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Hakka Choi Kueh and Tao Kueh ...客家菜板和客家桃板~

This is a Hakka favourite kueh, 'Choi Ban' Choi means vegetable and Ban means cake or kueh in Hakka. The skin is made of rice flour and filling is stir fry of bang kuang and dried shrimp savoury taste. The filling can be a variety of salted vegetable with yellow bean curd, chives with yellow bean curd and leek with yellow bean curd all are in stir fry style.
客家菜板,是客家人的最爱,用粘米粉做皮而馅料是沙渇和虾皮,咸香味道很好. 也有咸菜炒黄豆干或韭菜炒黄豆干或 ...黄豆干...炒 蒜. '菜板' 是客家话意思是'菜糕' 馅料都有菜类的搭配.

~this is the ready warpped Choi Ban, arranged neatly in a tray...

Choi Ban filling....菜板馅:
400g sengkuang~peeled and shredded...豆署去皮切丝
2 tbsp fish sauce...大匙鱼露
1 big onion..大粒洋葱
2 tbsp dried shrimp..大匙虾皮/米
1/2 tsp salt...小匙盐
dashes of pepper..少许胡椒粉

To do:
1) In a wok add in some cooking oil saute big onion, dried shrimp till it is fragrance.
2) Add in sengkuang, stir fried till it is soften, add in fish sauce, pepper and salt. Dish up and set aside for later use.

1) 在锅里放入少许的食油,炒香洋葱和虾米.
2) 加入豆薯炒熟,加入,鱼露,胡椒粉和盐拌均. 备用.

~sengkuang filling....豆薯馅~

Choi Ban Skin ingredients...菜板皮材料:
300g rice flour...粘米粉
800ml water...水
1 tsp salt... 小 匙盐
2 tbsp cooking oil and 2 tbsp extra...2 大匙食油 + 2 大匙食油

To do:
1) Mix all ingredients together, this mixture will be watery and runny. 
2) Cook it on low heat until the mixture thicken and leave the side of the pan.(stir constantly to prevent mixture from burn)
3) Let it cool, knead it with the extra 2 tbsp cooking oil into a pliable dough.
4) Divide the dough into small balls of 25g per portion. Flatten the dough and wrapped in a tablespoon of filling. Fold up, sealed the edges.
5) Arrange the Choi Ban neatly in a greased with cooking oil tray.  
6) Steam over rolling boil water for 10 minutes.
7) Brush cooking oil on the Choi Ban once it is cokked. Serve hot.

~Steamed Choi Ban ...菜板蒸好了~

1) 把所有的材料拌均匀. 拌好的面糊是水水的.
2) 把面糊煮熟,浓及离锅边.(煮时要不停搅拌,防焦)
3) 待冷, 把煮熟的面糊加入2大匙食油,搓均.
4) 分割成每粒25克. 搓圆,压平扁,包入馅料,对褶封口.
5) 把包好的菜板放进抹上油的盘内.
6) 放入蒸锅,蒸10分钟.

~once it is cooked brush some cooking oil on the surface to prevent the Choi Ban from sticking to each other ...蒸好了即刻涂上油, 防黏.

The switch up of the Choi Ban dough...菜板面团的变身...^^

The is another Hakka favourite. This is Tao Kueh, Tao means peach..peach for chinese mean longevity, long life. Hakka people give this to friends and relative on special occasion like married, full moon and old folks birthday celebration.
The skin ingredients for this Tao Ban/Kueh is the same as Choi Ban above. Only add a few drop of pink colouring into the dough to make it pink. As for the filling is peanuts. Roast or plain stir fried the peanuts and blend it finely and add salt to taste.

~Tao Ban that is knocked out from the tao mould...桃板模和用模子印出的桃板~

桃板又是客家人的另一喜爱. 客家人欢庆好日子(做守,满月,等)都会用桃板拿来送亲戚朋友.
桃板的皮料是跟菜板的皮料一样的. 只需加一点分红色素搓均就可以了. 馅料是咸花生. 把花生仁炒或烤香, 再用搅拌器搅碎加少许盐, 备用. 桃板许蒸12分钟.

~蒸好,刷上少许食油...once is cooked, brush a thin layer of cooking oil~



  1. Hi, I'm interested in learning to do Hakka Choi Kueh and doing some search on this recipes and I found the skin recipes diff each blogger, some add glutinous flour and some add tapioca flour, and I found U didn't add any, just pure rice flour, may I know what is the diff among each other?

    Thank you

  2. Hi 艾薇, 你好. 我那客家粿是我们家每次做的.我只用粘米粉煮成糊,再用少许大薯粉搓均匀至面团光滑.
    你问的是加了大薯粉(tapioca flour)或糯米粉会有什么分别?
    加了糯米粉的就因该不是这种菜板了,是另外一种了.它的口感会QQ的,咬一口会像吃pizza topping的芝士会拉长噢.就看你喜欢那一种口感 .如有其他你想知道可再来我家(blog)问问哦...^^

    1. 为什么我的板皮硬了点?请问是什么原因?谢谢你。

  3. Mui Mui, Thanks for leading me to this post. So Hakka is using rice flour for the skin..Bookmarked, i must try this soon.

  4. Hi Sonia,
    You're welcome. Ya, we Hakka just use only rice flour for the dough but we also uses tapioca flour to knead to get the chewy texture. The tapioca flour also makes the dough easier to handle. Hope to see your Hakka cai kueh soon...hehe

  5. Yes, yes, I remember this was how my late grandmother wrapped her Choi Ban. And for your Tao Kueh, I think my grandma called them Tor Ban and she put salty ground peanuts as fillings, if I remember correctly. Mui Mui, I am so glad you led me to your blog.

  6. Hi Veronica,
    Are you a Hakka or Hopoh?
    My mum learn this Tor Ban and Choi Ban from my grandma and I learn from my mum.
    I wanted to learn and make them for my kids I also wanted them to know this is our traditional kueh.
    You are most welcome and I am glad there is some one like you who love this!! : )

  7. 你好!终于在你这里看到花生馅的红桃粄了!请问一下那个多少花生要放多少盐呢!

  8. 嗨!gu cai,

  9. hi..mui mui!没想到这么快会看到你的回复,因为我没有做过桃粄所以没有什么概念,现在有了你给的建议我就可以在这个基础上慢慢的学习!真的很谢谢你哦!

  10. gu cai, 这菜扳真的好吃。你试试吧!

  11. mui mui,

    i from Kuching, btw we call this "chai-kueh" in kuching. hokkien dialet meaning "veggie kueh"! very GLAD of your kindness to share your recipe. Just bought some tonite as the market!!

    As another blogger mentioned ... some also add glutinous flour and/or tapioca flour to the rice flour. May I know when to add either flours.

    sorry, i don't read mandarin so could you explain when to use either flours.

    Thanks, susan

  12. I love choi pan. my mother's neighbour will make this for me when i go back to Miri. now i have the recipe, i will to make it myself

  13. I have seen this Hakka Choi Kueh and Tao Kueh for the first time , Thanks for sharing this in English.


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