October 01, 2015

Milo Light CheeseCake 美禄轻乳酪蛋糕

Zoe and i would like to say a big Thank You to all who have linked your fabulous Milo recipes with Little Thumbs Up (September -Milo). You guys are awesome and again i am so touch, that you are taking the effort to make such wonderful goodies. The goodies are in the form of cakes, cupcakes, ice-cream, crepe cake, beverages, bread, cookies, Baos, mille crepe, macaron, tarts and even mooncakes. Can you image that, there are all made of Milo, and they are specially made to shared and linked to Little Thumbs Up!!
Thank you dear friends !!

Milo Light CheeseCake
Recipe adapted from '新手成功烘焙DIY'
'A  Fail Proof DIY Baking Book for Beginners' this book is in Mandarin
Makes one 7 inches round cake and a 7 inches oblong cake

Ingredients A:
50g fresh milk
25g corn flour

Ingredients B:
250g cream cheese
50g UHT whipped cream
100g fresh milk
75g unsalted butter

138g egg yolks

Ingredients C:
150g egg whites
100g castor sugar
10g corn flour
5g vinegar

2 Tbsp Milo (mix with 1 1/2 Tbsp hot water)
and more for sprinkle 

1  7 inches oblong mould 
1  7 inches round mould

To Do:
1. Greased and lined the moulds with parchment.
2. Mix ingredients A together in a bowl and set aisde. 
3. Double-boiled ingredients B till it is completely melted and into smooth paste.
4. Add mixture from A into B (the cream cheese paste), mixed well.
5. Add in egg yolks, one at a time, blending in till it is smooth. (if there is lumps in the mixture, then sieve the mixture) Take out 100g, set aside
6. In a clean bowl, add in ingredients C, with a hand mixer attached with a balloon beater beat till it is in medium peak meringue. Take out 50g, set aside.
7. Take 1/3 of the medium peak meringue to fold into the egg yolk batter. Then the second 1/3, fold in, then the last 1/3 of the medium peak meringue.
8. Then mix the 100g egg yolk batter with the 50g meringue till it is combine. Add in Milo mixture and mixed well. Do not over mixed.
9. Pour 1 scoop of plain batter into the mould, then following with 1 scoop of the Milo batter. Repeat the process to both mould till all batter is use up. As for the milo mixture is it only enough for 1 round cake.
10. Steam bake the cake in a preheated oven at 180C for 45 to 50 minutes.
11. When the cake is completely cool, put it in the fridge. Sprinkle Milo on top of the cake when it is serve.


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**What is coming up next?? 
We are having Jess from Bakericious again, Oh, yes again, Zoe and i love to have her to host for October with her new theme COCONUT!! 

**I will post my coconut post after i am back to Miri...Stay Tuned~~


  1. A very beautiful cheese...light, smooth and soft. I love that perfectly swirled marble effect.

  2. Mui Mui, finally I was able to catch the milo train on time lol. And it is a great pleasure to be able to host for LTU, thank you for the opportunity given. Enjoy your trip!

  3. mui mui, yummy, yummy Milo Cheesecake! Well, this Milo theme make me appreciate Milo again after so many years. Well done!

  4. Hi Mui Mui, I love this Milo theme and actually have many recipes in mind to bake but September month was too busy for me.

    有 Little Thumbs Up 超好!好加油。

  5. Hi Doreen! I'm loving what you did there! Putting 2 of my favourite things together and you made it so perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! :)


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