March 08, 2009

^^ Hakka Kueh ^^

This is a hakka family traditional food. Its called 'shui pan' in hakka, means wrap and roll some filling in a piece of kueh tiao skin/sheet. 'Pan' means kueh in hakka so it is wrap n roll into a piece of kueh. It nice and handy, is a delicious finger food. Its easy to prepare and the ingredients are very healthy too.

This is a simple wrap and roll finger food. It fast and easy to prepare for a bring along food, a picnic, a afternoon snacks. Shawn take this for lunch, he can eat 2-3 rolls. He love it with the chinese leek and yellow bean curd.

Do It Yourself, you can wrap and roll more filling in this kueh. For me I like the filling to be simple, I put french beans, yellow bean curd, dried shrimps and chinese leeks just these is good enough.

This is yellow bean curd, this is one of the main ingredients. This is my home made yellow bean curd hehe..If you are interested to get some of these goodies, can get from me...^^

8 pieces yellow bean curd ~cut into small and short strips
250g-350g french bean ~slice into pieces/finely chopped
7-8 sprig china leek ~slice leaves into pieces/finely chopped the white part
100g dried shrimp ~wash and drain ~mince
1 packet (about 20-25/1kg) of kueh toew sheets ( it is in sheets instead if strips)

1) Get ready some oil in a wok, add in the prepared yellow bean curd and shallow fried it until both side is slightly brown. Dish up and set aside. Scoop up the oil and leave 3 tablespoon of oil in wok to fried the leeks white part. Sprinkle some salt to taste. Add in the finely slices leek leaves and lastly add in the yellow bean curd and stir till it is well combine. Dish up and set aside.

2) Again pour enough oil into wok add in chopped dried shrimp fried till it is fragrant. Add in sliced french bean and stir fried till it is cooked. Add in salt to taste. Dish up and set aside.

3) Here are pictures to show you how to wrap n roll these 'shui pan' ....^^

i) Spread out the kueh tiao sheet flat on a mat. Put 2 tbps of french bean filling and 2 tbsp of leek and yellow bean curd filling on the kueh teow skin.

ii) Fold in a corner of the kueh teow skin, towards the filling, covering the filling.
iii) Fold in the left and right corner over lapping each side.

iv) Holding the middle of the wrapped filling and roll the kueh forward. It will look like a bloster. ^^

v) This is the end result of the kueh.
You can make approximately 20-25 rolls.

**This can be a meal of the day, my boys sometimes take this as lunch. It is healthy and very filling for them.



  1. doreen, i really like to come to your blog. It serves as a cookbook to me. You are indeed very artistic lady. keep it up with all your ideas and of course all the cakes, buns, .......

  2. Thanks! Betty. haha! For your compliment. I will jia u ^^.

  3. Mui mui,
    Can I know where can I get the kueh teow sheet? N how do u make ur own bean curd?


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