1st Anniversary Cake You Made There!!

  5. wahhhh...mui mui, your ice cream cake make me speechless, pretty and yummylicious...the cake is just...Perfect! ^^

  6. This is beautiful. Very pretty cake.

  7. Wow, Mui Mui, this cake needs a lot of good skill to make! Well done, girl! Looks like there is lots for me to learn here!

  8. hi doreen, this is really beautiful and i'm sure it taste wonderful! that's a great step by step tutorial, very i get a picture how you did this! thank you for putting up the tutorial pictures and thanks for joining again!

  9. This is a lovely and yummy looking cake! A cake perfect for a celebration! Thank you for baking along with us and thank you for this celebration cake! Wish I could have a slice right now! :)

  10. Mui mui , I'll visit u more n more too.

  11. Another beautiful cake made by mui mui! Bravo!

  12. Hi Angeline,
    Thanks for compliments. I hope they will like it..^^

  13. Hi Mich,
    Thank for compliments.
    Yes, this do need a little bit work.
    Come! Have a piece ot two..:)

  14. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for compliments.
    I am glad that you like the tutorial pictures.
    Hope to see you again..:)

  15. Hi Ah Loy (girl),

  16. What a lovely cake & it's ice-cream too! My sons will surely love this cake! I for one found it very tempting! YUM! :)

  17. This looks so amazing! I love the whole cake very much! Yummy! so much work!:(

  18. Hi Sherleen,
    Thanks for the compliments.
    Speechless!! Then have a bite of my ice cream cake..:)

  19. Hi Anuja,
    Thanks for the compliments.

  20. Hi Jess,
    Thanks dear friend.
    I am glad I manage to complete this cake. It does need a little patient making this cake. I am so happy I have the recipe book to do this.
    Hehe...We can learn from each other and I am learning this from a book...^^

  21. Hi Lena,
    Thanks for compliments.
    I am glad I have join Bake Along and looking forward for the next one...:)

  22. Hi Mui Mui, wow ,...your cake look so cute and pretty. Love the beautiful color of pink and white. Can pass me 1 slice, please?

    Have a nice weekend.

  23. This is amazing, Mui Mui! I love DIY bakes, something to keep my itchy fingers busy :)
    I've never made an ice cream cake before and I love the shape of this. And it's just so pretty!

  24. 你越来越厉害了,蛋糕拉花很漂亮噢。。。;))

  25. 很美哦!



  26. Hi Joyce,
    I really enjoy baking with youS three lovely ladies in Bake Along. Thanks so much for hosting such wonderful event.
    Come..have a piece..:D

  27. Hi Angeline,
    Thanks so much..:)

  28. Hi Zoe,
    Thanks for compliments.

  29. Hi Kit,
    This cake is really nice. You can try making it for your boys. I am using Oreo biscuits for the ice cream, I bet your boys will love it...hehe

  30. Hi Jeannie,
    Thanks for compliments.
    Hehe, yes, its quite a bit of job here but the end result is really rewarding. Don't you think
    Have a lovely week ahead..:)

  31. Hi Amelia,
    Thanks for compliments.
    For 3 excellent and gorgerous ladies mah...,must be white(simple) and pink(sweet)
    Come..come..have a piece..:D

  32. Hi Ping,
    Thanks for compliments and thanks for dropping by.
    This is my first ice cream cake..hehe I love DIY bakes too cos have itchy hands like you too..:p

  33. Hi Sally,

  34. Hi Sean,
    谢谢你的赞! 我是第一次做这蛋糕。所以兴奋的就把步骤都拍起来。。哈哈哈,没想到会给你这样的效果..:D


  35. Hi Mui Mui, have you pick your books from Amazon? I pick 2 books 1) Cakes & cakes decoration by Angela Wilsen, Martha Day, Sarah Maxwell USD 19 ( hard cover with 600 recipes) and 2) Cupcake 150 recipes by Carol Pastor USD 10.39.

    So both combine is slightly less than USD 30. Hard to find single book that are USD30, so I requested from Stephane for 2 books.

  36. hi mui mui,

    我不常去yahoo mail,

  37. Hi Amelia,
    Yes,I have picked a book by Anna Olson ' Back to Baking: 200 Timeless Recipes to bake , share and enjoy'

    Wow! You have picked two. Can't wait for the books to arrive...: )

  38. Hi Sean,
    你指的是我装蛋糕的模子。 如果是那个,它是铁的不是纸的。是个6寸宽3.5寸深的半圆形模。你对它有兴趣吗?是蛮好用。

  39. Happy anniversary n the cake is really awesome

    1. Hi Akila,
      Thanks for compliments. Have a nice week ahead...:)


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