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Stuffed Crabs 酿螃蟹 ~ MFF Terengganu #3

This is specially cooked for my Sam, Stuffed Crabs. He never tasted crab before or i should say they, all three of my sons never had crab before. The only seafood they have eaten are prawns and fish. They love prawns and fish, they can have fish everyday, no problem..:p I think i should introduce more seafood to them..
这道美味的酿螃蟹是特别煮给我的'贤'宝贝吃的. 相信吗? 我三个宝贝都没吃过螃蟹喂!!
他们超爱吃虾和鱼. 天天吃鱼都不会怕..:p  也幸好, 他们都没有敏感体制. 那就让他们吃吧!

~Delicious Stuffed Crabs (Ketam Sumbat) a popular dish found in Kemaman Terengganu. For those who love crab, you must try, try, try this. This is so good.  I know some of my friends who loves crab but lazy to do the peeling part, don't you have this same feeling??..heehee
 When Sam told me he wanted to eat crab, my hubby told me Sam wouldn't like the peeling part.  Yes i agreed this is Shawn's and Sam's first time taking crabs it may be quite messy to have the shell on. When i saw this Stuffed Crabs in Lena's blog i told Sam this is the best choice for them. All the goodies(flesh and eggs) of the crabs is picked out of the shell, mixed with carrot, onion, some coriander and water chestnut(i don't have water chestnut i used sengkuang(yam bean) instead and some seasonings. Not too much other ingredients is added  in Lena's recipe and i thought this is brilliant because in this way the sweetness and original taste of the crab is still maintain.

这是一道非常美味的酿螃蟹,是丁加奴的其中一个区'Kemaman/甘马挽'的特色. 不知道你是否有同感, 吃螃蟹? 很懒惰拔壳又会吃到手很脏. 想想
'贤'宝贝和哥哥是第一次吃螃蟹, 连壳吃真的回很麻烦哦! 当我看见Lena的这道'酿螃蟹'我就知道这道就是宝贝要的那道螃蟹餐. 做了,吃了这道'酿螃蟹' 真的很棒. ho chiak!! 
螃蟹的肉和蛋被取出,加入红罗卜丁, 马蹄丁, 西苣丁,蛋和调味料就好了. 简单的配料带出

 I was lucky, I can get these crabs when i went to the fishmonger. We don't always see flower crabs when there is not in the season. The fishmonger told me sometimes can't even see a single flower crabs in months. I bought 7 medium size of these flower crabs, that cost me Rm7 and 1 kilo is Rm10. Its cheaper than the Mud crabs, they are Rm22 per kilo. I chose all 7 female crabs. Want to know how to tell a male crab from a female crab? The below picture is a female crab. Look at the abdomen it is semi round. I can't show you the male but i can tell you it has a narrow and triangular abdomen.

我还蛮幸运,到鱼档能买到花蟹. 选了7支母螃蟹. 花蟹也有季节的, 买蟹的老板说不常有这花蟹的. 有时几个月都没有货噢! 7支我付了RM7, 而1公斤是RM10. 
还是比黑的河蟹便宜的多. 河蟹是1公斤RM22. 
想不想知道如何分别雄蟹性和雌性呢? 上面的就是雌的, 它的低面有一片半圆的盖而雄的就是三角长尖形的盖.

First clean and boiled the crabs for 5 minutes....首先把蟹洗干净再热水中煮5分钟.

Take them and pick the flesh out the shell...把蟹捞起,去壳取出蟹肉,备用

Get ready all the stuffing ingredients and mixed well. Dust the crab shell with some flour before stuffed in the filling.
把酿料拌均匀.  在把蟹壳洒上少许的粉

Stuffed in a generous amount of filling into each crab shell and pat light to secure the stuffing. 
把酿料,酿进蟹壳, 再轻按紧. 

Dust the stuffing top with a little flour just before deep fry.

I am submitting this to Malaysia Food Feast, Terengganu Month hosted by Lena of Frozen Wings.

