June 01, 2013

Kelupis Sabah

Kuih Kelupis is my favorite. Oops!! it is my family's favorite. 
Kelupis kuih我的最爱... 还有还有也是我家大宝贝,小宝贝和老宝贝的最爱^_^
我有上过这kuih的贴了(这里)不过这次会用另外一个食谱. (我发觉两个食谱没多大差别噢.)

I have post this kuih kelupis once in MFF Sarawak here.  I am going to share again in MFF Sabah but with another recipe. (i found both recipe not much different though) I knew that this kuih kelupis is a famous kuih here (Sarawak). This kuih will be around in Hari Raya when we go visiting to our Malay friends' house. Only recently i found out from google search that Kuih Kelupis is also a popular kuih for people in Sabah. It is a must have kuih for the Malays in Hari Raya and wedding feast.
These are the wrapped kelupis that is ready to be steam for 1 and a half hours to 2 hours. I did not tie with jute string because i can't find one...lol
这个是用Nyirik叶包裹好的椰浆糯米饭. 要拿去蒸咯! 我没用黄麻绳绑因为找没有啦..:p

Kelupis and chicken curry they pair so well...it is also very good to go with satay sauce, rendang or sambal tumis.

Kuih Kelupis are made from glutinous rice, coconut milk and nyirik leaves. This nyirik leave, which is in the shape like turmeric leaf its only available in Sabah and Sarawak. There are plentiful of nyirik leaves selling in the local wet market in Sabah and Sarawak for RM2 for a bundle that consist 30-35 pieces of leaves. According to the local, nyirik leaves are stronger than banana leaves. The aroma of steamed glutinous rice in nyirik leaves is quite similar to those wrapped in banana leaves but the local prefers nyirik leaves.
To prepare this kuih firstly, mix the glutinous rice and santan together and cooked in a pot until it is half cooked. Then this half cooked glutinous rice will be divided into portion and wrapped up with nyirik leaves. After that these wrapped kuih will then be tied using jute string.Then these kelupis will be recook again using steaming method. After several  hours of steaming these kelupis will be fully cooked. It will be hung to ensure the excess water drips out and the kuih and it is not wet and damp.    here a Sabah Blogger share about Kuih Kelupis in Sabah in BM.

Have this for breakfast or lunch..:D you will love it!!

Kelupis是一种沙巴的kuih( 糕点). 这个kueh是用糯米和椰浆拌均煮至半熟再用Nyirik叶包裹成一个个的, 像抱枕的形状. 再用黄麻绳绑好再拿去蒸1个半至2小时至熟. 蒸好后把kuih挂起让水份滴干,kuih不会潮湿. 这kueh由于有大量的椰浆是很香,很好吃不过不耐放太久哦!! 当天做当天吃是最棒的.但是如果吃不完就要装好收进冰箱明天再蒸热也可以的.

 Nyirik 叶的形状跟黄姜叶很相识.这叶包着也浆煮的糯米饭蒸起来的香味跟香焦叶很像. 可是做这糕点来卖的makcik说这Nyirik叶比较耐不容易裂开也比较香. Makcik还是喜欢用Nyirik叶. Nyirik 叶在我们这里(东马) 巴刹都有的卖.
一把只卖RM2, 有30几片.  

pic A
I am using the express method (using pressure cooker) to make this kelupis, only soak glutinous rice for 20 minutes. Drain and set aside.
1) Add drained glutinous rice, 3 pieces knotted pandan leaves, 1/2 tsp salt and coconut milk into pressure cooker pot.
2) Press high pressure and cook for 1 minutes.
3) Wait until air are all release then open the p/c cover. The look of the half cook glutinous rice is moist and soft but not too soft and no burnt crust at the bottom of the pot.
4) Bundle of daun Nyirik that i bought from the wet market.

pic B
I am using curry powder premix from our company to cook the chicken curry.
Carrots, potatoes, celery, raisin and chicken is added into the curry. (this is not a Sabah delicacies but it is a yummy chicken curry..lol)
1) Curry premix powder.
2) Add in adequate of water and mixed into a paste.
3) Add some cooking oil in a thick bottom pot and saute the curry paste until it is fragrance.
Add in all ingredients (chicken, carrots, potaotes, celery and raisin) stir fried to coat well with the curry paste and pour in coconut milk. Simmer well for 25 minutes.
4) Done..ready to serve :D

pic c
1) Divide the rice into 80gms a portion and place onto the inside of the daun nyirik.
2) Hold both side of the leaf end up.
3) Fold in two times and press with your index finger to hold it in place.

pic d
4) Fold both end to the back
5)Press to secure the leaf 
6) Then turn the kueh over with the folded end side facing down.

recipe source: Rahel with slight modification in purple
(i have 16 kelupis from about half of this recipe)

1 kg glutinous rice - rinse till water run clear and soaked for 30 minutes, drain and set aside.
(i have some left over glutinous rice of 580g in fridge so i used up all of it. I soaked mine for 20 minutes)
800ml thick coconut milk
(i used 450ml)
5 pcs pandan leaves - knotted
(I used 3 pcs)
1 tsbp salt or to individual taste
(i used 1/2 tsp)
Some nyirik leaves - rinse will water and wipe dry
(i use 16 pieces and i used a piece of damp cloth to wipe and clean the leaves)

To do:
1) Steam glutinous rice and pandan leaves in a wok, over rolling boiled water until half cooked. Take out the half cooked glutinous rice and mixed in coconut milk and salt. Combine well.
2) Bring the mixed glutinous rice to re-steam until cooked completely. Take out the glutinous rice, puff it up a little with a pair of chopstick or fork. (I mixed the glutinous rice, pandan leaves, coconut milk and salt together to cook in a pressure cooker. I use high pressure to cook for 1 minutes....YES!! 1 minutes only and wait till the air pressure is all release then open the cover)
 When it is slightly warm, wrap it will the Nyirik leaves into a parcel. Please refer to pic c and pic d for the tutorial.
3) Return the wrapped kuih back to steam again for 1 and a half hours to 2 hours.
(i steamed mine in a wok for 30 minutes.

** If your even tried pulut panggang you will love this kelupis. It is very similar to pulut panggang. The only different is pulut panggang uses grill and it has filling inside whereas kelupis is plain inside and it uses steam method.
Hope you will ENJOY this as much as i do ^_^

I am submitting this post to Malaysian Food Fest, Sabah Month hosted by Mary from A Pepper's Love.



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