February 05, 2012

The next chapter of my pumpkin!!! 我的南瓜的下文!!!

~Pumpkin chiffon....南瓜戚风蛋糕~ 
Pumpkin left over after making ondeh-ondeh. I kept them in the freeze compartment, like keeping baby food...  :p... I like pumpkin, the colour is so bright, happy and furthermore it taste brilliant and health.
I saw this recipe in Carol Hu's book and I try it straight away with my left over pumpkin.
I love her book, she uses natural ingredients for all her cakes. For example, normally we add cream of tartar when whisking egg whites but in her recipe she added lemon juice instead. She make her cake fully additives and artificial colour FREE.

~Pumpkin chiffon....南瓜戚风蛋糕....
result was awesome...so soft and spongey

份量: 1个 (8吋分离式的戚风蛋糕模)
Yields: 1 (8inches tube chiffon cake mould)

A: 5 egg yolks
20g castor sugar
30g olive oil..I used canola oil
90g pumpkin..steamed and mashed
2T (tablespoons) fresh milk
90g low protein flour

B: 5 egg whites
1t (teaspoon) lemon juice
60g castor sugar

To do:
1) Pumpkin...steamed and mashed)
Preheated oven at 160c.
2) Put yolks in a mixing bowl, add in castor sugar and canola oil stir to combine.
3) Stir in mashed pumpkin and mixed well. Then  stir in low protein flour alternately with fresh milk. Set aside.
(Do not over mixed. Over mixed will cause gluten build up in the flour.) 
4) Whisked  egg white until it holds a firm peak. (whisk egg whites until you can see rough bubbles, add in lemon juice keep whisking. Add in castor sugar, divide into 2-3 times to add in and whisked egg white until it holds a firm peak.
5) Fold whisked egg white into yolk mixture. (divide into 2-3 times to fold in)
6) Pour the combined mixture into the 8" tube chiffon tray and bake for 45 minutes.
7) Inverted the cake when it is taken out from the oven for 30minutes. When it is cooled unmould the cake slice and serve...^^

~Mixture is in the tube baking tin, its ready to send to the oven~
~做好了...要送进烤箱了:) ~

~Have a slice of Pumpkin chiffon cake...来, 一片吧~

~This is real soft and nice...^^~
~蛋糕很松, 柔软..^^~



  1. 好久没看到你上好料了哈哈。。。

  2. I like your golden yellow chiffon! Yum!

  3. I have an award for you. Please claim it at my blog.

  4. hi sally, 谢谢你欣赏我的好料噢..:)

    hi vivian, i am very surprise and excited for your award. Thank you very much...:D


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