September 11, 2015

Little Thumbs Up-- September (Milo) ~九月份‘小拇指说好-美禄

Do you like MILO? 
oH!! no, no, NO! We don't like it, WE LOVE
Little Thumbs Up September is in MILO mood! Zoe (Bake with happy kids) and i will definitely baking and cooking with MILO. Talking about cook with milo..Hmmm...can we cook with milo?? I am not sure, will see... soon.
Thanks to Zoe, this MILO theme was chosen by her. 
Now you know how much she LOVE MILO... :D
Jumbo size MILO...
What is Milo?  is a chocolate malted beverage,  which can be prepared with HOT or COLD milk or water. It offer essential vitamins and mineral to meet the nutrition and energy demands of young bodies and mind. 

Who is Milo? Milo is a product of Nestle. 'Good Food, Good Life' is their motto. Milo was launched in Australia in 1930's, the Milo brand take kids development seriously. It is a energy beverage highly associated with sports and good health. Further more, do you know that Milo and skim milk is LOW GI? It is to help provide sustained energy keeping one going for longer. Isn't that great!!

My milo memories
When i was a kid, my grand dad would always order a cup of hot Milo for me whenever we visit the kopi tiam.(coffee shop). In those days, kopi tiam uses the old fashion tea cup and saucer. When the cup of hot Milo arrive, my 'Tata' (Thai poo-hakka people call their grand dad as TaTa) would pour some of the hot Milo into the saucer to let it cool down faster. This action remind me of my 'Tata' a lot. I believe if you are around my age, you would probably have drunk Milo that

Come on...Let's bake and steam and cook with MILO!
Hedgehog Cake aka Batik Cake
I am from Sarawak girl. Many of my Sarawak 'Malay' friends like to bake or steam cakes with Milo and it has to be a must for their cakes. I will be sharing some of their cakes in my coming posts. Stay Tune!!

Come join us in Little Thumbs Up September with our theme 'MILO'
It will be exciting and fun to have you cooking and baking with us!! Little Thumbs Up September start on 1st of September 2015(which you can see i am super duper late :p, i am very thankful to Zoe for backing me up..I am so lucky to have her as my baking buddy. Thank you Zoe!!)  until 30th of September 2015. 
Just cook or bake with MILO or any malted drinks such as Ovaltine and link with us at this post.  Please do display this Little Thumbs Up badge and make sure that:
1) Your post must be a current post, preferably within this month
2) Please mention Little Thumbs Up in your post
3) Please also mention Little thumbs Up in your post and link back to Bake for Happy Kids and my little favourite DIY 

Here are my blogging friends who bake and cook with MILO with us. Please drop by to their blog to see what are they baking and cooking. They might surprise you :D


  1. Its been a long long time since I last taken the milo thing. My boy is the only person who is still taking it. hehe... Wish I can have some of your lovely goodie.
    Have a great weekend dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. Replies
    1. I just share the picture ! But ... Sorry

  3. Hi Doreen,

    I'm not the one who choose Milo lah!!! This theme was originally chosen by Samantha of Happy Home Cooked Food but last minute said that she doesn't want to host this event... Remember? So we took it up loh!!! ok lah... so far so good :)



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