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A Sarawak Cake ~ Cake Hitam ( 砂劳越的蛋糕 ~ 黑美人蛋糕)

Sarawak is famous of its' Steamed Cakes and Layer Cakes (Kek Lapis). Steamed Cakes in Sarawak are mostly steamed for hours. I have done a steamed cake that took me 7 hours to cook. Can you imagine that!! 
Crazy me!!
I can't believe that i have done it just because i love that particular cake so much. I have tasted the cake in a Malay friend's house while go visiting on a Hari Raya. The name of that Cake is Kek Hati Parek. This Malay friend of mine, she is so so kind to share her recipe to me. This will be share in future.

 砂劳越有好几种著名的蛋糕. 其中有千层蛋糕和蒸蛋糕. 
我各人很喜欢蒸的蛋糕.  砂劳越的蒸蛋糕通常是需要蒸上2个小时以上. 
记得我成蒸过一粒蒸蛋糕用了7个小时. 是不是有点'疯了' 7个小时!!
当时, 真的! 太喜欢那蛋糕了(Hati Parek 蛋糕) . 是在有一年的开斋节拜访一位马来朋友时在她家吃过. 就回味无穷. 跟她要了食谱:D 今天先不谈7个小时的蒸蛋糕, 就留下次吧!

In this post i am going to share another Sarawak steamed cake which is very popular in Sarawak. It is Kek Hitam which means Black Cake. This cake is also known as Kek Serikaya (Screwpine custard Cake) or Kek Belacan (Shrimp paste Cake). There are some different version, in term of adding or change different ingredients in the cake.

先谈谈蒸两个小时就蒸好的蛋糕吧!! 蛋糕叫 '黑蛋糕' (Kek Hitam). 梅觉得'黑蛋糕'这个名不怎么样, 就梅自己取了个名给这蛋糕叫'黑美人蛋糕'. 这蛋糕也有被曾为'Kek Serikaya' 或 'Kek Belacan'. 有很多版本用的材料都大同小异的.
这'黑美蛋糕' 口感很柔软, 充满蛋糕的香气. 吃到停不了口噢!!

This recipe is share by a family friend. She is Mrs EG. 

this picture is take from
This is the Nestle Cream i used previously, since i can't find this kind ...

Now, I am  using this type of Nestle Cream.

This is Gula Hitam that gives the cake a dark colour and deep caramel taste or  can be substitute it with Black Treacle...

This steamed cake is full of dairy flavour. The taste is soft, moist and dense. I just can't stop at one piece..:p
The sweetness of this cake have been adjusted to the average sweetness..not too sweet..:D

Small Small Baker/Aspiring Bakers

蛋糕的甜度是刚刚好, 不太甜. 跟我分享这黑美人蛋糕的这位朋友是个不爱吃太甜...:D
她是Mrs EG

Kek Hitam
recipe source: Mrs EG
345g (12 0zs)  unsalted butter
120g sugar 
220g plain flour 
8 eggs
100g condense milk
120g horlick
1 small can of nestle cream
180g kaya (i used homemade kaya**)
140g gula hitam
2 tbsp cocoa powder 

To do:
  • Grease and lined parchment paper on a 9" X 9" x 3" square baking tray. Allow extra parchment paper or baking paper over hang on both side of the baking tray.
  • Beat butter and sugar till pale. Add in egg one at a time, beating till each combine well.
  • Beat in condensed milk, nestle cream and kaya, till well combine after every addition. (updated on 20/2/2016)
  • Add in Horlick, mixed well.
  • Turn mixer to low speed, beat in gula hitam until combine well.
  • Fold in flour, cocoa powder and mixed well. (updated on 20/2/2016)
  • Pour mixture into the prepared baking tray. Cover the cake loose with a piece of aluminium foil to prevent (condensation) water from dripping into the cake. 
  • Steam over medium high heat for 2 hours in a steamer or wok. Do check on the water level of the wok every half an hour. If the water  (i am using a low moist cooking wok, i only steam for 1 1/2 hours and only refilled my hot water for 2 times)
**Will share my homemade kaya in future. 
**Please refer my homemade kaya here(updated on 20/2/2016)



  1. Looks good...

    Can i have a piece, lol

  2. The cake looks good and it is new to me. And it need lots of patient for the long steaming time, well done Mui!
    By the way, what is the Nestle cream? I have never seen this type of cream even when I was in Malaysia, is that some sort of cream that use for whipping?

    1. Thanks Stephanie.
      Nestlé cream is a type of topping cream for fruit salad or puddings. This cream are made in Nestle Philippines. You can see them in Malaysia leading supermarkets.

  3. 我也喜欢这蛋糕,过年必做的。。。

    1. 小厨,

    2. 请问你们有中文的食谱吗?

  4. 好久没吃了。。。 好吃的蛋糕。

  5. Kawan, is that Nestle Cream packing change? coz long time i no buy it.. hohoho

    1. Yiisan,
      Yes, now the cream has a new look:)

  6. Mui Mui, the cake looks nice :D

  7. This is new to me too. Looks really moist. Wish I can have a slice now.

    1. Ann,
      This cake is moist n soft.
      Come, help yourself, have a slice! :D

  8. This is new to me too...kek hitam! I know i will loves this cake because i simply adore to indulge in steamed cake. They taste great. Bookmarked it.

