September 30, 2014

Home made Kaya and Kaya On Toast

Kaya or coconut egg jam, on toast is pratically a national breakfast in Singapore. It can be order at just about any kopi tiam (coffee shop). Such a breakfast is the breakfast enjoyed and loved by many in Malaysia and Singapore.

A wonderful tradisionaln treat to have in the morning for breakfast

A kaya toast with a cup of kopi O
Today i am going to share cooking Kaya in the mircowave oven.
Yes, cooking Kaya in the Mircowave oven.

Homemade Kaya from the mircowave oven :)

Have you ever thought of cooking your own kaya??
Before i learn this cooking kaya in mircowave method i was like 'Neh!! take up to much time to cook it. I can always buy a small tub with $2.40 for 240grams. Furthermore cooking your own sometimes if  the kaya is slightly over, it will become rough and lumpy.
But now with this cooking kaya in the mircowave method NOT ANYMORE!! With this method i can cook kaya in 20-25 minutes and the result is superb. It is smooth and creamy.
Try it you might love it ^_^

These are the local kaya, that is sell in the supermarket for RM2.40 a tub.

Cooking your own kaya you can always - choose the sweetness to your preference
                                                                - choose to use fresh pressed coconut milk
                                                                - choose to use fresh squeeze pandan paste
                                                                choose to add all the freshness in it!!
 And of course you can use what ever ingredients that you choose :p

 I got 2 small bottles for about 300g a bottle. Store them in the fridge. It can last for 2-3 weeks. Remember to use a clean and dry butter knife or spoon to scoop the kaya out of the bottle. This will keep the kaya last longer in the bottle.

Freshly grated coconut from the coconut grater machine.

Coconut pieces were inserted from the top of the machine where by 2 roller with sharp grater tooth will collect and force the coconut pieces through the roller. Grated coconut then will be collected from the front of the machine. (see the front of the machine, they cover it with a piece of plastic to prevent it from over flow)

Get ready all the ingredients.

Top left to right: all of the ingredients; pouring the eggs mixture into the coconut milk; strain the mixture into a mircowave proof bowl; this is how it looks, very runny.

Bottom left to right: After third cooking there will be some curd at the side of the bowl; after fifth cooking there will be more curd at the side of the bowl, which is find; when it is almost done the curd will be more like in the third picture; It is done!!

Runny mixture

After first cooking it will still looks runny.
It will be thicker curd around the side of the bowl when it is almost done. Just stir it with a wire whisk it will return to smooth paste.

Home made Kaya is ready to serve!!

Now lets cook Kaya ^_^  the simple and fast way!!

Home made Kaya
Recipe adapted from Sharp mircowave oven workshop booklet
Makes 2 small bottles of 300g each
3 eggs (i used grade A)
250g sugar (i reduce to 150g)
250ml  fresh pressed coconut milk
2 tbsp fresh pandan juice

To Do:
  • Mix coconut milk and sugar, stir till sugar dissolves. Add in lightly beaten eggs and pandan paste, mixed well.
  • Sieve the mixture through a sift into a mircowave oven proof dish or a big heat proof china bowl.
  • Cook in the mircowave oven on Power Level, Take out of the microwave oven and stir with a wire whisk after every cooking.
              1st cook on PL 30 for 3 minutes
              2nd cook on PL 30 for 2 minutes
              3rd cook on PL 30 for 2 minutes
              4th cook on PL 30 for 2 minutes
                5th cook on PL 30 for 2 minutes
               6th cook on PL 30 for 2 minutes
                7th cook on  PL 10 for 3 minutes
               8th cook on PL 10 for 3 minutes
The mixture will turn thicker after each cooking. You will see the mixture start to curd at the side. Just stir and curd with the wire whisk, It will turn smooth. Kaya its done when the mixture is slightly thick. The mixture will be thicker when it is cool.


For Kaya Toast

8 pieces of bread without edges (i used homemade bread)
Kaya spread (aka coconut jam)
some thinly sliced butter

To do:
  • Spread a layer of kaya onto a slice of bread. Place another piece of bread on to form a sandwich. 
  • Arrange the sandwiches onto the toaster rack. Toast both side, till slightly brown.
  • Take out the sandwich, add on the thinly sliced butter between the toasted sandwich.
  • Serve warm. Enjoy with a cup of Kopi O (local black coffee)

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest Singapore Month #11 Sept 2014 : Singapore hosted by Grace from Life can be Simple



  1. Hi Mui Mui, I remembered the method that my late mom used was double boil ! much easier nothing beats the yummy-licious pandan fragrance homemade kaya ^-^!

  2. Kaya toast, my top favourite and easy!! And sometimes I even had it for afternoon snack. Pandan kaya must be super fragrant!!

  3. I loves kaya, but lazy to make my own

  4. Hi Mui Mui, your pandan kaya look so smooth. Kaya and toast one of my favorite breakfast or teabreak. :))



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