May 04, 2010

Hubby's Birthday

My dear hubby's and Shawn's birthday falls on April. My hubby loves this New York Cheese Cake since having it once in Secret Recipe. My distributor HW brought us there when he is back from Singapore.

This is New York CheeseCake before I decorate it.

I made this cheesecake specially for Simon ~my hubby~ for his birthday.


Ingredients for the base crust:
24 pieces of oreo biscuits~crushed into crumbs
3 tbsp brown sugar
100g/3 tbsp butter ~melted
Mix all the base ingredients together and press into the base of a 23' loose bottom baking tray.
Set aside.
Ingredients for the cheese cake filling:
1100g Philadephia cream cheese~ soften
1 cup castor sugar
3 tbsp plain flour
1 tbsp vanilla essence
1 cup sour cream
4 eggs
1) Beat the cream cheese until it is smooth. Add in castor sugar mix well.
2) Add in plain flour and vanilla essence mix to combine.
3) Pour in sour cream and beat until it is well blend in medium speed.
4) Beat in eggs one at a time with low speed until all are well combined.
5) Pour cheese mixture into ready base crust and bake at 160c for 1 hour or until cheese filling is set at the sides and a little soft at the centre.

**Chilled the cake before you take it out from the baking tray to decorate. If you prefer not to decorate the cake, you may use a glazing for the cake so it looks smooth and shine.



  1. Hi Mui Mui,

    Happen to see this cheese cake, looks lovely. Gonna bookmark it.

    The philadephia cream cheese, did I see it wrongly, is it 100g or 1100g ? Is there anything I can use to replace sour cream?

  2. Hi Bee,
    Yes the cream cheese is 1100gms. A lot right? Because this is a heavy cheesecake.
    You can substitute sour cream with plain yogurt.
    Happy baking.

  3. Wow, it's really A LOT ! But it looks very nice :)


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