  9. 哈哈哈哈哈哈。。。。。。不只有美人饼,还有美人蛋糕呢!太棒了。

  10. This cake looks really nice! So moist, soft and fluffy!

  11. Mui Mui, looks like choc cake :) Have to steam for 2 hours? Wah, I will fall asleep already :) The cake looks very nice and moist. I wish I could try a slice. You are so rajin. The cake you mention that took 7 hours, wah I will really pengsan!

    1. Phong Hong,
      Don't fall asleep , don't pengsan:p
      The cake although steam 2 hours but it is worth the effort. The cake is soft, smooth, moist and very flavorful.
      Come, I belanja you a few pieces of this cake:p

  12. i like the name you had for this cake...黑美人.. sound so sexy!!! hehehe... bt tis choc cake looked so moist and yummy!!!

  13. 哦。。。美人做的美人蛋糕,肯定很好吃吧。。。

  14. Mui Mui, if I eat this, will I turn into a black beauty or not, hahaha! Eh, your cake is very moist, I like it! You are so "geng cao," spent 7 hours in making 1 cake, I will never have the patience to try it. Looking forward to see your next post, ok? Take care!

    1. Jess, haha the 7 hours only make once a year. This 2 hours steam cake also make once a while. Very time consuming but worthwhile cos it is very yummy.

  15. 梅梅。。。

    1. 莎莎,
      如果改天有机会我请大家吃! :)

  16. I never try before,9s texture and soft,good!!!!

  17. Hi Mui Mui

    This cake is really tall and big! HOw big is your cake tin?
    I think it can feed my entire family for 1 week, haha.
    Unfortunately I have neither Horlicks nor Gula Hitam nor Kaya jam to make this cake :(

    1. Ms B,
      My cake tin is 9x9x3. Yes it is quite a huge cake. I kept them in freezer can last for 2 months.
      Oh! You don't have some of the ingredients over there. No worries, just have some of mine then:)

  18. One of reader sent two bottles of gula hitam to me, half a year pass, I still not yet take action,hehehe..need to try your recipe , where did you buy the nestle cream?

    1. Sonia, a lot of Sarawak steamed cake uses this kind of gula hitam. Even the cake batik or hedgehog cake also need this.
      I think you can get the nestle cream in most of the supermarket at you place.

  19. By looking at the ingredients used this cake indeed very rich in flavour. Steam for 2 hrs really long... I don't have that patient LOL. You really hardworking. Looks really moist and yummy!

  20. 唉唷!我好久没有看到这黑美人蛋糕,以前我弟媳姐姐他有来一定会做这“黑蛋糕”给我家婆们吃,他说在砂劳越很出名(他是住砂劳越),我吃过蒸“黑蛋糕”真满好吃。

    1. Girl,

  21. I have never heard of Cake Hitam, but then I am rather ignorant about the food of Sarawak! Looks very moist!

  22. a cake that i havent tried during Sarawak MFF but its already in my list
    it's kek belachan, right?
    steaming for so long is one reservation i had that time
    looking yours, i know i must just go thru it cos i know it's worth it :)

  23. 7 hrs to steam this cake. My house will be too steamy if I make this cake. Our house is getting quite warm with our coming summer... steaming this for 7 hrs will make us crazy... LOL! I should make this cake during winter :D

    About your comment regarding mummy and son / daughter cooking event, are you really serious about this? Do you want to host the event of mummy and kiddy baking?


  24. 好漂亮的黑美人蛋糕,好想试试:)

  25. oh, so this is also called cake hitam? i only know the belachan cake thru MFF sarawak. sounds like a very rich cake, right? i'm also eager to see your 7 hours steamed cake!

  26. I had unsalted butter.Can I use salted one instead?I don't know why but I always had salted butter at home,that's why when I saw a recipe with unsalted butter,it means I had to go do shopping again and it's also very expensive.

    1. Hi mc,
      Sorry for the super duper late reply.
      Oh yes, you can use salted butter. But only the taste will be different.
      Try both salted and unsalted, and tell me the differences you
      Happy steaming!

  27. 请问如果买不到nestle cream 可以用其他cream代替吗

  28. 有人可以给我中文的食谱吗?

    1. Hi Joyce,

  29. Hi...when to put the nestle cream & cocoa powder ya?

    1. Hi Florence,
      I have updated the addition of the nestle cream and cocoa powder in the to do part.
      Thanks for asking! Happy Steaming! :)

  30. Hii , 是不是蒸好后都会缩小吖?

    1. Hi 芸,

    2. hi muimui , 我的缩好厉害。。 做了8粒都是一样。。不懂问题在哪里。。 因为我同时做两粒蛋糕。。所以打得久一点。。 🤣🤣
      谢谢你的回复和指导。。。 新年快乐呀。。

  31. Can I steam bake instead of steam? Will it be shorter time?

  32. Can I skip the step add in Nestle cream? I saw some recipe use cream some didn't, what would be the differences between with/without cream?


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