June 08, 2014

My kind of prefect egg tarts 。。 蛋塔

Hi hi everyone!! Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend!! Its June now, yesterday was a holiday and today (2/6) too. The native of Sarawak (Iban tribes that is the Land Dayak and the Sea Dayak) celebrate Gawai Dayak Day!! Gawai literally mean festival. This festival is celebrated every year on the 1st of June at the end of the harvest season of the Dayak people.  My kids are in their 2nd term school holidays too and it is a busy month for me :p
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 **This was draft on the 1/6. Sorry that i only manage to publish it today due to my busy schedule :p
Do you love egg tarts?? I do, I do and i love it, very very much :D  The tart shell has to thin, buttery, not too crumbly, crispy and most of all a smooth egg custard filling.

Although i love egg tart a lot but I can't find my kind of prefect egg tart recipe until i saw this recipe 'Durian Egg Tart' in Wendy' from Table for 2 or more.... MFF Pahang month which lead me to another of her recipe, Egg Tarts. My durian egg tart is here. I like the durian egg tart too. The tart shell of this tart is just what i like.

Simply beacuse i love egg tart, I tried Wendy's egg tart recipe and found that the tart shell is so yummy, it taste like cookies crust only that it is a bit too fragile to handle. It is also quite hard to remove from the tart case.. Since i like the durian tart shell more i decide to use the durian egg tart shell to make this egg tart this round.
Pour filling into the tart shell.

Pour filling almost to the rim. (i want more filling, i would pour in as much as i can but not too much or it will overflow :p)

Smooth and thick egg filling, which i like. The texture and taste is so good. I send some to church group friend. She and her mil love it very much. Guess what? they order 30 pieces to bring to a church gathering the next day ^_^

Egg Tarts .. 蛋塔
recipe source : Adapted from Table for 2 or more here and here
my notes in purple

Egg tart pastry:

250g unsalted butter (i used Anchor)
1 egg
2 tablespoons castor sugar
400g all purpose flour

To Do:
  1. Add butter and sugar into a food processor bowl. Pulse a few times til it is creamy. Add eggs pulse a few more times til combine. Add in flour pulse again till it comes together into a dough. (scrape down if it sticks at the side of the bowl)
  2. Take out dough from the bowl and bring them together to a lump. Cover and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  3. Roll out dough into 4mm thick. Cut with a 7 cm round pastry cutter. Place dough disk into egg tart tins (my egg tart pan is 6 cm but if you are using a aluminium foil egg tart casing it will be like 7cm then you will need a larger round  pastry cutter), and lightly press the dough to fit it onto the egg tart tin. (Make sure it is fitted firm and flat at the base of the egg tart tin. If there is air trap at the base, the egg tart crust will baked out to have a little dome at the bottom and can't hold much fillings)
  4. Refridgerate the lined tart tins till they are very firm. At least 2 hours. (I do this a day before, mine was in the freezer, covered, overnight :p)



150g sugar
150ml hot water
250ml milk
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
3 large eggs and 1 egg white

To Do:
  1. Dissolve sugar in hot water, add sugar, salt, vanilla extract. Beat all eggs lightly and mix in all together.
  2. Sieve egg mixture and pour into cold tart crust.
  3. Bake in a preheated oven at 180C (fan) or 200C for 25 minutes.
** The tart crust from Wendy's recipe - durian egg tart is great. The pastry is easily removed from the tart tin. Leaving a nice and clean crust. ^_^
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  1. Hi, Mui Mui! Very nice egg tart! I think I bake egg tart not more than 5 times, because I found that it was not easy to bake them in one go, everytime I have to bake the shell and fillings separately. Not knowing that the tart shell should be keep in fridge before use until I saw your post! Yummy egg tart, may I have one?

  2. Hi Mui Mui, I haven't attempted egg tarts ...the baking inventories in my kitchen is still 'Pte Limited'... no tart pans/tins yet. LOL ! Like Jozelyn, can I have one yummy egg tart also ^-^ ?

  3. Oh yes, I love egg tarts, and I could eat a whole lot too. Wish I can have one.....I can see that everyone is asking for a piece.

  4. Hi Doreen, the egg tarts are so pretty. Egg tarts is my family favourite. We will have it every week.

  5. Hi Doreen, the egg tarts look so yumm... I really wish I could taste it....

  6. Mui Mui, your egg tarts are beautiful bake, like store bought leh.

  7. Hi Doreen,
    Wow, your egg tarts are simply gorgeous! Looks so delicious with nice texture for both the pastry and the egg custard filling. Yum! yum! Sure wish I have a few right now for breakfast!

  8. beautiful custard! and you know what i love best about it? it helps to use up an egg white... lovely

  9. 蛋挞烤得真漂亮,喜欢喜欢!

  10. 蛋塔馅好滑哦,像你的脸蛋一样的滑。。哈哈

  11. Hi mui mui! I love egg tarts! But I am waiting for somebody to make for me. Hint..Hint..hee...hee....

  12. 轩宏妈说得对,像你的脸


  13. I am not a fan of egg tarts but I would love to sink my teeth into one of your beautiful tart.

  14. Your tart fillings looks perfect. Kudos !

  15. Hi Doreen,

    I struggled a lot with my egg tart baking. Sounds like this is another good recipe to try :D

    Totally agreed that May has been an awesome month for LTU and I think June is going to be as good as May... The number is growing and growing now :D


  16. All purpose flour,can i replace with other flour?��



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