December 06, 2012

Double Colour Charcoal Butter Cake..双色竹碳牛油蛋糕

Last few weeks, we went books hunting at a book store.  My boys wanted to get some story books and me at usual :p will browse around the recipe books corner. While browsing through the recipe books, i saw Kelvin Chai's new book..'ButterCake.. I love butter cake too2' Thinking my mum loves butter cake (i loves it too :D) , i brought the book home.
My mum loves loves loves butter cake. She loves the buttery scented and moist butter cake. She prefer butter cake more than sponge cake, simply because butter cake is more moist....:D

我老妈超爱奶油/牛油蛋糕. 她说海棉蛋糕吃了要喝多多水,因为会比较干....哈哈!

上上上个周末带了宝贝们逛书局, 看到了Kelvin老师的新书'我也爱牛油蛋糕'. 想到老妈爱吃牛油蛋糕(其实我也爱..:p) 就把书败回家哩!!

 This is the first butter cake i tried from this book, Double Colour Charcoal Butter Cake. It is very moist and full of buttery taste. While i was slicing the cake, Seanan was playing beside the dinning table with a toy. Marty the zerba, one of a cartoon movie character in 'Madagascar. When i saw this little toy i was like, let's name this butter cake as Zebra Butter does that sounds? Do you think the lines on the cake look like zebra strips?

 先试做了这个双色竹碳牛油蛋糕. 话说竹碳能排毒呢! 而又刚好有位朋友送了一罐从台湾带回来的竹碳, 就试试吧! 蛋糕很香, 蛋糕体很幼而柔软就是老妈喜欢的感觉了.
看看蛋糕是不是线条有像班马呢? 就也叫做班马牛油蛋糕吧!!
看像班马是看见我家老幺在玩的一个小玩具, 班马' 马蒂'. 是卡通电影 ' 马达加斯加' 里的其中一个角色..^^

Double Charcoal butter cake..双色竹踏碳牛油蛋糕
we named it Zebra Butter Cake
recipe source: BUTTERCAKE..I love butter Cake too2 by Kelvin Chai

250g butter ( i used golden churn)
200g castor sugar (i used 160g)
4 eggs
250g plain flour
5g baking powder
100ml evaporated milk
3g charcoal powder (i used 2g)

To do:
  • Preheat oven at 160c. Grease and line a 7 inches(18 cm) square baking tin.
  • Beat butter and sugar until creamy. Add in eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.
  • Fold in sifted four and baking powder, then stir in evaporated milk, mix to form batter.
  • Divide batter into two portions, add in charcoal powder into a portion and mix well. The other to retain original flavour.
  • Spread batters alternately into prepared pan. Bake in oven for 50-60 minutes or until skewer comes out clean and cooked.

Note: I bake my cake at low rack. The cake taste even better the next day.
I hope you will ENJOY this as much as i do..:D


  1. I nvr try charcoal power before, wonder how it taste like...

    1. Sharon,
      I don't taste any flavor from the bamboo charcoal only the aroma of butter in the cake..:D

  2. Oh, the zebra print is beautiful. Yes some cakes are best the next day. I have never used charcoal powder in my bakes before, gotta try one day.

    1. Mel,
      Thanks for compliments.
      I sometimes used bamboo charcoal powder in breads too..:D

  3. Mui mui姐,我们来个交换好吗?你的漂亮可爱。。我喜欢你的多过自己做的。。哈哈!你曾听说过別人的东西永远最好的。对吗?

    1. 水晶妹妹,
      当然可以啦:D 来,我很喜欢你的黑芝麻的呢!
      哈哈! 我的宝贝们也是过家香!

  4. 我老妈和你妈相反,她说吃牛油蛋糕要喝多多水,呵呵呵!
    这个我喜欢,刚好有黑炭粉,改天也试试看 :)

    1. Cass,

  5. Hi, never tried to bake with bamboo charcoal before but it looks delicious. Love how moist and soft your butter cake is. Makes me want a few slices.

    1. Mich,
      The bamboo charcoal give a dark hues, that is natural and it is good for health. It detoxified our body.
      I sometime also use this bamboo charcoal to make bread.
      Come, help yourself with some..:D

  6. your cake so beautiful, and like a little zebra running in your house...thanks for sharing the recipe from the books, save me from looking around for the books :o)

  7. 好可爱的muimui,

  8. 娴妹,

  9. i still have some charcoal powder, must try this butter cake soon. Ya, i just went to nearby supermarket called Urban Fresh, and I saw two Nestle cream that you shown in your black cake post, hahaha..but the price is quite expensive, RM 8.90 for a small can..

  10. Wow! I've never tried charcoal cake before but only charcoal mooncake. Didn't even know about charcoal powder too. So jakun mann me! LOL Another intriguing recipe that I would love to try. I like butter cake more than sponge or chiffon cake too. I love the rich buttery taste of butter cake! Yes, me & butter is a kinda of love story !! LOL

  11. Hi Mui Mui, your zebra cake sure look very nice. Love this cake, very buttery.
    I have yet to try charcoal powder...

    Have a lovely day.

  12. nice cake and nice stripes. I also think this looks like a tiger stripes especially with the orange 'body'! LOL!

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