February 29, 2016

Lavender and Lemon Sable Cookies ~薰衣草柠檬奶油饼干

To me, i always find that Lavender is a very romantic type of flower. The scent, the color and the look of the flower .. isn't it so romantic !!

Lavender and Lemon Sable Cookies

These lovely, crisp and delicate cookies!

Little hands full of dried Lavender.
My youngest lend my his pair of hands to take pictures. He is 6 and a half year old this year. Coming to 7 years old in November. He is growing up and i find that his hands are not as chubby anymore. I think i should feed him more and make him more plum so i can have a pair of cute little chubby hands again..lol 

The dried Lavender smells simply wonderful.

Mix all purpose flour and cornflour together
Add all the flour and dried Lavender into the food processor bowl
Add in cube butter
Pulse, pulse, pulse ..add yolks and pulse again

Remove the log from the fridge
Cut into 6mm disc
Arrange onto prepared parchment paper

Enjoy, these cookies with a cuppa of tea~
Lavender and Lemon Sable Cookies  ~薰衣草柠檬奶油饼干
Adapted recipe from here and here

225g plain all- purpose flour
25g cornstarch (cornflour)
1 Tbsp dried lavender
200g unsalted butter, diced and at room temperature
100g icing sugar
2 egg yolks
pinch of salt
zest of 1 lemon

To Do:
1) Sift flour and cornflour into a food processor and stir in dried lavender.
2) Add in diced butter and sugar to the flour mixture.
3) Pulse for a few seconds until the mixture resembles coarse meal.
4) Add the egg yolks through the spout of the processor, while continuing to pulse the dough. Do not over pulse the dough. 
5) Spoon the dough onto a lightly floured surface. Divide into 2 portions. 
6) Roll each portion out into a log and wrap in parchment paper.
(The dough is very soft and sticky, I roll each portion between 2 sheets of plastic wrapping)
7) Refrigerate for 2-3 houts or overnight. Preheat oven at 170°C. Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper.
8) Remove 1 log from the fridge and cut the dough into 6mm discs.
9) Place on baking sheet spaced 1 inch apart and bake for 10-15 minutes or until just lightly browned on the edges. Transfer sables onto wire rack to cool. Store in air-tight container. Repeat process with the second log.

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Happy Leap Year 2016!
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  1. Hi Doreen,

    Very pretty cookies! They must be very fragrant too!


  2. Hi Doreen, thanks for sharing this recipe. I bought some dried lavender years ago and haven't found a good recipe to utilise them until now.. I am going to make these cookies

  3. Hi Mui Mui,
    I've bookmarked a few lavender recipes but just didn't have time to bake. Wish I could join you to have some lovely fragrance cookies :)

  4. Hi Doreen, lavender and lemon are great combination. I haven't tried baking lavender cookies and I'm going to make this cookie :D


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