Stuffed Crabs (Ketam Sumbat)..酿螃蟹
Recipe source: Lena of Frozen Wings
Crab meat  240gm
1 medium size onion, cut into small cubes
carrot, an inch, cut into small cubes
2 water chestnut, cut into small pieces
some coriander leaves

1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp chicken powder
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp tapioca /cornflour
dashes of white pepper

oil for deep frying and extra tapioca flour for coating

1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and put in the seasoning, mix them till well combined and leave them for 10 minutes.
2. Dust the inner part of shells with a little flour , stuff the filling into the empty crabs shells and before frying, coat the filling layer with flour again.  Repeat with the rest and deep fry them in hot oil, takes just about 4 minutes to cook each shell.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Yes, this is really yummy yummy:)

  2. Mui Mui, this is a winning dish, hahaha! I must make sure that we will eat seafood when we go back to Malaysia. Though blue swimmer crabs(similar to flower crabs) are cheaper than mud crab here but they are still very expensive if we have to buy like 1 kg! You let me try your stuffed crab lah, tq tq!

    1. Hi Jess,
      This stuffed crabs hor, it's really really really delicious. When you come back to Malaysia let me know where you stay I postlaju to you..LOL

  3. I fell in love with this dish when I went to Terengganu recently! it's really good stuff minus the mess enjoying crab!

    1. Hi cynful,
      Yes, I am lucky to learn this from Lena. If I go to Terengganu must try the original ones.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. 酿螃蟹~~沒吃過咧。。謝謝你分享這到美食^^

    1. Hi Fion,

  5. Crabs are my favourite but I always thought cooking crabs could be tedious and this is why it was never on my list! But just look at yours, oh my, isn't that real delicious! Would you be the "Chef For Hire" for this dish?

    1. Hi Mel,
      This is really nice!
      Yes, peeling the crabs is a bit tedious but my Sam have been ordering crabs dish for a few month so I have too cook for

  6. 哇!你这道酿螃蟹好诱惑噢^^好美味~

    1. 晓,这个很好吃哦!

  7. mui美人妻,你那的花蟹好便宜咧。。7只才七块啊。。



    1. Kym,

      为了你咯咯..嘻嘻 又英文又华文:)

  8. mui mui, this is so interesting... wat a detailed instructions as always! I will bookmark this and will try soon! Thks:)

    1. Hi Chaaine,
      Thanks for compliments.
      I am glad I learn this from Lena.
      Yes, it is very delicious.
      Do try this in future.

    2. sorry Charmaine,
      I spell your name wrongly earlier :o

  9. Looks so delicious! I love crabs, if I cooked this and peel the flesh, I'm afraid it will be half gone by then! Haha! Fresh crab are sweet and so good!!!

    1. Joyce,
      Thanks for compliments.
      How do you know, I did 'curi-curi' eat a bit while I peel the
      Have a lovely week ahead.

  10. 7只很多咧。。。

  11. 看来很美味呢!

    1. Qi Qi,
      那就, 不吃了!

  12. 你那里卖的螃蟹真便宜噢,好羡慕ing >.<

    1. Cass,

  13. hi doreen, so glad to hear that you liked it! The price of the ones that you got was cheap, i got 5 for almost RM30! now that you can make these stuffed crabs, next time you can try with mud crabs too! it's even tastier!thanks so much for your entry!

    1. Lena,
      My family love this stuffed crabs.
      Yes, I will definitely try again with the mud crab.
      Thanks for your recipe..:)

  14. 这.....我喜欢。流口水了!

  15. Nice post. I went through the post I found it very informative and useful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi ,
      Thanks for compliment.
      Would appreciate much if next time you could leave your name for to address you. Cheers!

  16. 我要吃,


    1. Sean,
      来带几支会去 :p

  17. Hi Mui Mui, your stuffed crabs look awesome. Wish I can have some now, so hungry after looking at your yummy crabs. LOL

    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Ho Amelia,
      Thanks for complemys.
      These stuffed crabs do taste great!
      Come, come have some,,:)
      Have a nice week ahead.

  18. 哈哈。。又英文又华文好大工程哟~~


    1. Kym,

  19. I wanted to make this stuffed crabs , but too bad can't get fresh crab here easily .

  20. Hi Sonia,
    Thanks for compliment.
    Yes, it is hard to get fresh ones sometimes.
    Hope you can get fresh one soon!


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