November 05, 2012

Sambal Tumis Ikan ~ 酸辣辣椒鱼

I have a bad habit of buying lots of ingredient and ended up did not use that ingredient instantly but using another ingredient instead. 
Last week i bought a fish 'ikan tongkol' thinking of making 'pulut lepa' but i bought the wrong fish..:p Again this fish goes into the freezer.
贪心的我, 常常会买多几样食材, 而到头来没用的上反而用上其他的. 上星期买了我没吃过的'ikan tongkol' 想做'pulut lepa'. 'Pulut lepa' 是把蒸熟的糯米饭包在香焦叶里而内
馅是鱼松,很像pulut panggang. 但是做不成啦, 因我买错鱼了..:p 只好把鱼收进冰箱再打算吧!!

Clearance , clearence i am clearing the stocks in my freezer. I found my 'ikan tongkol' XD 
Guess what i am going to cook?? You may have seen my title, of course it is Sambal Tumis Hu. Sambal Tumis in Malay means stir fry sauce and Hu is in hokkien and it means fish.

今天要把冰箱来个大扫除. 才又发现这支快要被遗忘的鱼. 好! 就不浪费, 把它吃了吧!
就来道'酸辣辣椒鱼' 酸酸辣辣又不是很辣,很美味. 有点像配'nasi lemak' 的叁巴.

~I found this Sambal Tumis Hu recipe in my book of Northern and Southern Nyonya Cuisine..this sambal tumis is really hot and spicy. The hot is just nice not too hot and i found this sambal tumis is a bit like the sambal that goes with 'nasi lemak'~
在我的书架挖了这本书 '娘惹风味菜' 就煮了 '酸辣辣椒鱼. 这道酸辣辣椒鱼, 味道真的很好还很下饭...:p

~Not much ingredients needed, recipe call for any type of fish so i thought this is the one i wanted to cook ~
~这道菜食才不多, 也容易准备也就是我想找的食谱了. 原来这种鱼'ikan tongkol'平时都看不起眼的鱼,煮出来还真不错啊! 肉很厚再加上叁巴真的好吃到..非笔墨可以形容哦!!!~

'Ikan Tongkol' this type o fish is new to me. i normally will not buy them. Cooking this fish in this Sambal tumis is really nice. The fish has thick flesh which goes well with lots of sambal tumis (stir fry sauce). You may wanna cook more rice to go with this..:D
Come..let's see what is the ingredients...

Sambal Tumis Hu/ikan/fish
recipe source: Northern and Southern Nyonya Cuisine
                        ' 娘惹风味菜'

ingredients A:
400g fish (i used 4 pieces oikan tongkol)
8 tbsp cooking oil

ingredients B: pounded
100g shallots (10-12 shallots)
15g belacan
10 nos red chili
5 pips garlic

Ingredients C:
3 tbsp tamarind juice (i used 50g of tamarind paste, added 50ml of water to                                        .                               dilute the paste and sifted to get the tamarind juice)
1/2 tbsp sugar (i added 1 tbsp)
1/2 cup water
salt to taste
some mint leaves for garnishing

To do:

  • Fragrant ingredients B with 8 tbsp cooking oil until red.
  • Add ingredients C and fish, then turn down heat to low and simmer till fish is cooked.
  • Garnish with mint leaves and serve.
**If you like more spicy, please add dried chilli in B.



  1. 可爱猪姐姐,早安。。

    1. 水晶妹妹,午安!

  2. Me also have a habit of buy things and sometimes end up laying there till expire...

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Haha bad habit eh....

  3. 非常开胃的煮食,可不可以加多一碗白饭呢?嘻嘻嘻~

    1. 花花娘子,

  4. 我也是咧!


    1. 😄娴妹,
      加油! Gambateh!

  5. Hi Mui Mui, me also another gang here buy lots of food stuff and ingredients and some end up in the dustbin. Bad habit actually. LOL

    I try this fish once but don't like the taste no doubt it's very meaty.
    So I just take the your sambal with white rice.....:)

    Have a nice day, regards.

    1. Amelia,
      We are quite the sane pattern
      No problem,
      Come take just sambal and rice will be really yum too!

  6. Mui Mui, hahaha! I also got lots of stuff in my freezer, some I don't even know what! This sambal tumis must be very appetizing. I like to put the sambal on my rice and mix it all up. Yummy!

    1. Phong Hong,
      We are even more same pattern ... Yeah
      I like to add lots of sambal and mix mix mix with rice!
      Simply delicious...hahahA

  7. Mmmm....红彤彤的酸辣三峇鱼。

    1. QiQi,
      这个三峇鱼的三峇有点像nasi lemak的。

  8. Hi Doreen,

    I'm learning now to cook more Singapore / Asian food for my family and I'm salivating looking at your Sambal Tumis Ikan.

    Do your kids eat spicy food? My son is grumpy when I cook spicy food and got to cook something extra but non-spicy for him...*sign*


  9. I have the bad habit too especially after reading the recipes and food blogs, always stock up those ingredients but end up not using it before it went expire or gone off..such a waste

  10. Zoe,
    I'm too, just started to learn cooking more Asian food recently. I started to appreciate more Asian food when i join the Malaysia Food Feast.

    All my boys have different taste. Oh! yes, they will be grumpy when I cook spicy food and got to cook something extra for them too.

    But i tried to train them to love the curry first. I add curry powder to cook their portion but i omitted the chilli. Guess what? They love it. Then i know that they like the taste. Now my elder and second son know how to appreciate non spicy (not hot) curry..hee hee

    Give it a try, may be your son will love it too..who knows!!

  11. Stephanie,
    Agreed with you..i too buy, buy, buy and stock, stock, stock..sigh

    Know what? Now i am a bit clever. I only goes to buy those ingredients when i want to cook that particular dish on that day..^^

    You can try it this more space and no more expired ingredients.


  12. me too, i heard of ikan tongkol but never had them before, it's only recently during the terengganu food fest that i'm seeing the fish in gulai. Sambal tumis sounds delicious, if you like it i think i will also like .


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